War is still a #1 Amazon Best Seller…after 7 months!

We want to thank the readers of “War Against All Puerto Ricans.” Seven months after its publication, the book is still a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Here are the ratings from last night. Thank you to all our readers! … Read More

Puerto Ricans Actually Read Books…Major Discovery by the U.S. Publishing Industry

  This has been a year of surprises for the US, with respect to Puerto Ricans.  Back in February, a Puerto Rican won the Powerball in Ponce…and many Americans discovered that Puerto Ricans were US citizens, that the… Read More

“War” enters THIRD straight month as an Amazon #1 Best Seller

  Since its publication date on April 7, 2015, War Against All Puerto Ricans has found a powerful audience. This week marks the third straight month that WAAPR has been a continuous #1 Amazon Best Seller, from the first… Read More