The idiot of Puerto Rico, Alberto Bacó, is appointed to direct the island’s Government Development Bank (GDB)

  The stupidity of Alberto Bacó is beyond description. As part of his “economic recovery” program, Bacó recommended the sale of Puerto Rican bodily organs. Then in a recent TV interview, Bacó branded the majority of Puerto Ricans… Read More

Se chavó el gobernador de Puerto Rico: the U.S. Senate demands information

  Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla is in a world-class mess. As of February 10, 2016, the U.S. Senate sent him a nine-page, single-spaced letter, demanding answers to over four dozen questions. It also demanded 63 separate financial accountings,… Read More

Massive demonstration in Puerto Rico today, against US vulture funds

  Today is the first day of the “2016 Puerto Rico Investment Summit.” Held in the Convention Center in San Juan, it is a high-level meeting of the rats, robbers and Republicans who are stealing from Puerto Rico…. Read More

A scam called Operation Bootstrap: the Ruth Reynolds letter

  Ruth Reynolds was a close friend of Pedro Albizu Campos and Congressman Vito Marcantonio. She went to jail in 1950 for supporting the Nationalist cause in Puerto Rico.  On May 9, 1950, she sent a letter to… Read More

Puerto Rico Up For Sale

  The 2015 “Puerto Rico Investment Summit” was a luxury event. Foreigners paid $1,500 to attend the two-day conference. Puerto Ricans had to pay $2,500. That’s how luxurious it was. It was held in the spectacular Condado Vanderbilt… Read More