Puerto Rican children are for sale

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Puerto Rican children are about to be sold by the US Department of Education.

If this statement sounds like an exaggeration, consider the following:

Three weeks ago, on October 24, sixty-one members of US Congress delivered an official letter to the US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The letter urged the release of immediate emergency funds for the island’s educational system.

This funding need is desperate.

Even before Hurricane Maria, from 2010 to 2015, one hundred and fifty (150) schools were closed in Puerto Rico. Then this year, in 2017, Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Education Julia Keleher closed yet another 179 public schools, in every town throughout the island.

Today, due to Hurricane Maria, 499 of the remaining schools (45 percent) are also closed. In other words, only one-third of the schools that existed in 2010, are still open for Puerto Rico’s children.

And so, Puerto Rican children are for sale.

Three weeks after receiving this urgent letter from 61 members of Congress, the US Secretary of Education finally visited the island for one day, on November 8, 2017. She didn’t visit any open schools. She didn’t meet with a single teacher.

She visited one closed school in San Juan: the Loaiza Cordero Elementary School, about one mile from the Governor’s mansion.

She glanced at it from outside. She then had a “private meeting” with Secretary Keleher and Gov. Roselló. Then she announced that the United States – the richest country in the world – will generously donate $2 million in federal money “to help rebuild” Puerto Rico’s storm-wrecked schools. 

And so, Puerto Rican children are for sale. 

BOTH secretaries of education – Sec. DeVos and Sec. Keleher – have announced their aggressive plan to privatize as many schools as possible. 

Gov. Roselló has openly declared a war on public schools, which is why he is closing as many of them as possible…as quickly as possible…and keeping them closed.

DeVos’s trip from Washington DC, has nothing to do with “helping to rebuild” Puerto Rico’s damaged schools. Her insulting $2 million donation proves it, since $2 million is barely enough to fix even one school.

No…the purpose of DeVos’s trip, is to lay the foundation for a widespread privatization of Puerto Rico’s school system. This privatization plan already existed before the hurricane, and now they see the opportunity to accelerate it.

Gov. Roselló is keeping his end of the bargain. He started selling public schools from the moment he took office. Even before Hurricane Maria, in just one short year, Roselló closed more schools than any other governor in the history of Puerto Rico.

Now in 2018, all that Roselló and his “Secretary of Education” Keleher will need to do, is keep the schools closed for as long as possible…then let Sec. DeVos swoop in with hedge funds, lobbyists and lawyers from the United States, to “save” the Puerto Rican educational system.

Of course Roselló, Keleher and their families will receive “benefits” from these hedge funds and lobbyists, and from a billionaire named Betsy Devoseven as thousands of schoolteachers, all over the island, will lose their jobs and pensions.

The question will then become…where will these new “privatized” teachers come from? How can these new teachers possibly teach “better” than the original teachers from the island? No one is asking this question. No one seems to care. 

Because Puerto Rican children are for sale.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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15 Comments on “Puerto Rican children are for sale

  1. I get frustrated when talking to the islander’s in Puerto Rico that believe that becoming a state is the answer to the on going problems in Puerto Rico. If anything the problems stem from the US economic involvement and the US franchise’s and big business taking puerto ricos economy straight to the US. Every dollar spent by the Puerto Rican consumer in american businesses like the Home depot, McDonald’s,JC Penney, Walmart, etc is going back to the US mainland. Not to mention the closing of small Puerto Rican businesses. All the while our people see only the beauty of the mega stores but don’t see the distruction it’s doing to Puerto Rico and our people.

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  2. WHAT THE u.s. GOVERNMENT IS DOING IS CALLED GENOCIDE against the Puerto Rican People. Genocide is not done with ovens only, it is done with the dispersion and removal of a people from their land.The U.S. wants Puerto Rico but not the Puerto Ricans. The citizenship was forced on us in 1917 by the Jones Act. U.S. STERILIZED 1/3 OF THE PUERTO RICAN WOMEN IN 1940 to 1960.My father survived the FDR massacre in my hometown, Ponce in 1937 on palm Sunday.

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  3. Were you born in PR? Have you been raised and living there? Just wanted to know in what way are we different? Don’t want PR to turn into the kind of communities we have here? News flash , that’s exactly what’s over there. You mention not always in a good way, what does that mean? This divisiveness thinking is exactly why Borikuas over there feel better than. To the establishment, Over here I’m considered a 2nd class citizen, although I was born in NYC, over there I’m considered a gringo, I’m in freaking limbolandia and esa mierda gets boring after a while. I’m Puerto Rican!! Born here, but raised there also. Yo no mato el Español, I speak it properly. I’m pretty sure there are lots of Borikuas here in the States that have more knowledge of Puerto Rico then some over there, I know I do. My daughter was just there taking provisions, enlatados, clothes etc by the truckloads. We love our island. We love our people, even those that see us Neuyoricans differently.


  4. uh, no. puerto ricans in the states do not need to “return to Zion”. puerto ricans in the states are there own special breed of puerto rican and i certainly don’t want to see puerto rico turn into the kind of communities we have here. no offense, but we’re different, and not always in a good way.


  5. This makes no sense. The children are not “for sale”, the schools are being closed becuase the island cannot afford to pay the teachers anymore because if debt racked up by the islands govt. None of this was done by Devos but by Rossello who started closing schools way before Trump was even elected. Even if Hillary would have won, Rossello would have closed the schools. Even if Obama would have not apppointed a fiscal control board, Rossello would have closed the schools. This plan goes back to the Fortuño administration who spoke of closing tbe schools and the university because the teachers “make too much.” This is not a Puerto Rico problem but one all across the country. States and cities want to get out of their obligations to pay pensions, not just for teachers but for cops and firemen too. So “reform” issues are created; bad teachers, racist cops, etc. All to make changes to the contracts amd fire the employees in order to not pay the pensions. Yet the politicians get to keep their expensive jobs and staffs amd use our tax money to do it. Maybe the Puerto Rican govt should resign. All mayors and senators. The island doesnt need so many and it’s a waste of money.

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  6. These titles do not help our island.
    This plan is all over the mainland.
    Nobody is selling children
    Maybe our culture is being destroyed
    But lies don’t help anyone


  7. Awesome article man, it’s fucked up how after you wrote your book shit just keeps getting worse. Please let me know if you’d like some help with web design for the website. I am a teacher at the UPRM, and the format for the web site doesn’t represent the authority I believe it should have. I know it’s sad, but some of my students would raise their cognitive barriers because of the way the site is formatted. Have you tried publishing in corporate news websites like NYT and stuff? I apologize for all the questions.

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  8. Nelson, on your reply about recaudando fondos, pulling our monies together I KNOW, remember, I was at the event on 8th street where you, El Doctor, and Felipe were present, I’m Jasmin Sanchez’s father, (she ran for NYC Council District 2.) I’m aware, count me in socio. For demonstrations, protests, donations. I’m there. Presente!!!


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Niños a la venta” … Puertorriqueños!! Hurricane Maríhas just made it easier!!
    “No … the purpose of DeVos’s trip, is to lay the foundation for a widespread privatization of Puerto Rico’s school system. This privatization plan already existed before the hurricane, and now they see the opportunity to accelerate it.”


  10. This is not completely accurate. The reason many schools.have been closed is due to the mass exodus of whole families that have moved to the US mainland. More than 6,000.children enrolled in the past month so if there are less kids in public school.why keep them open?
    In addition, DeVos plan is to privatize all public schools in the US and her republicans friends are the ones who are figuring out how to make $. So this is not a plan just to screw PR


  11. Nelson, the “replacement” teachers DeVos and her lackeys will hire will come from the same place the “charter school teachers” stateside come from… Charter schools are allowed to hire less qualified, less educated, and less experienced applicants. And you would quickly deduce this also means at a lower salary, with fewer benefits (if any), and no health care.


  12. We Puerto Rican’s have gotten so use to allowing someone else make decisions for us that now that is the perfect time to invest in Puerto Rico we are still allowing other groups to continue to make decisions for us. It’s a shame we talk a lot about pride of Puerto Rico but we don’t take action when we have to. Of course that has been the strategy from day one one by the US to have us dependent and make us unable to think for ourselves.

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  13. Boricuas in the states need to return to Zion and return our blood where it was forced out of! The indoctrination of children will further enhance their goal of the extermination of our culture.
    Please forward any information on what you described.


  14. Gilberto…you’ll be pleased to know, that many Puerto Ricans are actively forming investment combines.

    Their purpose is to pool their monies and invest in Puerto Rico land.

    Just yesterday, I had SIX separate conversations about this, with people in three states and on the island.


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  15. REVOLUCION!!!! We Puerto Ricans, THERE and abroad, need to buy our island back. If every Puerto Rican in the USA, were to donate $1 a month, EVERY FREAKING MONTH, forever, to a special fund dedicated to buying back, structures, properties, businesses, we’d forge our own destiny. But we all know THAT’S not going to happen because we’d rather buy a lotto ticket, the new iPhone, a car, new jordans, go out to dinner. Y despues se quejan!!


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