ABC News selects the next governor of Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

Five days before the election, ABC News annointed Ricky Roselló to the governor’s mansion.

According to ABC, Ricky is “expected to win” and will be the “next governor of Puerto Rico.”

ABC also announced that Ricky will make statehood “the central focus” of his administration.

In other words, Governor Ricky will be a tragic failure…because statehood is nearly impossible for Puerto Rico.

Here is why:


If you had a business, would you take on a new partner who owes $72 billion?

Of course not.

You would tell that “partner” to clean up their debt…then, and only then, would you consider talking to them.

Puerto Rico is in the same position.

The US Congress will not take on a $72 billion debtor, who will siphon off federal budget dollars, from all 50 states. This is common sense.


With a population of 3.6 million, Puerto Rico would send two US senators and five congresspersons to Washington, D.C.

Can you think of five US states that would willingly give up a congressional seat, and hand it to Puerto Rico?
I certainly can’t.

Moreover, all of these new Puerto Rican congresspersons would be Democrats.

Do you think the Republican Party will allow that?

For the past five months, the GOP has refused to select a US Supreme Court judge. They are now threatening to impeach Hillary Clinton, if she wins the presidential election.

Do you think this same GOP will roll out the welcome mat, for seven Democrats from Puerto Rico?


All the bondholders that are holding Puerto Rico’s $72 billion “debt” would lose a fortune if Puerto Rico became a state…because the island would then immediately qualify for Chapter IX bankruptcy protection. These bondholders – hedge funds, pension funds, private equity firms and billionaires like John Paulson – will spend a fortune on lobbyists, TV commercials and corrupt congressmen to make sure that Puerto Rico does not become a state.

All the US corporations that are selling overpriced goods in Puerto Rico (15-20% higher) due to the Jones Act, will oppose any statehood measures, since that could lead to Jones Act reform and an end to the Cabotage Law in Puerto Rico.

The unions in Jacksonville, the four Jones Act carrier companies (Horizon, Crowley, Sea Star, National), the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and the American Maritime Partnership will all oppose Puerto Rican statehood.

Puerto Rican debt instruments have been popular on Wall Street because they are triple tax exempt – with no federal, state or local taxes on them. This tax benefit would disappear if the island were to become a state: so Wall Street will oppose it.

Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs) who use Puerto Rico as a tax shelter – allowing them to pay a 2 percent tax rate, rather than the US corporate rate of 35 percent – will all oppose Puerto Rican statehood.

All of these interests – Wall Street banks, bondholders, pension funds, Controlled Foreign Corporations, US consumer goods corporations, Jones Act carrier companies, Jacksonville unions, John Paulson – will hire lobbyists and give unlimited sums of money, over and under the table, to congresspersons who will oppose the statehood of Puerto Rico.


In 2015, when a Puerto Rican won the Powerball Lotto, the racist insults lit up the internet.

A few weeks later Ann Coulter published Adios, America – which portrays Latinos as rapists, murderers and welfare cheats – and the book was an immediate New York Times Best Seller.

Donald Trump ran an anti-Latino campaign for 18 months, and won the GOP nomination for president of the US.

After 118 years, on the most basic levels, the US has not come very far. Significant numbers of “patriotic Americans” still view Puerto Ricans as foreigners and somehow inferior. They won’t come out and say it: they’ll just read Ann Coulter, vote for Trump, and quietly resent us.

When the issue of statehood for Puerto Rico comes up, that resentment will express itself with two words: Hell, No!


Thirty-six years ago Rubén Berríos, the president of the Independence Party of Puerto Rico (PIP) did something alarming…

He told the world that the two major parties in Puerto Rico (PPD and PNP) were a complete fraud because all their campaigns, and all their candidates, were based on whether or not Puerto Rico should be the 51st state of the United States.

But this statehood is nearly impossible, for all the reasons discussed in this article. In the words of La Lupe…it is all puro teatro.

Rubén Berríos was right.

The “statehood question” is used by people with no qualifications, political program or personal ethics, in order to get elected and put their entire family on the government payroll.

Here is that original speech from Rubén Berríos, as given in 1980:


Since the “Statehood” claim of Ricky Roselló will soon be exposed as puro teatro, what would his governorship be really about?

It will be about using the US Financial Control Board (FCB) in order to:

  1. Cover up the crimes and theft of the Fortuño administration
  2. Get contracts, jobs, and “Public Private Partnerships” for members of the PNP
  3. Turn the $370 million FCB operating budget (paid for by the taxpayers of Puerto Rico) into a piggy bank for PNP “consultants,” “advisers,”  “auditors,” “investment underwriters,” “outside counsel,” “P3 specialists” and “government liaisons.”

This process has already started with the selection of two key PNP operatives, Carlos García and José Carrión III, onto the FCB. In fact, Carrión is the chairman of the FCB.

Another PNP operative, Francisco Cimadevilla, has already been hired by the FCB, and paid by the FCB, to handle media relations for the FCB.

THIS is what the Ricky Roselló administration will be about…extracting further profit from Puerto Rico, while another half-million Puerto Ricans are forced to leave their beloved homeland.

Someone should tell this to ABC News.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

37 Comments on “ABC News selects the next governor of Puerto Rico

  1. Because those chanting for independence aren’t delusional? Independence from the states isn’t gonna happen any time soon. Also believing pages such as this one shows you can’t tell how much bullshit you’re getting fed


  2. What lunacy, I can’t believe the bizarre comments that I see. People are completely delusional, they have drunk the Kool-aid of statehood when that’s NEVER going to happen.
    Watch Dennis, 5 years from now with Statehood still not had, these contemporary statehood ideologue voters will still be chanting the same rhetoric and demonstrating the definition of the word “Crazy”.

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  3. I wish you could tell that to those who served and died serving our nation in ww 1, ww 2, KOREA, VIETNAM, IRAK, AFGANISTA and more, we will be state 51.


  4. Complexed Puertorricans are the worst of the worst! Reality in life should told them better! Reality for Puerto Rico USA-Citizens is more simple than what these ‘For ever Crying Irrealistic Boricuas’ are trying to explain here(of course with their own personal and more than Proved Failed Ideas and Competely Absurd Political Agendas) Puerto Rico is simply a ‘Bounty of War’ for the United States! Period! Based on this, we Puertorricans should be more than ‘Grateful’ of been Military-Invaded by USA during the Hispano-American War, and with it, completely ‘Blessed’ by the outcome of our actual future! The truly reason ?Why? Puerto Rico Government System is Completely and Shamefully Broken by the ‘Corruption’ is simply ‘Our Own Fault’ as we Puertorricans were the ones who ‘Approved’ election after election the same ‘Crap-Politicians’ over and over deeply consumed by our ‘Ridiculous, Ignorant and Iditest Fanaticism of Unescrupulous and Charlatan Puertorrican Politicians’ It’s a very ‘Shameful and Low Action’ to now that we ‘Puertoricans’ has ‘Profoundly and Consistently Abused’ from our own system, and meanwhile has taken and Abused of ‘All the Great and Unique Advantages’ to our island as a ‘USA-Territory’ to now ‘Try to Acuse’ USA-Government as the ‘Evil-Precursor’ of our own ‘Selective and Costly Mistakes’ It’s seems very ‘Easy’ now to these ‘Puertorrican Lamers and Professional Money Scavengers Pliticians’ as well as to the few ‘Independence Spanish of High Descendents Dreammers and Life-Suckers’ to ‘Shamefuly Acuse USA Government Statues’ of our (Shamefuly, (but well deserved) Own Demise by our own hands and Corruption-Minded actions! Puerto Rico Independence real option is just simply part of our ‘Past’, an opportunity that no one really knows if was even a real or a good available option based on the ‘Reality and Circumstances’ of those times? The ‘Reality Now’ is even more easy to establish than ever before, because of the actual situation in Puerto Rico has become ‘Competely Irreparable’ Puerto Rico Economy and Government System is ‘Totaly Out of Control’ and has been driven ‘Insanely’ for so many years that there is ‘No Solution for it at All’ at least not a fast or an Affordable one to at least ‘Try to Fix’ the ‘Humongous and Complex Debt’ not to mention the ‘Out of Base Liberal Culture’ that really drives Puerto Rico Life day by day, destroying ‘All our Judeo-Christian Faith Values’ and our chances to a Real Good Future~ Puertorricans should take ‘Serious Responsibility’ of our ‘Own Sins and Mistakes’ without looking for a ‘Gulity one across the Ocean’ Admiting our own faults will be the first real step to grow as a ‘Real Country’ towards a Better Future for Generations to come~ ‘**How many Countries would give everything they had to have the opportunity of being a USA-Territory with all the advantages we Puertorricans have? But Puerto Rico ‘Crap-Politicians’ shamefully choose to take Advantages of the System for their own personal Evil Lavish Lifestyles instead of giving Real Oportunity of Progres to all the Puertorricans as they should! Pkease Stop Crying like a Baby, and ‘Buckle Up Tight’ your ‘Pants’ before is ‘Too Late’ and we could end ‘Loosing’ our ‘Blessed Puerto Rico Island’ to the ‘Greatest Evil Drug Mafia or else’ Bidder? “Some Peolpe doesn’t know and doesn’t Realize what they really have, and how Blessed they have been after they Loose all those Graced things and it’s already Too Late for a Honest-Sorry” May God Bless Puerto Rico For Ever~ Pray to God Almighty Puerto Rico, Pray~
    *100% Proud to be a Puerto Rico Christian-Consevative-Pro Democracy Born and Raced USA Citizen’ Raul Rod/GBYAT~


  5. No es lo que quieran los puertorriqueños , es lo que quiera y le convenga a un grupo de americanos que se benefician de la colonia. Hasta que no nos unamos los puertorriqueños dejando los insultos y la politiquería a un lado y busquemos una solución concreta a nuestro estatus, sea el que sea( de las alternativas aceptadas como descolonizadoras de las Naciones Unidas,) seguiremos en este insoportable deterioro social político . Alguien se está riendo en camino al banco mientras nos distraen en estas peleas sobre quien administra los contratos en la colonia… La prueba de que estos partidos tradicionales sólo están para mantenerse es que ninguno ha tomado es en serio como decía un amigo anterior la labor educativa sobre su alternativa favorita. Coincido que hay un alto grado de ignorancia política en nuestro pueblo, sobre la condice´øn de PR, la política e historia americana y puertorriqueña. Gracias Denis por continuar educándonos…


  6. You’re cherry-picking articles to give a skewed view of how the US sees us. We have been fighting too long to be a part of this nation and right now we are about to have a 51st state and it’s called Washington DC and us soon after. That states will willingly give up a seat is not our problem. If we decide to join the union, which we should, they will be forced to removed those seats because it’s NOT their choice.


    Unfortunately Gil, it IS their choice. Puerto Rico is under the plenary jurisdiction of the US Congress.


  7. Statehood is the only alternative for PR at this point. If the people of Puerto Rico would come together around that concept, then anything is possible. Hopefully the new Governor will push this agenda aggressively. The island is in shambles and desperately needs help. Independence in my opinion is not the answer. It’s about time the mainland recognizes PR as a state and acknowledges all the sacrifices and contributions we’ve made for them.


  8. Walter you have to inform yourself, about Puerto Ricans. Did you know that we have fought in all USA WARS? Side by side. Did you know Walter that we have a judge in the white house? Do you walter that at present time we have an puertorican astronout in space. Do you walter that the real immigrants are called white man that invaded the american indian land and commited genocide. The real americans are called american native indians. Fo you know walter that puerto rico has a debt because USA HAS NOT TREATED US EQUALLY AS AMERICAN CITIZENS? Finanally do you know that War against puerto ricans is an ignorant racist group, that dont apreciate all puertorican men that died in american wars. Do you know walter that puerto ricans are not ignorant racist pigs?


  9. Ellos dicen que PR no podría ser estado por su deuda, pero cuanto dinero sale de aquí cada año? Mas de 35 Billones


  10. You are so wrong
    All the states join the union because they knew that it would help them economically ALL ALL


  11. Remind me where you live and where you’ve worked? Its pretty easy to be an independentist while enjoying the freedoms life in the main land offers. So the people in P.R. don’t deserve the same freedoms?


  12. Agree on almost everything from this post. We are nothing close to become a state. Being US Citizens do not make us to deserve being a state either. I believe that both, PNP and PPD, have taken us equally to a hole.


  13. So true. The only thing US will do for us is show us the door. We are heading to be by our own, wether we like it or not. And I dont belong to any political party!


  14. Nice quotes by the communist party! Dont try to brainwash people without all the true info!
    The debt of Puerto Rico is actually the U.S.A fault due to the high prices on U.S shipping industry!


  15. Listen NBC et al. Our reality is a direct result of the stupidity and prejudicial men tality of your congress, yes, its prejudices. We have a debt, issue , it i strue but its because we were denied the same rights as the other states. As long as the US wanted to show PR as its showcase of demnocracy and prosperity to the whole world under the US flag everuthng was fine and dandy, as soon as the cold war ended we became excess baggage. Screw you.


  16. Puerto Rico has been a colony too long.
    Let the people vote :
    Yes, for Citizenship USA
    No, to become Independent just like Santo Domingo – and rest of the islands in the Caribbean…
    Most of those islands survive and run their economic very well. Puerto Rico has a lot of educators and professionals.
    Give them a chance to do as they feel is Best!


  17. Puerto Rico will be the first hispanic state in the USA. We are in the point of no return. The people in Puerto Rico Nd the United States have to decide between having another separatist republic or a new hispanic states with all the advantages in the caribbean. No mattet our financial situation today you need to think big and optimistic. Thank you USA, but Puerto Rico is ready and will make America Great and Solid Again!!!


  18. Have you come to PR to feel the peoples choice, if not I invite you to come and see that the majority here wants Statehood, you have some points but US and Congress has been treating 3.5 millions of US Citizens since Jones law because the just care about their tax haven money making here in our country, US has been keeping us as a colony by not letting us progress politically, if US does not wants Statehood for us and PR then gives us Independence and your cabotages money makings laws will desappear and then PR will be free to share the economy with the rest of the world without US sabotaging our human rights. These message you presented here does not say anything about how bad has been the separatists PPD party which has brought us to this cliff by damaging the economy with the highest taxes in any US jurisdiction and robbing and laundering money from our pockets and government funds for their friends and family only.This article you published clearly shows you were paid to tel the lie about us but nothing good about the puertorricans that love US and wants this Island to be the next us State of US #PR51.Get informed by us not by who paid you for the article.Thanks.


    No one is “paying” for my articles in this blog. I am therefore free to write exactly what I believe.

    –Nelson Denis


  19. That is because the author of this blog is biased and completely one sided about Puerto Rico’s negative relationship with the United States. Must be in some kind of agreement with the PIPs, pro-autonomy PDPs, Senators: Nydia Velazquez D-NY, and Luis Gutierrez D-IL.. All who ironically work against Puerto Rico achieving statehood, despite having lived in the states for most of their lives and enjoying the full rights of their citizenship while their fellow islanders are still in limbo…


  20. There are other reason why it becomes very difficult to Puerto Rico for statehood. Submitted a satatehood request, by the fact that Puerto Rico would get a great political power as a “small state” (7 representatives and three senators) to Congressman liberal thinking would vote against the request because that would take away political power to their states.

    About the Puerto Rican Independence Party, they have a long history of work in the struggle for independence of Puerto Rico. But, within it, they have a big problem: the lack of openness to all sectors of the country independence in a serious and sincere manner. This is not merely listen, but to give them the opportunity to work with ideas and occupying positions in the party to strengthen the fight. Not merely a listen exercise and abrogated political power to insiders. They have put aside their educational work for more than three decades and sit in their offices to make their strategies work without educating the people. Nor they have made the task of listening to the people. And while the independence party remains in a hegemony of power between Ruben Berrios and Fernando Martí, there can be no sincere love of all sectors. There will be discrepancies in this approach when they claim that there is a group of separatism now united and had signed an agreement to support the party, but that is merely an exercise in futility facing an election year.


  21. Esta es la tipica manera de pensar del colonizado. Que es imposible que nunca va a llegar.


  22. War against puerto ricans is a war against americans and USA.
    We are american citizens and Puerto Rico has fought side by side in all USA WARS , and lost lots of men and women in these wars.we are in debt because being part of USA , we are not being treated iqually. Waragainstallpuertoricans is a racist pig organization trying to ruin our image and culture. Remenber the real immigrants are called White man, that invaded the american native indian land and raped and comitted genocide.your organization id composed of immigtants .Puerto will be a state if we do select to be so , no mater how much your ingnorant racist pig try to humiliate us. this is a Puerto Rican veteran speaking


  23. In that book appears the moto of Isla Verde drug user. Who is the moto of Isla Verde?


  24. If statehood is never requested then obvio it will not happen. We need to fight for our statehood which has never been done, and the US will have to give us statehood whether they like it or not, we are US Citizens and we have the right to US Statehood. It would not look good on the US Government world wide to reject Puerto Rico as a State being US Citizens. Colony is never is a progressive option. The Latinos vote have a big roll to play on who is elected for President, which will give us enourmess policital power to obtain statehood for Puerto Rico. Just to think that US will not give us statehood is giving up before the fight. The “Junta Control Fiscal” could stay forever as long as we are a colony.

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  25. That is Bull Shit, The PNP will lose any elections for the next 50 Years.


  26. Although the article has good points , many things about it are not necessarily true. Number 1, bringing up racism into the picture is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever heard as an obstacle to statehood. If the authors argument was true, then we would still have segregation in schools against AFRICAN-AMERICANS. So I find that argument completely pointless. Second of all, US just declared back in the United Nations that statehood is a right to the territories and denying it would be against our democratic principles. Third of all, I would to know where this author comes with the silly idea that statehood comes immediately? The island would undergo a transition as an incorporated territory first, and it would take decades before finally is recognized as a state. It seems the author is not familiar with the term. This article has a good point from an economic perspective and I agree that the island needs time to recover but closing the doors to statehood over these arguments is ridiculous. It certainly did not stop Hawaii or New Mexico, two states with a complete different culture compared to many other states.


  27. I like to think that statehood is just as achievable as independence.. However, neither can be achieved by how divided the people in Puerto Rico are. Statehood, like independence, is something that the people of Puerto Rico WILL have to fight for, if that is what they want. I am not disagree with the fact that there are many forces working against statehood, but I also get the sense that those who don’t support it like to perpetuate it. Also, what ever happend to the $2.5 million dollars that the Obama administration appropriated to the government of Puerto Rico to hold a federally-sponsored referendum in 2017?

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  28. Thank you Denis Nelson for such a detailed point by point analysis.
    It is interesting to note that those who seem to defend or support statehood never respond to the points that you highlight but instead tend to hurl emotional outburst or personal attacks without ever addressing the points with substantial corresponding arguments.


    I noticed it too! They fail to address the issues presented…instead, they attack the person.

    Thank you,

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  29. While in general I think you are on point, here are some of my comments:
    1. I think the 7 democrats to congress is not right, i think they will split. PR is not as democrat as people think just because they are hispanic. Look at Fortuño, JGo, Romero, the evangelical right, etc.

    2. Hawaii and Alaska still have the Jones Act too, so might not be that easy to eliminate it. But the unions will definitely oppose statehood just in case.

    3. You focused on the racists, specially those in red states and Trump supporters, but never considered that in majority of US tends to lean more liberal and they generally tend to be open for PR self determination and welcoming us to the union.

    Overall I think you are right, and Ricky is going to win and his claim will go nowhere. Best.



    Excellent comments, thank you.

    Regarding the Jones Act, I believe that the Puerto Rico delegation could create a critical mass…a tipping point…which could force a re-assessment of this law.

    Please consider all of this:

    Exempting a territory from the Jones Act is nothing new. Three U.S. territories are currently exempt from the Jones Act, including the U.S. Virgin Islands, which were exempted in 1992.

    Jones Act reform – and outright repeal – has already been advocated by the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Manhattan Institute, Capital Research Center and The Hill. The Washington Post and New York Times agreed. Even the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in a 40-page report, found that the Jones Act hurts the Puerto Rican economy.

    Legislators from Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico have held joint conferences, and advocated together, for Jones Act repeal.

    This broad spectrum of support – transcending geography, ideology and political party – has reached the U.S. Congress. Two Republicans, Sen. John McCain and Rep. Gary Palmer, have repeatedly submitted bills for Jones Act repeal. Rep. Palmer even tried to amend the recent PROMESA bill, to include a Jones Act exemption for Puerto Rico.


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  30. Whoever writes these blogs should pack their bags and move to Puerto Rico and actually live there. I find all of this anti-statehood propaganda kind of hypocritical coming from someone who lives in a state.



    There is no “anti-statehood propaganda” here.

    Clearly, statehood is better than being a colony.


    You are confusing “anti-statehood,” with a statehood that will not happen.

    As a thoughtful person, please ask yourself…what is the remaining alternative?


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  31. Puñeta, esto es súper importante!! Escríbelo en español para que el morón promedio se ilustre!

    Si de verdad quieres hacer un cambio positivo para arreglar este país, y no meramente pasar la vida explicando lo hijueputas que son los americanos, te estás dirigiendo a la audiencia incorrecta.

    El mejor instrumento de cambio que tenemos son las elecciones, y las masas votantes no leen esto.


  32. They put Jesus Christ on the cross with three nails to hold him up. After a couple of hours they took him down. 118 years ago they put the people of Puerto Rico on the cross and they still haven’t taken them off the cross yet. Go figure.


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