New York Times editorial: Suspend the Jones Act in Puerto Rico!

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

The time has come to remove the Jones Act in Puerto Rico.

In today’s editorial pages, the New York Times shared the urgent and powerful reasons, why this needs to happen:

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos

18 Comments on “New York Times editorial: Suspend the Jones Act in Puerto Rico!

  1. I will like to receive help from China and Russia.. and any country that may feel we deserve to be a nation and not a colony. I am tired of the politicians in the White House and their promises. I have realized that none of them is going to help. If we want to become an independent Island we are going to have an use the same methods El Maestro used in his times. I think is time to let the USA know that we do not want to be associated with them. ..
    Me gustaria recibir ayuda de China y Russia o de cualquier pais que pinse que nosotros los puertorriquenos tenemos el derecho a tener una nacion libre e independiente. Pienso que deberiamos recurrir a los metodos del maestro ya que ninguno de los politicos en Washington han movido un dedo para defendernos. Estados Unidos debe de saber de una ves que no queremos ser colonos del Imperio.. que tenemos una Nacion y que deseamos sea libre y soberana. Como decian nuestros ancestros para oidos sordos como los de washigton ..GUAZABARA… Yo si la apoyo…


  2. Seeing that the temporary suspension of The Jones Act has now expired what are the options for Puerto Ricans to extend or make this permanent? Is protest all we have at this point?


  3. ATTENTCION!! La juventud de la Isla de PR: Esta es tu hora. Look at Maria as having created an opportunity for yourselves, and to deny the financial control board theirs.

    Right now the silver lining is all around you. A virtual “clean slate.” You can either learn to take control of the reigns and manage your own destiny or to wither away. This is EXACTLY what the established political machine wants for the islands’ populace. To just wither away. They’ve been trying ever since 1898 to get you to leave/disappear via: Taking away your private property; devaluing your currency ( via the aftermath of a previous major hurricane direct hit ); sending you away to the mainland based on false promises of economic prosperity; the incidence of segregation on the island; forced sterilization of many of your unwitting child bearing women; a system of laws that are not ultimately backed up by the Constitution because you are a colony; pitting islander PR’s against islander PR’s; the Jone’s Act., etc.

    How much more punishment are you willing to take? Especially when you don’t have it coming. What’s in the cards, it seems, is a continuation of the “beat down.” Until there’s so little left, that you become even less significant to the world, the U.S., and ultimately, to even your own selves. IF YOU DON’T GET IT YET: THEY’VE BEEN TRYING TO ( AS SUBTLY THEY CAN ) CONQUER YOU OUT OF EXISTENCE FOR OVER 118 YRS. TO GET ( MOST OF ) YOU OFF THE ISLAND. PERMANENTLY.

    If you do not take this opportunity to think outside of the box and to do something different ( outside the box ) and uncomfortable, you will be destined to becoming something even less than what you are to the power brokers today. The only thing that these power brokers respect, is resistance/force. They won’t understand anything else. They will NEVER respect you as human beings as they themselves expect to be respected. It’s been that way for a loong time. Not until a new generation is born into seeing a changed PR from today’s PR. That’s going to have to be your job. Don’t wait until the next major hurricane hits. You can’t afford to.

    The Catalonian’s likely have not suffered any where near as much as the islander PR’s. And Catalonia is not a colony! Yet, they’re making the effort that you have never collectively made. Look at their flag. Change out the yellow for white, and you’d have two PR’s.

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  4. Puertorricans are USA citizens, but we are treated like we are undocumented emigrants. When are we going to be treated as full USA citizens? It is time to suspend the Jones Act.


  5. New media intellegent politician please help Puerto Rico to eliminate The Jones Act PLEASE


  6. The Jones act should be removed ,abolished,repealed , done away with in every sense and aspect, help our people overcome this disaster and help them rebuild and recover. TE AMO PUERTO RICO 🇵🇷


  7. The jones act is what had Puerto Rico crippled for yeas, its time to get ried of it .


  8. EEUU controla las fronteras aéreas y marítimas de Puerto Rico. Ábranlas AHORA. Si Cuba nos quiere ayudar, que vengan, si RD quiere ayudar, que vengan, si Venezuela quiere ayudar, que vengan. Si Panamá quiere ayudar, que vengan. AHORA. Metan presión Diáspora. Cero Leyes de Cabotaje. AHORA. Suspensión inmediata de los pagos de la deuda y un paquete de ayuda $ del mismo monto de la deuda. AHORA. 70 billones. Eso no es ni la mitad de lo que nos han exprimido por más de 100 años. Cero pareo de PR a las ayudas de emergencia de FEMA. AHORA.

    Yo añado a la comunida internacional. Necesitamos su ayuda. Puerto Rico está en una crisis humanitaria.

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  9. Please! I’ll be proud to see my email address published in the only place where the TRUTH about Puerto Rico can be found.


  10. Please! I’ll be proud to see my email address published in the only place where the TRUTH about Puerto Rico can be found.


  11. Glad to see ‘”War Against…………………..back om me email.

    Frank Harrison Clark


  12. I’m so angry and frustrated in regards to all the devastation happening to Puerto Rico before and after the hurricanes. I sincerely wish I could do but I don’t know what to do, the politicians we vote for are dirty, the corporations use all these loopholes to suck the island dry. I wish we could all come together and fight for our island. My beloved Pedro Albizu Campos must be turning in his grave right now. I wish I could do more, I’m extremely sad and most of all angry.


  13. Puerto Rico need help please . All my family live in the island


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