Marco Rubio receives money from hedge funds, then opposes Chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico

  Last night, during the GOP Presidential Debate on CNN, Sen. Marco Rubio was asked about bankruptcy protection for Puerto Rico. Without batting an eye, Rubio declared that Puerto Rico “must get its act together,” lectured about “fiscal… Read More

Marc Anthony says “F**k Donald Trump!” during his concert in New York City

  In a stunning political moment, singer Marc Anthony recently interrupted his concert in Madison Square Garden to tell everyone “F**k Donald Trump!” Those three words sent the entire MSG audience into a thirty-second pandemonium. Marc Anthony’s words… Read More

Donald Trump says Puerto Rico could be renovated and re-branded as Puerto Trump?

  In an Iowa press conference, Trump commanded Jorge Ramos, the Emmy Award-winning journalist, to “sit down.” Then he told Ramos to “go back to Univision” and threw him out of the press conference. Now other reports have… Read More

Jesus Christ might elect Donald Trump

  The traditional Jesus Christ is white and clean shaven, with long flowing blonde locks and penetrating blue eyes. But a British forensic anthropologist has re-constructed a new Jesus whose features are dark, swarthy, more Middle Eastern. If… Read More

Trumpnado in Puerto Rico

  If Donald Trump wins the presidency, no one knows what will happen to Puerto Rico. The following image is as good a guess as any. It shows 15 Donald Trumps flying around and eating everything in sight….with a  marked… Read More