The Bravest Federal Judge in New York: Analisa Torres

Book - 12-10


“We are reviewing it,” said the Chairman of the Democratic Party of New York State. And with those four words…the chairman of nothing…showed why no one wants to vote at all.

On May 5, 2020, U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that the June 23 Democratic presidential primary will not be cancelled…because depriving withdrawn candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang of proper representation at the Democratic convention, would violate the First Amendment.

Judge Torres is on solid constitutional footing since the First Amendment applies not only to candidates – but also to the delegates who agreed with their views and are now constitutionally entitled to express those views at the convention. Anything less would be arbitrary, overbroad, and a direct abrogation of their right to free speech.

Brooklyn inmates to judge after week without heat, power: 'Thank ...
Federal District Judge Analisa Torres

Despite this clear right, the Democratic members of the New York State Board of Elections voted last week to cancel the presidential primary of June 23 – even though New York still intends to hold its congressional and state-level primaries on that exact same day.

The Board cited fears that “coronavirus could spread” among the additional voters who would show up. However, the fact that the primary was going to occur on June 23 anyway because of other contested races, including a number of congressional primaries, led Torres to question why – if safety was such a concern – the primary wasn’t canceled entirely.

When asked for reaction, New York State Democratic party chair Jay Jacobs said: “We are reviewing it.”

This was a simple question and the answer needed no “review,” because no US citizen’s health is more valuable than another’s. At least that’s what we’re told. But the Board knew exactly what it was doing. With Sanders and Yang on the ballot, some additional 1,500,000 voters could turn out: in a year when 21 Democratic congress members and 40 Democratic state senators are up for re-election, all of whom could receive primary challenges.


Every one of these politicians remembers how, just two years ago, voters from the Bernie Sanders camp provided important fuel to candidates like Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) , who defeated longtime incumbent and Queens County Leader Joseph Crowley.

And that is why their cronies and hired hands on the Board of Elections, voted to cancel the Presidential primary. It had nothing to do with public safety or concerns about coronavirus.

They did it to protect the seats of 61 Democratic politicians.

In standing up to these party hacks, Judge Torres not only valued the First Amendment over incumbent protection. She also took a preemptive stand against cynical and calculated government deception: especially in such an intimate area as COVID-19.

The word “intimate” is significant.

Our nation is festooned with buffoons, vapid minds and tragic decisions. It is choking with Faustian bargains, empty suits and sociopaths who somehow found a niche, play hide and seek with our money, and delight in killing souls to satiate their own.

They call this government.

And over the past few months, the effect of this government has been very intimate.

We walk alone through empty rooms, talk to our mirrors, argue with the echoes of our mistakes, long deeply for touch or twinkling eye or silly smile or love as breathless and boundless as a dream…

Then we wake up again, alone, and listen to a fool with a radioactive squirrel on his head announcing that maybe we should drink Lysol.

Our president.

And now this emptiness, this looming death and narrow life, is not only a federal alibi. Our local leaders, the ones we might supposedly see and touch, are lying to us, too…and amplify the tragedy by using COVID-19, and all the souls it’s claimed, as a cover for government fraud and corruption.

This deception is especially galling from a Democratic Party which constantly assails Pres. Donald Trump for his “alternative facts,” constant embellishment and outright lies. It appears that on this issue, that of shameless lying, the entire Democratic Party of the State of New York is keeping company with Donald Trump.

Our recognition and thanks go out to Judge Analisa Torres. She is a profile in courage, and still sees truth somewhere in a high tower.

Book - 12-10

2 Comments on “The Bravest Federal Judge in New York: Analisa Torres

  1. Democrats are the bane of all Hispanics existence. This is the most exploitive and corrupt political party today. They’ve used and abused Puerto Ricans in city throughout in sweat shops, all protecting the sweatshop owners and still do. Right now, there is a media black out of how illegals in sweat shops in California are being exploited on the level of slavery, all under the protection of the Democrats. To stand as a Democratic Hispanic politician is to stand for ABUSE, EXPLOITATION, COMMUNISM SOCIALISM AND CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES. THEY SHOULD ALL BE INVESTIGATED UNDER THE RICO ACT. CRIMINALS FIRST, CITIZENS LAST. THAT’S THEIR AGENDA.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I was wondering … “And that is why their cronies and hired hands on the Board of Elections, voted to cancel the Presidential primary. They did it to protect the seats of 61 Democratic politicians. It had nothing to do with public safety or concerns about coronavirus.”


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