Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Economic Development admits that he developed NOTHING

    Alberto Bacó was Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Economic Development (SED) for four years. During this time he gave enormous 20-year tax breaks to US billionaires and corporations, to “develop the economy” of Puerto Rico. But now… Read More

The idiot of Puerto Rico, Alberto Bacó, is appointed to direct the island’s Government Development Bank (GDB)

  The stupidity of Alberto Bacó is beyond description. As part of his “economic recovery” program, Bacó recommended the sale of Puerto Rican bodily organs. Then in a recent TV interview, Bacó branded the majority of Puerto Ricans… Read More

Puerto Rican Pimp: Alberto Baco, the mini-me of Donald Trump

  Mini-me is running amok in the government of Puerto Rico. His name is Alberto Baco – ostensibly the “Secretary” of Economic Development, but actually the mini-me of Donald Trump. The entire insular government will soon be overseen… Read More