Ten Christmas suicides in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony  

Ten people committed suicide in Puerto Rico over the Christmas holidays. Five of these occurred over the last three days, during the Three Kings weekend.

Clearly, a mental health crisis is developing in Puerto Rico.

The first five suicides were reported over an eight-day period (December 22-28).

December 22 – 64-year old man in Bayamón

December 23 – 48-year old man in Guayama

December 23 – 27-year old man in Ceiba

December 27 – 50-year old man in Rincón

December 30 – 42-year old man in Añasco

Then during the Three Kings weekend (January 6-8) five more suicides were reported in Bayamón, Juana Díaz, Ciales, Ponce and Cidra.

The suicides were widely reported in El Nuevo Dia, Primera Hora, CNN Puerto Rico, El Vocero and Noticias Terra. Of course, they appeared nowhere in the US mainland press.

Evidence of great stress on the island

Some patterns were evident in these suicides.

Nine out of ten were men.

Eight out of ten were over 40 years old. The other two were 29 and 27.

These were not unstable children or teenagers. They were mature adults with an average age of 47.

According to Dr. Amarillis Ramos Rivera, this wave of suicides “clearly indicates that our people are undergoing a mental health crisis.”

Dr. Rivera is not a general practitioner. She is a clinical psychologist and president of Grupo SEPI – aka Grupo de Servicios Especializados en Psicología e Intergativos. – one of the largest psychological service organizations in Puerto Rico.

Lessons from Durkheim

Emile Durkheim is often cited as a principal architect of modern social science, and the “father of sociology.”

His book Suicide was the first statistical, culturally-based study of self-inflicted death. Published one year before the US invasion of Puerto Rico (1897), the book established a methodological approach to studying social phenomena.

Using case studies and statistics, Durkheim analyzed suicide and its social causes. He found strong positive correlations between suicide and all of the following:

  • Economic upheaval
  • Oppressive societies
  • Social disintegration
  • A sense of personal futility
  • Moral confusion
  • Weakening of the bonds, that normally integrate individuals into a collective

Sociopathic Puerto Rico

In 2017, Puerto Rico is suffering through every single one of the above factors.

For over a century, its resources and economy have been ransacked by the US.

For exactly one century (1917-2017) it has had a schizophrenic existence. Puerto Ricans are “US citizens” but the entire island – the ground on which they walk – is a “territorial possession” of the US.

For decades, it has been robbed and victimized by sociopaths called “governors” and “mayors.”

Today its economy, infrastructure and pension system are being sucked dry by Wall Street.

Goat-sized potholes are swallowing cars on the highways.

Drug-dealing and food stamps are one-third of the island’s economy.

The Jones Act enables US corporations to rob everyone on the island. Everything (including food) costs 15-20% more than it should, and cars cost $6,000 more in San Juan than in Miami.

PREPA poisons the air with illegal oil fumes, and blasts the island with electrical blackouts, while handing out millions of dollars in political payoffs.

Governors fire 30,000 public workers and hand out $9 billion in “private contracts,” then escape to Washington as “economic reformers.” (Luis Fortuño)

A political bagman is so brazen, that he installs a phony “telephone system” in the Puerto Rico legislature that does not work…then he charges over $400,000 for it. (Anaudi Hernandez)

To lift the island’s economy, the Secretary of Economic Development proposes “medical tourism”…in which the bodily organs of car crash victims and dead drug dealers, could be sold to aging US millionaires. (Alberto Bacó)

A bill called PROMESA creates a Financial Control Board…not to arrest the robbers who stole billions and recover some of their loot…but to blame everyone who voted for them, reduce their minimum wage, and terminate their pensions to “revive” the economy.

Some of those billion-dollar robbers are MEMBERS of the Control Board.

Puerto Rico is rapidly becoming the island of magic realism…where public corruption and STP (Stupidity of Those in Power) have reached lethal, surrealistic levels.

Is it any wonder that one million people fled the island over the past 15 years, or that suicide levels are rising?  


  For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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8 Comments on “Ten Christmas suicides in Puerto Rico

  1. Da Pena yo Siempre a dicho que la gente con dinero van a comprar la isla la van a conventir en Un paraiso y los pobres Van a tener Que dejarla por lo Que se ve otro estado the Americans millionarios Cuba sera lo mismo viene otra Guerra mundial pronto ay es Cuando se doblan y las entragaran porque Aqui en el soul the United States ay muchas personas Latina Que prefieren estar duets De paises sin control


  2. It’s sad to hear this.Our dignity as human s gets distroy little by little.Our human rights and everything related to its fullest expression and exercise doesn’t seem to be a serious concern. Schools, hospitals, clinics and others programs for children with special needs are being closed down, beaches,big extensions of farmland and road express been privatized to pay back Wall Street. Are our political leaders commiting political suicide with their approach to the colonial crisis in the island? Their method of conducting anti-colonial politics needs to change urgently.Discussions and unity is needed urgently.Other wise their behavior contributes to this social ill created by colonialism.The right of puertirricans to Life should be firt then the right of the occupants to get paid.


  3. Thank you! Whoever you are for writing today’s article about the why’s and wherefores of the causes and persons responsible for the Ten Christmas suicides in Puerto Rico. Two reasons of which stand out: The Occupiers and Vende Partria politicians who cause and allow it for their GOD whose name is DINERO. But then!?, so what’s new? I’ve known and lived with it since I was a young boy in and out of the Occupied Territory and the pain is dullen, now.

    The only problem is that the article should have been properly entitled “The Reason For The Ten Suicides Before and After The Publication of The Real History Of The War Against All Puerto Rican’s “. ….Wait! Wait! I guess that title is a little too long. So! Let it Be! Total!

    Harrison Clark


  4. The analysis is pretty good, except … I don’t know. Something’s off.

    That stress is eating up most of the population is true. That many (MANY) Puerto Ricans lack support structures is true. That ten suicides during a festive holiday “clearly indicates that our people are undergoing a mental health crisis”?

    I don’t know. Who is saying it? The president of “one of the largest psychological service organizations in Puerto Rico.”

    As we used to say, “Follow the money.” I can’t help but distrust someone who stands to gain so much by labeling an entire population as “new clients.” If it were olive oil, no problem; but, offering “solutions” from a philosophy that gave us the twentieth century’s greatest horrors?

    Again, I don’t know.

    Still, it’s best to start the dialogue than continue maintaining the silence. The Empire so loves it when the “subjects” are nice and quiet.

    Thank you for your posting!


  5. I am in complete sympathy to the cause , however tying suicide rate to this is a stretch. You mention most are men that is consistent with everywhere (90 % men). Second Puerto Rico’s suicide rate per 100,000 is considerably less than the US at 10.2 vs 13.3.


  6. the devil is in full effect destroying God’s chosen as it is written.as you see only the negros,& Latinos are dying fast.is called the Devils work.mind manipulation.brain washing.oppression,fake religion ,evil methods .that they use to make you weak.& until you give up.I know this stuff because I myself seen my own brother hanging in the basement.this is wat these evil white devils did to my brother they killed him mentally & spirtualy.I was out for revenge in a evil & brutal way.until the King steped in to save me from war because I was getting reading to revenge my brothers death.pr.is dying thanks to the evil white devils of america. if you don’t fight.back.for the Lord & don’t fight to save pr.from the evil devils of america .then you are worthlis,to Yeshua & also to me.que Dios me Los bendigas a todos.fight or you will die!!


  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Suicide rate up in Puerto Rico … ‘Puerto Rico is rapidly becoming the island of magic realism … where public corruption and STP (Stupidity of Those in Power) have reached lethal, surrealistic levels. Is it any wonder that one million people fled the island over the past 15 years, or that suicide levels are rising?’
    Speechless … at the sad reality in my country!!


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