Are corporations planting bombs in Puerto Rico?

  War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

A bomb was found in Puerto Rico this past Sunday, Nov. 20. It was just a few hundred feet from the protesters, who are opposing the dumping of coal ash in Peñuelas.

The FBI quickly implied that the protestors had planted this bomb. But common sense suggests that people who are protesting to protect their own health, would be unlikely to bomb themselves…

The protesters have ample reason for concern. Over the past ten years, over 2 million tons of coal ash have been dumped in Puerto Rico. That comes to 4 billion pounds…more than 1,000 pounds of coal ash per every man, woman and child in Puerto Rico.

This coal ash is extremely toxic, and sometimes even radioactive. Given the link between coal ash dumping and birth defects in nearby Dominican Republic, the public resistance to it in Puerto Rico requires no apology or explanation.

For the sake of their families and children, Puerto Ricans need to organize and demonstrate against it.


This bring us to the key question…who planted the bomb in Peñuelas?

Jimmy Borrero, one of the community organizers against the coal ash, put it very simply: “This is a movement to save lives, not to take them.”

Borrero suspects that the bomb was planted for a two-fold purpose: To intimídate the demonstrators, and to discredit them as “terrorists” and “anarchists.”

After detonating it, the FBI kept the bomb for further investigation. Given the fact that the evidence has exploded, it is unlikely that the FBI will produce a perpetrator.


Actually, this will not require CSI Puerto Rico. The interests are quite clearly defined here. If the protesters didn’t plant the bomb, that leaves three major parties: the AES corporation, the government, or some rogue law enforcement agents.

We will probably never know who planted this bomb. But one thing we do know is that the health and the First Amendment rights of Puerto Ricans are being violated in Peñuelas.


The people of Peñuelas are trying to lead a safe, cancer-free life. That is not too much to ask.

Let us hope that in their profit calculations, certain businesspeople do not undertake a brutal calculus – and decide that defending a few wrongful death lawsuits is cheaper than altering their business operations.

Corporations have been known to do this – the Ford Pinto immediately comes to mind.

But those corporations should know this: we are onto them.

Any injuries to any civilian protester will be litigated, and penalties may include criminal prosecution.

There is no more “ai bendito” in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican eyes are all dark, with lots of yesterdays in them…and they will fight for a better tomorrow.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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4 Comments on “Are corporations planting bombs in Puerto Rico?

  1. Pues Claro que fueron los enemigo nuestros para hacernos ver mal. Los que tenemos conciencias sabemos de ese juequito sucio


  2. For sure is the fbi and the police, they did that before, No one time a lot of times. Remember the fbi is over the law in PR, No body check what they do. Hope the people do not get scare about it and keep fighting for their land.


  3. Reminds me of the Ford Pinto I use to drive in the seventies (thank you Lord for keeping me safe). Yes, my eyes are dark with lots of yesterdays in them, but fight for a better tomorrow my people. I am old, sick and live in the states but you defend what is rightfully yours. In the name of freedom fight for our beautiful island. Love you all and love my island.


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