Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

  Hillary Clinton just issued her first and only “policy statement” regarding Puerto Rico. In 376 words, she said practically nothing but conveyed one great point: that Clinton cares very little about Puerto Rico. The entirety of her… Read More

Donald Trump to Puerto Rico: Drop Dead

  On May 4, 2016, in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, Donald Trump gave his first official statement regarding Puerto Rico. When asked what he’d do for the island, he offered no solutions to its economic chaos…. Read More

Donald Trump says Puerto Rico could be renovated and re-branded as Puerto Trump?

  In an Iowa press conference, Trump commanded Jorge Ramos, the Emmy Award-winning journalist, to “sit down.” Then he told Ramos to “go back to Univision” and threw him out of the press conference. Now other reports have… Read More


  The author of War Against All Puerto Ricans, Nelson Denis, appeared on ABC TV this past Sunday, as a political commentator on TIEMPO. Hosted by award-winning journalist Joe Torres, TIEMPO is the longest-running Latino-themed talk show on… Read More

“War” breaks out on ABC TV: author Nelson Denis appears on Tiempo

  On Sunday, October 11 at 11 am, author Nelson Denis will appear on ABC TV, on the morning talk show Tiempo.  Tiempo is the longest-running Latino-centered current affairs program that airs on Sunday mornings, on ABC TV…. Read More