Clinton lost the presidency because she ignored Puerto Ricans

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

Hillary lost the presidency because she ignored Puerto Ricans.

They would have won Florida and its 29 electoral votes for her…if she hadn’t neglected and patronized them throughout the entire 2016 election. They could also have won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Here is how…


In addition to Florida…Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all have large Puerto Rican populations. Roughly 366,000 Boricuas live in Pennsylvania alone!

In each of these four states, Hillary lost by a narrow margin…and in all four states, the number of Puerto Ricans far exceeds the number of votes by which Hillary lost.

The total electoral votes of these five states is 75.

In other words, if Hillary had inspired and fully mobilized the Puerto Rican vote – in those four states alone – she would have won the presidency.


Hillary made several key mistakes:

  1. She supported the PROMESA bill, and did nothing regarding Chapter IX bankruptcy reform for Puerto Rico
  2. She took nearly one million dollars, from hedge funds that are holding Puerto Rico’s so-called “debt”
  3. She said nothing about the Jones Act in Puerto Rico
  4. She failed to discuss Puerto Rico even once during nearly ten hours of debates

In effect, Hillary followed a cynical playbook:

She stood by idly, and watched the island’s economy implode, knowing that hundreds of thousands of hard-hit Puerto Ricans were moving to Orlando.

She figured those hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans would all flock to the polls, vote Democrat, and hand her a tsunami of votes.


What Clinton didn’t figure, was that many Puerto Ricans could see her cynical approach to “the Puerto Rico problem.” Those Puerto Ricans may have stayed home last night.

She also failed to realize that “Latinos” are not a monolith. Miami-based Cubans, especially those active in the Marco Rubio senate campaign, split the Latino vote in Florida…with many of them voting for Trump.

Hillary needed to focus on the Puerto Rican community in Florida, which now numbers over one million. They would have been loyal to her.

They would have delivered Florida’s 29 electoral votes…if Clinton had demonstrated that she really cared about them, and about the economic crisis in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Ricans could have done the same for Hillary across the entire US…especially in those four key states.

For Hillary Clinton, with respect to Puerto Rico, a little caring would have gone a long way.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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13 Comments on “Clinton lost the presidency because she ignored Puerto Ricans

  1. HILLARY Clinton I wanted u to win. It’s just not right. That what happens when someone don’t care. We do the same turn our back. It’s not a one way street. Street goes both ways. Disappointed. Smh.


  2. That’s right, we were better off with a lying, deceitful, crooked elitist who took money from the money leeches that is draining the life and soul of Puerto Rico, subjecting them to a modern form of slavery.! Yeah, America is stuck with a big mouth, insensitive, crude, rude neophyte politician who isn’t as polish as Obama, we will see what good he’ll do, no doubt, a lot differently then what the old school oligarchy what be doing.


  3. suprised not me!! this goes to show you how evil and nasty is this country.they don’t care about black or brown people .donald trump was.elected president more than 25yrs ago it is part of.the illumanti agenda!! there plot is right on scheduele just like its,written.if we dont take it to there souls we will dissapoint our leader Jesus Christ .the devil is in full effect. to those who Love and Follow King Jesus and his lost tribe the 12tribes of israel you Wil wake up now and I The power and,destroy the wicked .evil white america .you are too blind and brain washed by the the devil.Open Your Eyes in the name of Jesus Christ our only Hope! que dios me los bendig as a todos Amen!!


  4. She lost because most people don’t like her and we had to choose between the lesser of two evils and because the DNC made a big mistake by supporting her instead of sanders. I don’t think The Puerto Rican vote was that crucial.

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  5. I don’t fully agree with this one. Most Puerto Ricans in FL are located in Orange and Osceola County. If you look at the results – Hillary took them both by a lot. That tells me that the Ricans did supported HER. The Latino participation was extremely high when compared to past elections. Cubans on the other hand – mostly voted for republicans. The big difference was the white/black voters. In the past – the whites in FL had a mild turn out (around 50%). This year it seems that they broke record. I don’t have the official numbers – but it must be in the 70/80%. Also in the case of blacks – I live in a community that is mostly composed of blacks and for my surprise – in the poll line, if I saw 20 voting it was a lot. I have never seen so many white people voting in my life, especially in a black neighborhood. The African American community did not turned out to vote, the same way they did for Obama. The Puerto Ricans and Latino community did their part (with the exception of the Cubans – We can see this by the DEM win of Daren Soto). The interesting thing is that in the primaries – most of them voted for Hillary over Sanders but yet – they stayed home for the presidency. I don’t know the turnout for other states – but here in FL, it was the African Americans and NOT the Puerto Ricans that did not go out to vote. Most Ricans are located in Osceola and Orange County. Also – MOST people think that FL is “Latino”… But the reality is that “Latino’s” are a minority. Latinos in FL (Total) are about 4.5M of a population of 19M.


  6. When I voted, I don’t remember anyone asking me if I was born in Puerto Rico, Pago-Pago or Pluto.

    Maybe the “poll-dancers” and “pundits” and other assorted “spokes-payasos” for duh generic “La Tinos” figured out I was Puerto Rican from my the way I said…”Gee meester, I wanna bote today…Eeeez dat okay for me to doo, meester?” Or maybe it was my pockets full of pastels and my mug of Pina Colada or my “J-Low For Governor of El Brong” T-shirt.

    Give me a break!

    Clinton lost because she is an abhorrent, immoral, unethical, unprincipled political hunchback with over 4 DECADES of:

    …LYING…”I don’t recall”, “I don’t remember”, “I don’t know what to say about that”…”You got me there, guys”

    …CHEATING…she received debate questions from Donna Brazile, HER OWN Democratic National Committee Interim chairperson…that fact ALONE showed the nation how willing she was to work with the MSM (Mainstream media) whores who were colluding with her all along. They even went so far as to ask her challenging questions like…”What is your favorite color on the rainbow?” “If you could be a unicorn, what would you name yourself?” “What is your favorite Starbucks flavor of latte?” “When you go to the toilet, do you wipe backward or forward?” “If you found a kitten today, what would you feed him?”…GIVE ME A BREAK! CNN FIRED Brazile, after the WIKI-LEAK’d e-mails confirmed this!!!

    …DISHONESTY…she used her position as Secretary of State to ENRICH herself and her family beyond anyone’s imagination…and the WIKI-LEAD’d e-mails CONFIRMED her cutting deals with slimy Arab nations for MILLIONS and MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars that GUSHED into the Clinton bank accounts every nano-second.

    …TREACHERY…she abandoned the 4 men in the Benghazi Embassy Mission as they were being raped, tortured, sexually-mutilated, cow-prodded and their eyes being GOUGED OUT!!! This was one of the many reasons those 33,000 e-mails, texts and phone messages were bleached, beaten, broken and bleached again because if the American public had ever seen ANY of their frantic supplications to her and had seen how she IGNORED them for over a year, she would have HANGED from a tree on Pennsylvania Avenue, with Oblah-blah right next to her!

    …DUPLICITY…she was quoted repeatedly as saying that when dealing with the American electorate (you know…those “other” Americans who pay taxes, go to work and lost their homes, their jobs and are dining in food pantry), she would have ONE public position and ANOTHER private one which was typically “informed” by who paid her the most money to make U.S. foreign policy.

    …DECEITFULLNESS…she lied and lied and lied her way through her ENTIRE political career…waaaaaaaay too many examples to cite here.

    …ENABLING her misogynistic, women-abusing, using, exploiting and raping husband when there were well over a dozen women (that we know about) who were silenced by HER with threats, harassment, humiliation and when that didn’t work, she and Billy-Bob threw money at them and even paid VERIFIED settlements to them!!! Will we ever forget him smoking cigars that he had inserted into Monica Lewinsky? OMG!!!

    …DEGRADED, DEMEANED and DEMORALIZED the American population with (just to name ONE)…by calling them “DEPLORABLES”…OMG!!!

    …MISREPRESENTED herself as engaging in actual warfare…remember her statements of her dodging grenades and gunfire??? Only in her mind did this happen!

    …ANTI-AMERICAN policy promoting…remember, she was the one who handed Bill Clinton the very pen to sign the now NOTORIOUS NAFTA trade agreement which cost the US TENS of MILLIONS of jobs, as the factories, manufacturing plants, service jobs WHOOOOOOOSHED their way to Asia and Latin America and cities like Detroit COLLAPSED into poverty, desperation and complete dysfunction. And even said that the best border was NO border. WHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess she forgot that a nation with no borders is NOT a nation, but a pit-stop for every ILLEGAL who chooses to use our toilets but doesn’t feel they need to flush them.

    …PRO-MUSLIM connections that were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too close for comfort INSIDE the White House…Her NUMBER ONE aide (of TWENTY YEARS), Huma Abedin had NUMEROUS very threatening connections to the Saudis who sent 19 of the World Trade Center KILLERS!!! And Huma functioned also as her (and Bill’s) swirling little dervish on a magic carpet as she brokered the MILLIONS of slimy Middle Eastern oil money deals to the “Foundation and THEN when 650,000 e-mails were found on Huma’s home computer, Hillary “disappeared” Huma and called her a “staffer” with some e-mails that Russia put there…(eye-roll).

    I’ll stop here before this blog explodes…but there’s a LOT more to why she lost!
    Was her NON-response to Puerto Rico’s issues a factor?
    Perhaps, but unless WIKI-LEAKS publishes more e-mails from Hillary fretting over “Duh Porto Rico Problem”, it’s anyone’s guess.


  7. As a Puerto Rican, I did not, would not vote for Clinton. There was much she could have done to cons across as fair and caring… instead, she stood idly by as Puerto Rico suffered. Obama failed Puerto Rico, the cast was set, Clinton wound do the same.


  8. That is incorrect !
    Latinos, Spanish ,Puerto Ricans and Cubans all voted for Crooked Hillary in The Keys, Dade County(Miami), Broward (Ft Lauderdale) Palm Beach, Orlando , Tampa …..all voted democrat in an overwhelming WIN in those counties .
    And Still they Lost the elections !


    Eduardo, como estas, hermano!

    We still have a soccer match in New York!

    Re Dade County, I have a question: do you think that the voters who re-elected Marco Rubio to the U.S. Senate all split their vote…and voted “Hillary” for top of the ticket?



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