MORE military madness: How to waste $1.93 Billion in Puerto Rico

During the depths of the Great Depression, the US found a way to fatten dozens of military contractors, at the expense of every US taxpayer. They did it in Puerto Rico. It cost $112,570,000. In current dollars, that… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: After the Ponce Massacre

  The Ponce Massacre of March 21, 1937 left 19 people dead and over 200 wounded. After the massacre the Puerto Rico Chief of Police, Enrique de Orbeta, engaged in immediate damage control. He claimed that Nationalist snipers… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: The Cockpit

  This image was taken by Edwin Rosskam in the San Juan area, in December 1937. The image contains a few points of interest. #1 It is very much “a guy thing.” Over fifty men, but not one… Read More