Tito Kayak: Criminal or champion of Puerto Rico?

Book - 12-10


Tito Kayak has been arrested over a dozen times. He has defaced public property, fought with policemen, and draped the Puerto Rican flag over the Statue of Liberty.

He even threatened to kill a Puerto Rican Senator who was going to “privatize” the island’s beaches. But the most daring exploit was the one that earned Tito his nickname.



On November 14, 2007, Tito climbed a construction crane at the Paseo Caribe project in San Juan, and STAYED THERE for a full week.

The San Juan police surrounded the crane 24 hours per day, and collected a lot of overtime.

Finally, in a daring escape, Tito rappelled down from the crane and jumped into a kayak in the water below.

He paddled furiously, reached a bridge, jumped out, and swam to shore. When police helicopters spotted him, his supporters jumped into the water. This confused the police and Tito got away…

And the legend of Tito KAYAK was born.


In 2010, the Commonwealth added Article 208-A to the Penal Law of Puerto Rico…also known as the “Tito Kayak Law.”

Under 208-A, obstructing any work at a construction site became a felony. The law was declared unconstitutional three years later, in Ponce Superior Court. 


Just this month, Kayak was arrested for raising the Puerto Rican flag over Hiram Bithorn Stadium, with 20,000 people cheering him on, during a Cultura Profética concert.

Tito is a one-man protest machine, a model of civil disobedience. If everyone in Puerto Rico behaved like Tito Kayak, the island would be independent by Christmas.

With feral instincts, a savage animal eloquence, and the derring-do of Errol Flynn, Tito has perfected the art of saying ¡Basta ya! and ¡Aquí me quedo!

In the spirit of Paul Revere, Woody Guthrie and Abbie Hoffman, Tito tells the government where they can go. He even provides them directions…with his middle finger.

For this reason, War Against All Puerto Ricans salutes Tito Kayak, and declares him a model citizen.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com 

9 Comments on “Tito Kayak: Criminal or champion of Puerto Rico?

  1. I read WAAPR and I found it amazingly interesting, I lived and saw for myself events that are profoundly stated in this book. The writer has written an extraordinary piece of work, I feel that all from PR should read this book.


    Thank you JR…I really appreciate it.

    –Nelson Denis


  2. I read a comment from a political asylum who emigrated to Puerto rico from another country, who now owns a business in their country usa and Puerto Rico-plus land claim the fbi automatically strips Puerto Ricans on the island of their civil duties/rights if they vote independent and forces them to work the plantation fields on public assistance-and stalks them. Puerto Ricans are being stripped of civil and human rights for wanting sovereignty, because usa is lobbying it as a plantation giving authorities to all nations over the natives.


  3. I read from a political asylum from another country who emigrated to Puerto Rico and owns their own land business in their country USA and puerto rico write that any Puerto Rican who dares to vote independent is stripped from civil duties, forced on public assistance to pick up plantains and stalked by the fbi. Puerto Ricans are still being stripped of their civil and human rights, and the usa Puerto Ricans too-they don’t have the choice of voting in Puerto Rico’s elections other than to vote a fake statehood-because the USA wants to keep lobbying it as a plantation.


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