Oscar López Rivera and Pedro Albizu Campos…two great Puerto Rican heroes.


A hero sacrifices a great deal – sometimes their life – for a cause much bigger than themselves. For this reason Oscar López Rivera and Don Pedro Albizu Campos are great heroes. 

They were both jailed for “seditious conspiracy against the United States.” In other words…they believed in the independence of Puerto Rico, and they were jailed for that belief.

Jailed by the US, the “leader of the free world.”

Last May in New York City, nearly 10,000 people marched to say FREE OSCAR LÓPEZ RIVERA NOW.


We marched through the streets of El Barrio, and let the world hear about Oscar.


Oscar’s head could be seen from every building, every corner.


NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was in the front ranks of the march.


The crowd stopped at 106th street, near the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center.


Old friends met each other.  Oscar’s brother, José Lopez Rivera, celebrated the cause together with Assemblyman José Rivera.


I was proud to march with José Lopez Rivera, as well.


We shared some memories with veteran photographer Bolivar Arellano, and one of the finest men ever to serve in the New York State Assembly…Javier Nieves.


I had to remind Bolivar that our conversations were off the record.


I also argued with Mike Nieves, one of the smartest political strategists in New York State. I lost that argument.


Congressman José Serrano spoke passionately about justice for Oscar López Rivera.


Assemblyman Nieves and I became inseperable.


We celebrated the life and sacrifice of our great heroes, and reminded the world that Oscar López Rivera is the longest-incarcerated political prisoner on the planet.

A dozen elected officials, union leaders, ministers, church choirs, all came out in support of our hero, Oscar López Rivera. It was a celebration of Oscar’s life, and what he stands for.  In the streets of New York, in front of the world’s media, 10,000 people demanded the release of Oscar López Rivera from federal prison.

34 years is ENOUGH.

After it was over, we all said hello to a few more old friends before heading home.


Before I forget…one of the most beautiful sights in the world.



Alejandro Garcia Padilla, the Governor of Puerto Rico, recognizes the value of “War” book

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


In a letter, on his official stationery, the governor of Puerto Rico recognized the value of War Against All Puerto Ricans. One should always appreciate a courtesy and be thankful for it.

Accordingly Nation Books and the author, Nelson Denis, thank Gov. Garcia Padilla for this letter.


But in all fairness, the letter does pose a problem…a problem that is shared by everyone in Puerto Rico. The problem is that this governor continues to be out of touch with reality. The letter refers to Puerto Rico as a “competitive and democratic society, an example to many Caribbean and Latin American nations.”

The last time I checked, Puerto Rico has a $73 billion public debt, PREPA is about to default on a $9 billion debt, the island’s credit rating is “Junk Bond” status, an IVU of 11.5% was passed, gasoline taxes rose twice in the last year, water and electricity cost a fortune, and everyone is leaving the island…so that US billionaires can turn it into their personal ATM and country club.

Is this the “example to Caribbean and Latin American Nations” that AGP was talking about?  If so, he is a master of George Orwell’s doublespeak, and George Orwell is alive and well in Puerto Rico.

Events for Oscar Lopez Rivera… May 29 – 30

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Here are THREE ways to help Oscar López Rivera.

One event is in San Francisco today (Friday May. 29), another event is in New York City tomorrow (Saturday May. 30), and also today (Friday May 29) there is a nationwide call-in to Pres. Obama in the White House.

San Francisco:
Friday May 29, 5 pm till 7 pm.
Market & Powell St. San Francisco, 5:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M.

Pres. Obama Phone Call:
Friday May 29
Call President Obama at 202-456-1111 and leave a message! Let him know that Oscar López Rivera has been in prison for too long and deserves to go home. We need to flood the voice mail with our united demands for freedom.

Sample message for your phone call:
President Obama, I ask that you free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner, Oscar López Rivera. Since 1981, he has been in jail for fighting for Puerto Rican independence; he never committed a violent crime and has been a model prisoner. I ask that you follow in the foot steps of Presidents Truman, Carter, and Clinton, who freed other Puerto Rican activists, and set Oscar free.

New York:
Saturday May 30
Assemble from 11 am till noon
March at noon
From 125th Street & Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd to 106th Street and Lexington Avenue


Over 400 people jammed into the BookMark bookstore !

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS breaks every house record…in the BookMark bookstore !

Over a two-hour period, over 400 people jammed into the store…and spilled out into San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

One daughter (Laura Meneses Albizu Campos) and two granddaughters of Don Pedro Albizu Campos honored everyone with their attendance.

The BookMark
The BookMark -1
The BookMark - 2
The BookMark - 3
The BookMark - 4
The BookMark - 5
The BookMark - 7

Report from Rafael Cancel Miranda and Don Heriberto Marín Torres…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Report from Rafael Cancel Miranda and Don Heriberto Marín Torres…


Actor Braulio Castillo, Jr. and Superior Court Judge Rios Benitez were among the honored guests, in the home of Luis Gonzalez Arguezo, who is translating the book into Spanish.

Don_Heriberto_speaksDon Heriberto A. Marín Torres
Rafael_Cancel_Miranda_(2)Rafael Cancel Miranda
Luis_Gonzalez_Argueso_speaksLuis R. Gonzalez Argueso
Nelson_speaksAuthor Nelson A. Denis
Braulio Castillo & Nelson A. DenisBraulio Castillo, Jr. 
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