Donald Trump to Puerto Rico: Drop Dead

  On May 4, 2016, in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, Donald Trump gave his first official statement regarding Puerto Rico. When asked what he’d do for the island, he offered no solutions to its economic chaos…. Read More

Wall Street receives a trillion dollar bailout…then attacks Puerto Rico

In 2009, Wall Street received a trillion dollar bailout from the US taxpayers. 8 million people had lost their jobs and 6 million lost their homes. 5 trillion dollars in pension money, real estate value, 401K, savings and… Read More

President Obama Thinks that Puerto Ricans are Suckers

I voted for president Obama. He said the right things, and said them brilliantly. He promised to restore integrity and intelligence to the White House. After seven years his intelligence is a matter of record…and so is his… Read More