Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

     “I support the Tennessee Plan…100 percent!” said Juan Bobo, then rode off into the sunset. Later that night, he explained why. “Ricky Roselló is an idiot,” said Bobo. “His Tennessee Plan is ridiculous, and when it… Read More

U.S. Congressman wants to repeal the Jones Act in Puerto Rico

  One U.S. congressman insisted on a key amendment to the PROMESA bill. He demanded that Puerto Rico should be exempted from the Jones Act, in order to create true economic progress on the island. Get ready for… Read More

Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

  Hillary Clinton just issued her first and only “policy statement” regarding Puerto Rico. In 376 words, she said practically nothing but conveyed one great point: that Clinton cares very little about Puerto Rico. The entirety of her… Read More

700,000 Puerto Ricans will be infected with Zika virus by December 2016…and U.S. Congress does nothing

  Over the next seven months, 700,000 Puerto Ricans will be infected with the Zika virus. That’s 20% of the entire island, at the rate of 100,000 per month. These figures were reported by the U.S. Centers for… Read More

An empty Promesa for Puerto Rico: the “new” Financial Control Bill

On December 9, 2015, three Republican US Senators co-sponsored Senate Bill 2381, called the “Puerto Rico Assistance Act of 2015.” Now three months later, in March 2016, the US Congress re-branded it as the “Puerto Rico Oversight, Management,… Read More