From Pedro Albizu Campos…to Pumarejo

  Don Pedro Albizu Campos was born, and Octavio Ramos “Tavín” Pumarejo died, on the same day of September 12. Their careers appeared very different…but just below the surface they shared the same vision, the same values, the… Read More

V for Vendetta in Puerto Rico (Part I)

  Puerto Rico is becoming very strange. The FBI collected DNA samples from radical dissidents and warned that “Islamic terrorists” may soon attack Borinquen. The island’s beaches were nearly “privatized” two weeks ago. The CDC will no longer… Read More

University of Puerto Rico straightens out the lies of Luis Ferrao

I almost feel sorry for Luis Ferrao. He had a Ph.D. after his name. A French degree that no one could pronounce, let alone understand. But in the words Honoré de Balzac: behind every great fortune, there is a… Read More

Cuba and Che Guevara at the United Nations: “Albizu Campos is a symbol”

  When Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín finally let Pedro Albizu Campos out of jail on November 15, 1964, Don Pedro was in grave medical condition. He was paralyzed on the right side, unable to walk or talk, he… Read More