The Rally for Oscar López Rivera

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A massive rally was held on Sunday, October 9 in Washington, D.C., for the release of Oscar López Rivera.

Over 1,000 people arrived in dozens of buses and convened in Lafayette Park, directly in front of the White House. People came from Texas, California, Chicago, Orlando, San Juan, Ponce, and even Hawaii. Ten buses arrived from New York City alone.

“The rain in New York City, even Hurricane Matthew, could not dampen the spirit of our convocation on behalf of Oscar López Rivera,” said educator and community leader William Gerena-Rochet, from El Barrio in New York City. “It was a day we will never forget.”

Congressman Luis Gutierrez, René Pérez Joglar from Calle 13 (aka Residente), and Oscar’s own brother, José López Rivera, were among the featured speakers.


rep-luis-gutierrezRep. Luis Gutierrez at the rally (Photo Courtesy of Bolivar Arellano)


The message to Pres. Obama was clear: there are 9 million Puerto Ricans. Over 1,000 of us are near your front lawn. We are all US citizens, and we all demand the release of Oscar López Rivera from Terra Haute federal prison.

Oscar was jailed on vague charges of “seditious conspiracy against the United States.” These were the same charges for which Pedro Albizu Campos was arrested and imprisoned.

Oscar suffered 11 years in solitary and 35 years in federal prison. He is currently the longest-standing political prisoner on the entire planet. 

The rally for Oscar was a great success. But the ultimate success must follow – the release of Oscar López Rivera from federal prison. 

35 years is enough.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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3 Comments on “The Rally for Oscar López Rivera

  1. Thank you Nelson Denis for your tireless, constant and ongoing effort in putting the face and problems facing Puerto Rico on the map. I think that your book has done more to bring world attention to our ordeal than any other in recent history. One important point that few ever mention and I think it’s an important one: no Puerto Rican can be accused of seditious conspiracy – conspiring to secede from the union since the Constitution clearly delineates that Puerto Rico is not a part of the United States. I believe that it was Don Pedro who first brought this issue to light. it’s a good point to think about in regard to the illegal imprisonment Oscar Lopez Rivera as well stated in Resolution 1514 of the U.N. Here’s hoping that Obama will have the guts to release him before his term is over.

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  2. ” seditious conspiracy against the United States is just another Jim Crow law to keep all Puerto Rican’s suppressed. The picture is very clear “Do as I say not what I do”.


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