Puerto Rico approves its first marijuana factory

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

The first marijuana factory in Puerto Rico has been officially approved. Located in Ponce, it has the capacity to process hundreds of pounds of marijuana every day. 

The Puerto Rico Dept. of Health approved IMC Corporation – the owners of the factory – who will now develop “over 100 marijuana products” to be sold by dozens of distributors throughout the island…

According to IMC, all their products will be health-related. IMC spokeswoman Tamara Gonzalez announced that their “medicinal cannabis” will yield marijuana products…over 100 of them…to meet a wide variety of medical needs.

The marijuana products may take the form of pills, oils, creams, inhalants and vaporizers.

The project was financed by Pariter Securities and a local investment fund, and employs 50 people in an old PRIDCO building in Ponce.

The IMC marijuana factory was financed and built quickly, after the commonwealth government approved the use of medical marijuana in August 2016, and codified its regulation via Rule 8766.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos

12 Comments on “Puerto Rico approves its first marijuana factory

  1. Medicinal can be a very good thing but… one must be careful of Monsanto type corporations hand in this kind of business. GMO herb may cause more health issues. When you consider the track record of the FDA and other government agency involvement in what is supposed to be for our good, it doesn’t inspire confidence.


  2. Puerto Rico no necesita más excusas para que extranjeros se establezcan, usen nuestra gente y tierra para enriquecerse. Esta es otra acción más para que extranjeros hagan sus millones y los inviertan en su país, USA. Cómo colonia para eso servimos.


  3. LOL, Dr. Rex! Do I suspect you like the word “cannabis?” LOL. Cynthia Liberatore, if you are afraid of damaging your lungs don’t smoke it. I smoked pot years ago and today I am suffering from a lung illness that doctors don’t know the cause and there is no cure. They suspect it is something that the person has inhaled. All I can say is that I could feel the difference in my lungs when I smoked. There are many people that have smoked all their lives and live a long life; everybody is different. In the mean time enjoy your highs everybody!


  4. Happiness with Cannabis. How about Decolonizing Puerto Rico. A better option to say the least . It would be the start on the road to dignity. Then again what can you expect from a fogged mind.

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  5. How can I get medical marijuana? I am incapacitated and live with constant pain.I used to smoke it but I’m afraid of harming my lungs and I don’t like the high type of feeling it gives you. I take various medications.


  6. too many cars in PR. Put the passenger trains back in operation.
    I was born near the railroad tracks in 1938 at Aguadilla, PR
    I still miss the midnight train shaking the house and its horn/wisley

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  7. I like the idea that PR is finally taking steps towards the legalization of CANNABIS on the island. Its medicinal properties will be one of the best substitutes for many types of drugs prescribed by doctors.

    Now what I would appreciate the most is the suspension of the word “MARIJUANA” and start using the REAL name of the plant. CANNABIS.

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  8. Thank you! Thank you! It was great to see the heading: “for a history of the WAR. AGAINST ALL. PUERTO RICANS, read this book”. From the day I read it, I’ve been shouting to my Puerto Rican family and all my friends, that the True history of the present AND PAST of Borinken is in this inspired Bible of Nelson A. Denis. Now all we need to keep our lives free while having to listen to and try to explain the Dirty Spin that Big Brother keeps spitting out to justify tits crimes against our Taino and other Amerindian tribes is In the sunlight of TRUTH (God). I lived every page of our book from my youth. Now I can stop shouting in the wind and just recommend a reading to all.

    I feel the Indian in the Cordillera Mountain is actually going to wake up, return, and permanently give us all a well deserved

    F. E. L. I. Z. A. N. O. N. U. E. V. O. Pa’ Simpre



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