MSNBC Asks “What is Going on with Puerto Rico?”

America has finally noticed a “problem” in Puerto Rico.  Over the past week, as the island edged closer to missing a bond payment, the following news outlets all addressed the “problem.” Wall Street Journal New York Times USA… Read More

Why Puerto Rico Will Not Become the 51st State

Puerto Rico is not a “commonwealth.” It is a colony. The US governs its economy, currency, international trade relations, import/export quotas, shipping, consumer prices, judicial code, military, postal system, FCC licensing, and the US congress has plenary jurisdiction… Read More

On July Fourth – The Prophecies of Don Pedro

When the U.S. invaded Puerto Rico 117 years ago, Gen. Nelson A. Miles declared that:  “We have come to bring you protection, not only to yourselves but to your property, to promote your prosperity, to bestow upon you… Read More