General Strike in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


As of May 1, the people of Puerto Rico are in a general strike. Thousands of protesters blocked the roads in San Juan yesterday. They also stopped traffic near San Juan’s international airport, and shut down the bus system throughout most of the island.

Demonstrators also marched through the island’s financial center in Hato Rey, exclaiming that “Ricky is selling the island!” They yelled in reference to Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who is planning to privatize most of Puerto Rico…

Dozens of labor unions and university student groups marched in protests throughout the island.

Large office buildings in Hato Rey were boarded up or surrounded by fencing.

Police used pepper spray, tear gas, and smoke bombs against the demonstrators.

Rene Perez, also known as Residente, joined the marches and addressed the demonstrators.

The general strike is the first of many confrontations expected between the people of Puerto Rico, and the “austerity” plan of the US Financial Control Board and Gov. Ricky Roselló, who is planning to approve dozens of “Public Private Partnerships” between Puerto Rico and US corporations.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos

8 Comments on “General Strike in Puerto Rico

  1. The truly sad reality is the governor is an elected official the people voted for. The choice is clear. Either support your “leader” or be prepared to deal with the reality. My prayer is for the safety of the innocent desiring only what’s best given the pending circumstances and consequences of previous administrations.


  2. What I want to know is… What impact will the “bankruptcy” filing el pilló de Rossello have on PR citizens on the island & in the US? There is so much speculation about its territorial status coming to the forefront because PR can no longer remain a colony. Plus the US has refused statehood because it does not want to incur the debt. I’m all for independence but I was born on the island but my son was born here. Deportation would seem like an economic disaster. Would the US really make it harder for us to travel back to PR? What about those who own property in PR but live in the states, working until they reach retirement?


  3. What they do not mention its ak]ll the criminal actions the US have done thru the years in Puerto Rico.Puertorriqueno no vendas a tu patria.. We never were ask if we wanted from the beginning to become a colony.They took our land ,our language, our pride.They killed innocent patriotas. We had the gag law..They used us as guinea pigs .They tested the contraceptive pill in our women. infected our people with syphilis. Even tested the agent orange on our people .I guess if they throw an atomic bomb we will survive because we are like coach roaches immune to everything. Zika, dengue and chikungunya because many people do not want to come to the island for fear of the mosquitoes and infections


  4. Unfortunately…this is horrible for PR and a black eye for America in the eyes of the world. It’s a no win situation, a cry of anger by a people treated as second class citizens by a Federal Government that does not allow for full citizenship for a Spanish speaking minority. This unequal treatment will not end anytime soon without proper representation in Congress. Looking back PR is again being treated as an undeserving stepchild. Only Statehood or independence can give its people full control of their destiny. Worst of all PR should not expect much relief from the current Administration in DC. The best hope is for the courts to step in and grant some relief. Ideally the SC would have stepped in a long time ago, but the conservative SC decided to look the other way and ignore PR plight for fair treatment… much like it did with slavery for a very long time. President Trump seems to admire Jackson… not exactly the best example of fair treatment for the poor and unrepresented minorities….


  5. Why you don’t mention the damages a group caused to buildings and properties in the area that amounted to 1,000,000 dollars?

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  6. Wow. The rich are coming to gather the spoils of war… Sad. Puerto Rico as we know it is gone? Hope not. Añoro cuna que me vio nacer.


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