The Disaster Begins: the city of Toa Baja shuts down in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The first domino has fallen. On November 7, the city of Toa Baja officially shut down. There is no local government, no government services, and the only remaining employees – the police – are now working without pay.

If the police stop working…then chaos will consume the city of Toa Baja.


The first sign of disaster came from the mayor himself.

When Anibal Vega Borges lost the primary election on June 5, 2016, he wasted no time in abandoning his sinking ship.

Mayor Borges says goodbye…before all hell breaks loose

Just eighteen days later, Borges announced his immediate retirement and an interim mayor – Jorge Ortíz – was appointed until December 31, 2016.

And then a hellish chronology unfolded…

August 2016

A few weeks later in August, the Toa Baja municipal hospital (Centro de Diagnostico y Tratamiento – CDT) is put up for sale in order to “pay outstanding municipal debts.”

October 15

The city stops paying its 884 employees.

November 2

Municipal employees are still working unpaid, since October 15.

They demonstrate to demand their wages, and to call the ex-mayor a thief and a coward.

November 4

Senior citizen nutrition programs close throughout the city.

November 7 – THE BIG DAY

The CDT hospital is sold for $4,251,000 to private buyers, in order to “pay municipal debts.”

All 884 city employees are sent home “on vacation,” and the government of Toa Baja shuts down.

All government offices close, and 88,000 city residents are left without municipal services.

But it gets worse…

The press is suddenly informed that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has frozen all of Toa Baja’s accounts.


Because for years, the government of Toa Baja had been withholding social security payments from all its employees’ paychecks…

But it kept the money, and failed to forward it to the IRS !

The debt to the IRS exceeds $1.5 million…and the IRS will not un-freeze the bank accounts of Toa Baja, until the debt is fully repaid.

November 12

The government is still shut down.

No one has been paid.

Interim mayor Jorge Ortíz is under so much pressure, that he tells the press: “Keep it up…I can quit this job tomorrow, you know.”

November 22

As of today, a mere handful of the 884 employees are still working. These are mostly policemen, and none of them have been paid since October 15.


Toa Baja is the first municipal tragedy in Financial Control Board Puerto Rico. But what is even more frightening, is the municipal default landscape throughout the entire island.

If Toa Baja was keeping two sets of books with the IRS, what are all the other municipalities doing…not only with the IRS, but with their pension, vendor and contractor accounts?

The total long-term debt for all 78 Puerto Rico municipalities surpassed the $5 billion mark in 2015, and all of them have pension obligations that are not fully accounted for.

At least 25 cities in Puerto Rico currently receive over 50 percent of their general fund revenue from the Commonwealth government…but the Commonwealth will now be run by a cost-cutting Financial Control Board (FCB).

What will the FCB say, and do, to these 25 cities?.

Toa Baja was only the first domino. There are 77 more…and all of them are in trouble.


 For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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25 Comments on “The Disaster Begins: the city of Toa Baja shuts down in Puerto Rico

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  2. The Governing model was established by U.S. Government with their military, FBI, and Propaganda campaigns that subjected the Island’s citizens to a new form of operation, after all the years of oppressive controls established by the Spaniards. Bought and paid for elected officials who are subservient to the corrupt modus operandi that plagues the Island. And for some bizarre reason the Puerto Rican population voted in a Governor who promised a 51st Statehood that is no more possible than Pink Elephants.

    In a way, I’m starting to think that we deserve the mistreatment and condescension of the U.S. for not having the strength of insight and forethought to vote in officials that don’t tout the continued status quo of subservience to the country that initiated the Governing style that enslave us.

    Puerto Ricans voted in (PPD) Ricky Rosselló to force, or strong arm the U.S. Government into accepting Puerto Rico as the 51st state. And when he’s incapable of fulfilling that repugnant promise, they’ll just keep touting the same promise to the same gullible population that can’t seem to grasp that it would be financially and politically unacceptable to incorporate Puerto Rico into its monolithic structure because there is no real GDP benefit that should cause them to want such an inclusion. The island is too small to be anything but a military outpost for the Imperial U.S. behemoth.

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  3. First of all you say that the USA is called a “Motherland” . I’ll even dare say that there is a good portion of” boricuas” as you call them that will trash the “great USA than call It motherland.
    MOTHERLAND is where you were born.I was born in the USA and I DO NOT call it motherland especially with the current relationship with the USA.
    I can’t blame them. It’s up to us to dig ourslves out of the conondrome.And at the same time dig out to the trash those politicians who helped make it worse the the poeple work and pay taxes.
    Your idea is great!!!! But of the 5 million poeple out there, who in reality gives a dam?
    I DO but a am one that do not get government had outs. I work for my money. To know that my 25 dollars are going to bale out and keep the same dogs In power is a losing propersition.

    Plus that alone is not enough.P.R. needs heavy investment in companies to stay more then ten years and not leave like in the 1970’s where companies leave and scew the poor basturd who left his skin on that company table. The only person that gianed was the government pig offcial that made the great deal to begin with.
    So tell me .Is your idea still good?


  4. Little and to late for the poeple that actually WORK and pay taxes and dare to stay here in P.R. because the picnick in the “grest USA has stopped or will get worse under that idiot Trump.
    The rest of the population will just sit and wait for the next hand out.
    The only basturds who should be cleaning their house with clorox is the theives that where in power or got in power.


  5. It was not the “Great USA” that took . It was the great USA companies that are problibly in your pantry with names like Monsanto etc….
    AND blame the past so called great elected governers starting with Luis M. Marin for making deals that all though put P.R. out of the mud, put us on a dependence far more devastating than the current crisis.
    Cemex, Claro …. Should I say more???
    Seams like We P.R.s are great theives but not great managers.


  6. But thats the point. There has to be words whether poignant and harsh.
    Thats the problem here in P.R. and in the states . Nobody tells it like it is.
    It’s like a the next door neighbor, who’s a hidden racist, will talk to you how blue and nice the sky is but as soon they turn his or her back on you they’er mumblings will be on how can I get rid of this nigger or spick.?
    Like Mulder from the X-file’s , the trueth is out there, have the balls to say it.


  7. I’m a Nuyorican so-named by island residents. It hurt at first but am now used to it. Not my problem, their problem. End of story.


  8. People always call the USA “The Motherland” but as a native Boricua, my heart will always say otherwise. There’s about 5 million puertoricans in the US, and I honestly believe that it is up to us to save our island and help our families back home economically with or without the help of government. The problem would be us sticking together with a long term plan.

    Say all 5 million are working puertoricans (yes, I know there are kids and what not, just making an example) even if we were to donate or get a deduction from our paychecks of $1 a year, that’s $5million towards helping our island. Imagine if we were to pitch in $25 a year? 25mill easy!

    That’s just the start. If implemented correctly, I believe this could actually work.


  9. Unfortunately, it’s to little to late! The corruption and misuse of funds (local and federal) has been the modus-operanti for the last 30 to 40 years. The people of PR will pay a very high price (financially and emotionally) to get their house in order.


  10. Fiscal dept eresponsability is not new to this so called enchanted island .It was a long train cometh what is currently happing to our 90×50 mile gem that is turned into a cubic zarconia. No one to blame but ourselves.We elected them,weather red or blue, to do what is right for the mass majority of good humble poeple.
    .But like a wolf,the politicians, prey on us and we let them pick the good morsels until there is only bones.
    But nothing more enchanting than the long hand of corruption that has a history and has no boundry.
    Like the tentacles of a giant sea squid or the stickyness of a spiders web. It’s all the same.It is money that seams to dissapear like a good magic trick that fills the silk linings of the cheap coats the politicians wear. No destinction.
    Not even hodini could have not done it better.
    The missuse of funds weather local or from the “great”USA is ,to say the least, disrespectful .The real thieves are not in our streets but in the halls of goveronment on every municipality and at every level.They know it, but there is no guilt or remorse .We know it , but we still elect them anyway to serve a small agenda instead of seeing the big picture. Blind favoritism in politicians.
    Will we rise to the ocasion or wait to see that dinosaur errection that was promised.

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  11. Vega Borges resigned from his new post today, as soon as the news was made public. I think his new position will be a comfy position at the Federal Penitentiary in Cataño. He probaby has $ stuffed away and is not so worried, but he will have to answer to a higher power and the FBI for all the wrong he’s done to the town and his employees who cared for and respected him. They are unable to receive their salaries and are now in a financial bind due to LVB. You know what makes me want to cry? He was a supporter for the Vieques movement and he stood beside activists of other political parties as their comrade in the struggle. Why does politics make people forget about the commandments and the promises they make when they are up for election. So sad for those citizens who stood beside him. Go figure!

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  12. My island goes from bad to worse. Is there any hope? Oppressed by a hypocritical bully for years and governed by corrupt, greedy, shameless, despicable politicians. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


  13. Que Dois ayude la isla del Encanto.
    Que se puede hacer? Tiene que hay algo que Puerto Rico salga adelante?


  14. Every PR citizen knows where the money has gone…to pay for the political campaign that elected the same fraudulent guys that brought this country to ruins. But there is little choise; you are blue or red. The same two parties all our history. Corruption has imbeded in our minds to a point that we reelection the same offenders of the recent past. We have no historical memory!!!

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  15. Listen, this is misleading at best. This is not the case, not in the most part, due to the fiscal board. Yes, we can argue that there is a financial crisis exascerbated by the recent events and I for one ma opposed to it. But the towns mayor ran for the hills after the financial well dried up. Its debts were in the most part of his own doing and once he saw that he had lost the support of his political base he bailed. He was aonce popular mayor but as the reality of his financial dealings started coming into view we saw a greedy ambicious man that wasted no time borrowing to pay off whatever he wanted. We can argue that mayors before him had a blame, but be clear he was well respected in his city and left it in shambles. Him fleeing after the primaries was the clearest of signs. This was not politics or fiscal board, this was pure greed.


  16. sistemic corruption throughout has the chance to be cleaned up punished and corrected. But relief will take time and hopefully the lessons learned from this will deter others coming in. Hold your elected officials accountable and now w the FCB i pray stability, econimic growth , comfort and Gods blessingson Puerto Rico n its many beautiful people.


  17. Wow this is sad. Its going to get worse thanks to all them greedy selfiah money hungey government officials. Praying for my isla-nd and may God take care of the problems.


  18. Wow this is sad. Its going to get worse thanks to all them greedy selfiah money hungey government officials. Praying for my island and may God take care of the problems.


  19. Shame we are Americans and due to an act of Congress the mainland is no longer responsible to assist in crisis.

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  20. And as today FBI Agents are in the “la alcaldía” mayor’s office during the mourning searching and retaining documents of his older entire office


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