Puerto Rico will have a gas pipeline “from Florida to San Juan”

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Ricky Rosello, the PNP candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, has a solution for the island’s energy needs. He wants to build an undersea gas pipeline from Florida to San Juan. This pipeline would be 1,200 miles long…the longest undersea gas pipeline in the world. 

Here is a video interview, where Rosello announces his pipeline:

It is not clear how this would solve the energy needs of Puerto Rico.  

If anything, it would make Puerto Rico completely dependent on the US…more dependent than any time in its history.

Currently, the longest undersea gas pipeline in the world is the Nord Stream Pipeline (NSP) between Russia and Germany. The NSP is 759 miles long and cost 14.8 billion euros, or roughly 15 billion dollars. 

Ricky’s pipeline would be 60% longer than the NSP, so the approximate cost would be $25 billion.  

Since the government of Puerto Rico is bankrupt, a foreign corporation would build and own the pipeline, and the gas would come from somewhere in the US.

This is how one of the leading candidates for governor would “lift” his island’s economy: not with solar, wind, or hydro power developed in Puerto Rico…but with a 1,200-mile gas pipeline from the United States. 

The following clip provides a more accurate assessment of Rosello’s idea. Please watch especially, the last ten seconds of this clip:

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22 Comments on “Puerto Rico will have a gas pipeline “from Florida to San Juan”

  1. Traidores like Ricky do more damage then the real enemy: u.s imperialism


  2. 25 billion?? This going to be a corrupt action. We need honest governor in puerto rico and he going to do the same as he father with the money when he make the train .( tren urbano)


  3. Felipe Historia…You wrote…”maybe legal weed would help”.

    If I’ve learned nothing else about “La Mente del Culonizado”, I’ve learned that intelligence, insight and integrity are never at the table when “mi gente” begin to think outside their Piña Colada-scented box.

    So…I don’t think that weed (legal or otherwise) is a good idea with people who are already so deluded, demented and deranged. they think they can lay a pipe on the ocean bed in some of the deepest ocean craters on the planet and that it would be “cost-effective” for anyone other than the billionaire contractor class who will spend the next 10 decades trying to get this lunacy done.

    Perhaps breeding unicorns in Atlantis might be a more feasible and profitable endeavor.

    Ay mi gente loca…dios mio…

    Maybe Walter Mercado can weigh in with some cosmic solution or beauty tips.
    Maybe we should read the freckles on J-Low’s ass for some “divine intervention”?
    Maybe Rita Moreno can fly from a NYC ghetto roof-top and mud-wrestle with Sister Bertrille (the Flying Nun) in Condado?

    Maybe you’re right…weed might not be such a bad idea after all.

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  4. 60% longer is almost double the true value. The pipeline would be only 37% longer than NSP


  5. I’ve lived in and travelled all over latin america from the Mexican border to Patagonia.
    It doesn’t matter which spanish speaking country (Brazil also) you pick, the problems are the same. Corrupt, dishonest politicians, often political caos and instability, generalized dishonest and predatory behavior by the populace, street crime and fear, ultra patriotism and soccer fanaticism…..oh and don’t forget an obsession with the catholic version of christianity. What is that if not ironic? Well, as those catholics like to say “by their works ye shall know them”, right?
    The whole culture seems to suffer from generalized selfishness and self-delusionj. Shouldn’t be a suprise. Look at how it all began…..the selfish predatory way in which the original spanish conquerors (including Columbus and family) and their descendants behaved. The whole culture needs some emergency psychotherapy…..maybe legal weed would help.


  6. What Rosello is proposing is a great idea. Bringing natural gas to pr will help stimulate the local economy. It will create hundreds of jobs and provide a cleaner/cheaper source of fuel. It will also help bring the high cost of electricity on the island down. If what your suggesting is independence for pr is the answer, then good luck with that. Pr will be worse off than haiti, cuba and Venezuela. That is the reality of the situation my friend. Look at the situation in those countries and ask yourself is that what you really want.


  7. It will never be done. We, the ones who have been paying attention, know so. The last big project in PR was Tren Urbano, and it can’t even pay for itself. So much so, that when Anibal was in office he had to decide whether to destroy it or open it.


  8. agree.if anything it will make us more dependant…it is an opited medical prescription by a colonialist Doctor.WHAT ELSE TO EXPECT! Back on 2014 Manuel Casiano proposed to Prepa a :plug from Puerto Rico to Florida” as a solution to the island energy problems!


  9. Who will finance such an absurd project? We would have to buy the gas anyhow, but with a debt from the construction of this enormous tube. Can’t this guy come up with a more feasible plan? I can’t imagine any reasonable person voting for this guy, but this is puertorricans we’re talking about. Worse decisions have been taken in the past (Check the past five governor’s accomplishments) that’s why we are now in the worst situation ever. Good luck with that one!


  10. He cant be serious right? I mean this is just a scheme to get paid right? No one with any common sense would think this is good idea.


  11. This person is the son of one of the most corrupt person in PR “governador (administrador Rosello)”. His brain should be compare with a ball of s–t. Don’t forget that his father spended about two billions dollars to build a train system from Bayamon to Rio Piedras and part of Santurce. Maybe lest of ten miles. It have been said that 500 millions of the money has not been account for. But the brain washed people of PR are blind. That is why he could be the next administer of the colony under the “junta fiscal” it is a disgrace.


  12. This mama’s boy, who has never had a real full time job hos somehow convinced everybody in the biggest party in PR, the PNP, that he is some sort of great scientist, a genius and messiah all combined into one. He actually has gone as far as to claim he created and or invented several medications! The idiot is severly full of himself and that is not generally a problem, but here we have an example of how the PR politics work more like “Cargo Cults” type of church, instead of actual, ideas, debate, and information based decision making process it should be. It is a chuch like following that should make a great study, dissertation on sociopolitical behaviour. It is also very ricdiculous and embarrasing for the rest of us. Here we go again.

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  13. The Sioux Nation has been fighting for months the Oil Pipeline being built through their Reservation-
    Facing Pepper Spray, Arrests and fierce dogs.
    They are protecting their land and water.
    “Water is Sacred,
    Water is life”
    There has been many incidents of pipeline broken and the content spilling into the fresh rivers, creating horrible problems of pollution.
    And Rosello wants to built a Gas Pipeline Right through the Ocean……….Goodbye Dolphins, Whales, Coral Reefs……..etc……
    There are many other sources of energy…..Solar, winds, …..etc

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  14. And how much will the slimy Island political putos pocket for this? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

    It would seem that harnessing FREE Solar Power from the 360+ days of sunlight that shine on the Island might more fiscal sense, especially cause it’s virtually free.

    Or perhaps looking into FREE Wind Power on the windiest parts of the Island might be another option to pursue…oh, that’s right….no middle-man to make mucho-dinero, what was I thinking?

    And should we ignore FREE Ocean Current technology that is currently being built around the world?

    A pipe from Florida to Puerto Rico? Seriously?
    Talk about a “pipe dream”.

    De vera’ que en la Isla nunca faltan payasos buscando su circo y gui$ito.

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  15. This doesn’t make any sense…. Why would anyone propose a natural gas pipe 1200 miles long costing over 25 billion $$$ from Puerto Rico to the mainland??? This would make Puerto Rico even more dependent on fossil fuels and I doubt if this would provide lower electric prices considering that AEE is broke. We should seriously take into consideration adopting Green Solutions like wind, sun and other alternatives for producing energy and use the so called 25 billion $$$ in a long term solution.

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  16. Ha ! pipe dreams of a want to be governor. Is he going to pay for that job himself. isn’t —PUERTO RICO, broke and indebted . Those politician can promised the stars and the moon, but at the end, P.R. will get NADA , NOTHING but an empty pipe dream. Big ambitions, with an empty –pocket ! What a joke !

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