What Gov. Ricky Roselló MUST do for Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

Puerto Rico has selected its next governor: Ricky Roselló. To all appearances Gov. Roselló will not govern ANYTHING, with a US Financial Control Board breathing down his neck.

But there are several things that he can accomplish…

End the PLP.

For the past 50 years, the two major parties (the PPD and PNP) have actually been one party – the PLP – the Party of Lining their Pockets. Roselló should revoke both party charters, resign from office and run for governor again…in a non-partisan election. This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. Today, more than 80 percent of U.S. cities hold non-partisan elections for local office.

Declare a moratorium on mayors.

Puerto Rico has 78 mayors and 78 mayoral payrolls. This is the equivalent of New York City having 189 mayors, instead of one. The cost of these 78 mayoralties has been estimated at $1.1 billion in payroll and $2.2 billion for local budgets. Eight regional mayors, instead of 78, would save the island billions of dollars annually.

Establish a Puerto Rico Ethics Commission.

Just like the governor of New York, who recently empanelled a Moreland Ethics Commission, the Gov. Roselló can establish a non-partisan Puerto Rico Ethics Commission with full subpoena powers. This commission could investigate the toxic oil kickbacks at PREPA, the missing $100 million from the Fideicomiso de Ciencia, the $450 million spent on a gas pipeline that was never built, the $4 billion Ponzi scheme disguised as “Series AA Municipal Bonds,” and the $9 billion in “private contracts” handed out from 2009 to 2013, from which $1 billion went to “public relations.”

This ethics commission would help to re-establish the reputation and integrity of Puerto Rico’s governing class – which in 2016, have reached a historic nadir.

Jones Act exemption.

If the 1920 Jones Act were repealed in Puerto Rico (Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920) it would lower consumer prices by 15-20 percent, enable the island to develop its own shipping industry, create hundreds of large and small businesses, and produce tens of thousands of jobs.

Jones Act reform – and outright repeal – has already been advocated by the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Manhattan Institute, Capital Research Center and The Hill. The Washington Post and New York Times agreed. Even the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in a 40-page report, found that the Jones Act hurts the Puerto Rican economy.

With all this widespread support, the Gov. Roselló should lead a massive public education campaign – on the island and the mainland – to remove the Jones Act from Puerto Rico, and allow her to negotiate her own international trade agreements.

Gov. Roselló should do all of the above. But it requires a level of courage and conviction that is notably absent in the PLP (the Party of Lining their Pockets). So here’s what the Roselló can do:

Require complete transparency from the FCB.

The US Financial Control Board should commit to recorded votes. It should hold public meetings, release the names of everyone they meet with, conduct bilingual hearings, and document every activity and decision in both English and Spanish. It should also itemize and disclose how it spends its $370 million budget, since Puerto Rico (not the US) will be paying for it. Congressman Luis Gutierrez has already demanded all of this, and the governor can join him.

Economic Reforms.

The governor can push for urgent economic reforms. These include tax incentives to re-invigorate the island’s agricultural sector; developing wind, water and solar energy technologies; and offering the same 20-year tax exemptions that US billionaires are enjoying in Puerto Rico, to small business persons from the island itself.

In addition, any tax abatement deals for foreign corporations (and US billionaires) should require the reinvestment of a stipulated percentage of profits, into Puerto Rican infrastructure and industrial development.

Invoke UN Resolution 1514 (XV).

In 1953, the US declared that Puerto Rico had achieved “self-determination” and “political sovereignty” through their new Commonwealth relationship with the US. The United Nations then removed Puerto Rico from the list of countries that were overdue for de-colonization. But two recent Supreme Court cases, Sanchez Valle and Franklin Trust, have terminated this alleged “sovereignty.”

In both cases the Obama administration argued, and the US Supreme Court agreed, that Puerto Rico is a territorial possession of the US: with no legislative, juridical, or political sovereignty whatsoever. In the same week that Sanchez Valle was decided, the US Congress passed the PROMESA bill to impose a Financial Control Board over Puerto Rico, and manage its entire economy.

Thus in 2016, all three branches of the US federal government declared that Puerto Rico is a property of the US…a colony. Given this open declaration from the entire US government, the next governor of Puerto Rico can appear before the UN and invoke Resolution 1514 (XV), which stipulates the right to self-determination of every nation, and the right to reject a colonial relationship.

Bad news and good news.

There is no escaping the brutal fact that Puerto Rico is headed for more “austerities” and “privatization,” more “P3s” and “public private partnerships,” that will enrich an elite club of capitalists and criminals while draining the people of Puerto Rico. Several members of that club are sitting on the Financial Control Board.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans will lose their jobs and pensions. Thousands more will be forced to leave their island. Throughout this painful process, there will be bad news and good news.

The bad news is…Puerto Rico is a colony and will continue to suffer, until this condition is resolved.

The good news is…the new governor can do something about it.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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5 Comments on “What Gov. Ricky Roselló MUST do for Puerto Rico

  1. This all seems ideal. However, remember who we are talking about. He’s a part of that long standing political party you talk about the PLP. Their are no mistakes in politics. He is there to continue lining there pockets as they have been for as long as I have been alive. With the assistance of US I’m sure theyll come up with another bait and switch. The bait is done now the switch, which will be done in creating another tactic to cash out what ever is available. Only if they were as creative in doing what is “Common Sence” government for the people of the island.
    Today, government municipalities in Puerto Rico are ridding the drug problem by shipping addicts out of the island to Philly, Chicago,and other mainland States to what they promise to be legitimate substance abuse programs. Only to be escorted by police to the airport and sticking them in a squater type buildings in drug infested areas. They take their food stamps and their birth certificates and have them working odd jobs and taking their earnings. This is not only horrible but is not helping with the drug problem in Puerto Rico. Something so important and can be managed. Yet it is not ever an issue during the governor campaigns and debates. Puerto Rico has had the monies to bring about harm reduction programs to alleviate the burden that drug addiction brings to the island and it’s people yet they take the money available and line their pockets making the people pubic enemy and convincing pueblos their doing the right thing. To believe that Ricky will do anything other than PLP is a shot in the dark. Dios bendiga a Puerto Rico.


  2. Cathy, I my humble opinion, you are right on. The dude is an idiot. He doesn’t know where Cabo Rojo nor Mayaguez is. We have a big problem.


  3. We do not have good news. This elected Lucifer is a robot and behind him is his father with the same shit staff of long time ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I. think that the New GOVERNOR elected, have, the brains and the ability to achieve all of the proposes step above , for the benefits of the Island. For him to achieve it, He, needs to put aside his own personal interests and work solely for the benefits and progress of the Island. I THINK THAT —LA PROMESA– WILL NOT COOPERATE WITH HIM, AND HE DOES NOT POSSESS THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO GO ABOUT DOING IT. HE POSSIBLY DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HE CAN DO IT OR HAVE THE TESTICLES TO IT. I COULD BE WRONG !


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