Historic Photo of the Day: God Bless America

  This photo was taken in 1941 in the elegant El Escambrón ballroom/nightclub. El Escambrón was the swankiest “American style” venue in Puerto Rico at the time. With World War II raging, it was also a time of… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: “Disparen para que vean como muere un hombre.”

  On October 24, 1935, on orders from Police Chief E. Francis Riggs, the police murdered three Nationalists in Rio Piedras, PR.  It became known as the Rio Piedras Massacre.  Two days after the massacre, Police Chief Riggs… Read More

The Riggs National Bank

  For over a century, the Riggs National Bank was the largest bank in Washington, D.C. Its headquarters at 1503-1505 Pennsylvania Avenue NW was right across the street from the Treasury Department, a few hundred feet away from… Read More