How to revolutionize the economy of Puerto Rico

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The economy of Puerto Rico is being strangled by the United States. One law alone – the Jones Act of 1920 – dictates all consumer prices, trade relations and shipping policies for the entire island.  

Here is how the entire economy of Puerto Rico could be revolutionized…

It starts with taking the Jones Act off the neck of Puerto Rico. Here is why and how to do it: 

In addition, any foreign investor, corporation or high-net worth individual, who receives tax abatement deals in Puerto Rico, should pay a stipulated percentage of their profits into the physical infrastructure of Puerto Rico. 

They should not use the island’s highways, bridges, water resources, warm climate, human labor…and pay no interest, dividend or capital gains taxes for 20 years…without paying for all these privileges

Alternative energy technologies – solar, wind, and water power – should be developed. Puerto Rico is bathed in sunlight, surrounded by water, and buffeted by Caribbean winds…it is time to harness them! 

Agriculture is currently 0.8% (not even 1 percent) of Puerto Rico’s gross national product. Yet the island’s soil produces world-class coffee, tobacco, sugarcane, pineapples, and dozens more fruits and vegetables.  

Independence begins with personal independence. Puerto Rico is in a position to create it. 

And it all begins with the Jones Act. It is time to get rid of it.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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5 Comments on “How to revolutionize the economy of Puerto Rico

  1. I am totally with this! Luis Gutierrez of Illinois and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, both opponents to PROMESA, has stated that the Jones Act should be lifted so that PR can regain its economy but the rest of Congress is deaf. Our people should be able to work the land and create opportunities for growth from within, we shouldn’t be paying through the nose to import goods we can easily provide for our citizens. We should also be able to create solar powered utilities, if African’s with next to nothing can create simple solar powered utilities then why can’t we do the same.


  2. Funny how money is given to other countries with no circumstance and never fought for American soil which
    Puerto Ricans have given 110% and struggle to represent and share their concerns we should not be part of government literacies try to prove to the world the USA can regulate life when companies industrial went with one intention to control wealth management was not mandated by federal regulations
    And taken advantage now a can of worms have spill out never was the government structure of Puerto Rico it was politicians from the USA they know who they are covering their tracks


  3. This is one article that I agree with 100%. Puerto Rico economy should be our first priority. The “Status”of Puerto Rico should not be a priority right now because we have nothing to offer The US in order to entice them with that idea and if we choose “Staehood” we have nothing to help us maintain that independence. I agree with you the Jones Act is the first thing that we need to abolish.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It’s the United States doing … “The economy of Puerto Rico is being strangled by the United States. One law alone – the Jones Act of 1920 – dictates all consumer prices, trade relations and shipping policies for the entire island.”
    #RevokeTheJonesAct ….


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