The next Governor of Puerto Rico will not “Govern” anything

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Puerto Ricans will elect a new governor on November 8.

The last two were a disaster…and there is every indication, that the next one will be even worse.

You can see three full videos of the candidate debates right here…




There is a sadness to these debates…

Most of the candidates repeat themselves like wind-up dolls, for nearly five hours.

Bernier and Roselló offer two minutes of policy, and two hours of schoolboy bickering with each other.

The most compelling and lucid candidate, Maria de Lourdes Santiago, has been sharing her message for fifteen years.

The greatest sadness is what happens after the election. At best, Maria de Lourdes would create a moral climate for demanding the independence of Puerto Rico.

But the sad truth is that none of these candidates will be able to govern Puerto Rico. The US Congress, the PROMESA bill, and the Financial Control Board have already taken care of that.


This recent editorial details some of the things that the next governor should do, and can do for the island.

It was published in Fox News Latino, which is helpful…because ex-governor Luis Fortuño “borrowed” sixteen billion dollars ($16,000,000,000) from Wall Street, nine billion of which went to “private contracts” and one billion to “public relations.”

Fortuño now writes editorials in Fox News Latino, with titles such as “Puerto Rico has a Spending Problem.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:


4 Comments on “The next Governor of Puerto Rico will not “Govern” anything

  1. The Governor Elections in Puerto Rico should be canceled.
    We already have a Governor, it is called a “Financial Control Board”.

    This is United State approach and application of Democracy in the world. It is only applied to the US. Everyone else in world can go to hell, including the Territories and Colony forcefully owned!


  2. Voting is like going to McDonald’s and choosing someting from their menu that has been already selected by the owner. There may be something local to choose from, to have the illusion of choice. Albizu was right.


  3. I cry your pardon, dear Sir. I may come through as a crass revolutionary. All I desire is enlightenment for the people I reside with.

    A “Governor”. Does Puerto Rico, the geographical territory, need a “governor”? One individual who will assume responsibility for ALL that happens, whether good or bad, within said territory? I think no one is capable of such a feat. Only an Anointed One could; sadly, he’s taken by the United States and calls him “Obama”.

    Does Puerto Rico, the society composed of individuals with their own private agendas and desires, need a “governor”? Again, one individual who will move Heaven and Earth to ensure that EACH INDIVIDUAL’S DREAMS AND HOPES ARE FULFILLED? Not even the original Anointed One could do that; not WITHOUT THE WILLING CONSENT of the individuals. (And He required an equal amount of effort on the individual’s part to achieve this. Power can only work so much.)

    So, What then? What in Heaven’s name do Puerto Ricans NEED A GOVERNOR FOR? To BLAME? A SCAPEGOAT?

    I suggest: What if THE INDIVIDUALS assume their responsibility for their lives, their economic well-being, their health and safety, and STOP DEPENDING ON BIG BROTHER TO KEEP THEM SAFE AND ALIVE?!?

    I suggest: Repudiate the debt. The Government came up with excuses to make the loans to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies? Let THEM pay the damn thing. Come 15 April do like you got cancer and died on the 14th.

    I suggest: DO NOT VOTE. Vote for someone to represent you? You can kick the can as well as those fools and even better than they! How many years has it been since you took responsibility for your own actions? (THERE YOU GO!)

    I suggest: WAKE UP. The politicians require YOUR ACCEPTANCE to rob you, beat you, keep you in your cage, keep you tied up in red tape. They require you to ACCEPT YOUR POWERLESSNESS. You can choose! Even saying “NO” is a choice.

    Thank you for your kindness and attention.


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