First “Zika baby” is born in Puerto Rico


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony
This is a very sad statistic.

The first baby diagnosed with microcephaly was born in Puerto Rico last month. According to published reports, it was born with “severe brain defects,” as well as hearing and vision problems. The baby’s head is also smaller than normal.

This may or may not be a trend. There are currently over 2,400 reported cases of pregnant women with Zika in Puerto Rico, so a clearer picture will emerge by mid-2017.

The birth of the first “Zika baby” and its unfortunate neurological defects, was reported in the New York Times, El Nuevo Dia, NBC News, New York Daily News, Associated Press and WAPA TV.

The CDC is also recommending to all tourists that they should use a condom, or not have any sex while in Puerto Rico.

With more hospital closures expected from the US Financial Control Board, and a record number of doctors leaving the island, a medical crisis may develop in Puerto Rico.

Let us hope this crisis never arrives.

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2 Comments on “First “Zika baby” is born in Puerto Rico

  1. I believe the information regarding the CDC recommendation of refraining from sex while in Puerto Rico is not accurate. The recommendation is to use a condom if partner is pregnant through all pregnancy and to prevent pregnancy as a caution to avoid problems for 6 months after visiting any Country or region with Zika.


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