Hillary Clinton: Taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in Florida

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I do not support Donald Trump.

I am a Democrat, but I will probably vote for Jill Stein, and the reason is this…

Hillary Clinton – and the entire Democratic Party – are taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton took massive campaign contributions from hedge funds that own the “public debt” of Puerto Rico. She lobbied for the PROMESA bill. She perpetuated the conditions that forced hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans to move to Florida.

And now…those same Puerto Ricans will vote “Democrat” in November.

They will swing Florida for Clinton.

This critical Puerto Rican vote, could put Clinton in the White House.


This is a painful irony.

It is further evidence, of the perverse position of Puerto Ricans in US society…a position which forces us to reward people, for kicking us in the teeth.

Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama, and his Democratic administration pushed Puerto Rico into financial insolvency. They refused to offer any bankruptcy relief, Jones Act reform, Treasury Dept. solutions, or executive orders of any sort. They lobbied for the PROMESA legislation and a Financial Control Board.


Immediately after entering the White House, Pres. Obama bailed out nearly every investment bank on Wall Street – even though all of them had trafficked in subprime mortgages, and had knowingly created the mortgage crisis of 2007.

Within two months of taking office, in March 2009, Obama approved and presided over the $182 billion bailout of AIG, even though AIG had already been fined $1.6 billion for securities fraud, and criminal charges had been filed by the SEC against several AIG executives.

Everyone – including the top CEOs facing those criminal charges (which were later dropped) received their Christmas bonuses at AIG – even as millions of people lost their homes.

Altogether, the 2009 taxpayer bailout of Wall Street cost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

But everything changes, when the island of Puerto Rico needs some help. There is a double standard for Puerto Ricans.

For nearly two years, Obama completely ignored the Puerto Rico economic crisis. His only advice was “talk to Congress.” The president took no action, accepted no responsibility, for the economic meltdown in Puerto Rico.

Then on June 29, 2015 – after doling out one trillion dollars to white collar criminals on Wall Street – Pres. Obama announced that “There’s no one in the administration or in D.C. that’s contemplating a federal bailout of Puerto Rico.”

He was perfectly willing to let Puerto Rico fall into a death spiral…with no bankruptcy protection, no access to credit markets, and no ability to repay $72 billion. 


More than one year ago, we warned that Obama and Hillary Clinton might want Puerto Rico to fail.


For a very cynical reason.

If Puerto Rico fails, this forces more Puerto Ricans to move to Florida – and to New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas – where they become Democratic voters in the 2016 presidential election.  

In other words…Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party would actually benefit, if the Puerto Rican economy sinks into the Caribbean.

The Democratic Party game plan for 2016

This is a brutal, inhuman calculus…the type that has been used in Puerto Rico since 1898.

It is so brutal, that many people scoffed and ridiculed when we issued this warning about the 2016 election. “Stop the conspiracy theories!” they said.


But now this warning is being confirmed.

One year after our analysis here in War Against All Puerto Ricans

Time Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, and other news media finally caught up to us.

What these “major media” still fail to report, is the direct link between the Democrats’ cynical inaction in Puerto Rico, and their perverse reward for this inaction in the upcoming presidential election.  

It is sad to see Puerto Ricans kicked in the teeth, and taken for granted.

It is sickening to watch multi-millionaire politicians – with $10 million book deals and billion dollar foundations – as they engineer and profit from the very misery, which they helped to create.

For over a year, we’ve been warning about it.

But hey…

Now that Time Magazine woke up…and pricked up her ears…it must be true.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


33 Comments on “Hillary Clinton: Taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in Florida

  1. I cannot agree that voting for Jill Stein will 1) Have a chance at being elected President of the US . 2) Voting for Stein will only funnel votes that will end in a direct result of Trump becoming President of the US .
    This is exactly what Trump is banking on. To date you have struck me as a man of sound character and judgment. To put Donald Trump in that white House is not a sound decision for our Island that is already screwed.


  2. hillary it’s not the only one taking puerto.ricans for suckers white evil america have been inslaving puerto ricans & blacks for years .puerto ricans are the most hated latinos on earth & those are facts donald chump said it him self that we are the worst Mexicans .crooked hillary ,donald chump & evil white america don’t care about no one but there evil red skin.the edomite is the cause of the human destruction and will be the cause of evil america burning in flames.we must start a revolution ,stand up to the edomite we must destroy the white race before it’s to late.there using evil methods to kill the black & brown people .that is the reason.why they are killing my black.brothers,that is the reason whites are overdosing on heroin & that’s the reason.why white woman are having black babies to blend in.but all that is not going save them.time to Repent!! it’s over white man you had your chances with the Lord but you failed him as humans.your time on earth is getting dimmer & dimmer.the 12tribes of israel can’t be denied it is all over white man your evil power & evil methods will soon burn as well as your souls!!Que Dios me Los bendigas a todos Amen!!


  3. asier…

    You say lots of things in our post. And while I would agree with most of your points, I don’t that it is as simple as Low-IQ vs. High IQ.

    The reality is that in Puerto Rico and not too differently on the USMainland the majority of Puerto Rico’s very divergent sub-populations have fallen into 2 very different camps.

    ISLANDERS…there has always been a landed, economically-advantaged ruling class on the Island. The descendants of European immigrants who built the economic and trade infra-structure that exists even today and the descendants of those who created a cultural-intellectual matrix that included opera houses, houses of worships, schools for everyone and even outreach efforts to help the poor and hungry. They were (and still are) in control of the Island’s political affairs. They are white, well-educated, well-traveled and no strangers to 2, 3 and even 4 generations in exclusive Ivy League schools. Cornell University is THE prime example in this regard. I spent many years there as staff/student and administrator and I can attest to this. It was not unusual to meet multi-generations of Cornellians at graduation every May. All LOVED their homeland, but many did not return, because there is not much to return to, in terms of professional options. Those that are members of the politically self-anointed DO return because it is they who will inherit the keys to the ever-jammed parking-lots of the Wal-Mart-Target-Home-Depot “kingdom” that awaits them.

    These same Islanders however, DO have the freedom to leave and re-settle elsewhere on the planet. From teaching in Ivy League and Big 10 schools to setting up professional enterprises (in Medicine, Law, Architecture, Business, I.T. the Arts) throughout the US or Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and even in Australia and Canada. They didn’t want to leave or not return, but the Island was a dead-end for them personally and professionally.

    OFF-ISLANDERS…who range from communities that go back historically to even the 1800s (in small numbers) to a time when the Island was STILL part of the waning Spanish Caribbean Colonial Empire… to the mass-migration recipient enclaves of Post-WW2 of NYC (primarily) but also in NJ, CT, IL, MA and FL. These USMainland communities varied GREATLY in demographic distribution and today are a VERRRRRRRRRRRY different populations from that of their original cultural base on the Island It is no secret that during the migration “bulge” of the late 40s and early 50s it was NOT the families of the wealthy on the Island who left to go live in housing projects in Manhattan or to fill the tenements of the Upper West Side either, where Rita Moreno sang to us from that roof-tops that “EVERYTHING FREE IN AMERICA”.

    It was the poor, uneducated, un-skilled and very hopeless who pinched their pennies, sold a cow, goat or pig or borrowed from grandma to buy that ONE-WAY plane ticket to “Nuyol” to join a distant relative who had come to the US Mainland during the 1920s, 1930s or 1940s by steamships with names like “El Ponce”, “El Coamo” or “El San Juan” to work in Spanish-owned cigar shops on the Lower East Side of NYC or in Tampa,FL or to toil in steamy sweat-shops doing “piece-work” for the fashion industry in Manhattan to work 16 hour days.

    After these many decades, this latter group shares very little today with the patricians night-clubbing in El Condado, shopping in Guaynabo, Starbuck-ing in El Viejo San Juan or weekending at a 2 MILLION dollar vacation home in Palmas del Mar…NOTHING! And they share very little with the dying, gasping and desperate “middle” class on the Island that receives ASTRONOMICAL utility bills that exceed mortgage payments and are searching websites for jobs on the USMainland today til 2a.m.

    And all of the above has NOTHING to do with IQ, but everything to do with historical access to education, opportunity for personal advancement or a familial legacy of “success” as measured by the metrics of material possessions, intellectual exercise, political power and economical resilience.

    Can we say that the Amish are low-IQ because they don’t drive BMWs?
    Can we say that children are low-IQ because they can’t perform brain surgery?

    Puerto Ricans vary greatly today because of choices made by others in the past and by choices they make in the present.

    But to end my “epistle” on a positive note, check-out the following websites of 2 Puerto Ricans I am CERTAIN you will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hear about on the USMainland. They are distant relatives of mine and they represent a Puerto Rican persona that has been completely destroyed, covered-up or erased on the USMainland. And again their achievements have little to do with IQ and everything to do with the support they received in their families, which sadly even today in the US is NOT a commonly valued cultural benchmark…”encouragement to achieve”.

    (he FOUNDED the college of Engineering at Cornell University in the 1800s!!!)


    (World reknown ornithological water-colorist in the same league as Charles Audobon for his photo-realistic renditions of rare birds from around the world)


    Y hoy, ni un pelo de bobo tengo…I see our reality for what it is…a place in time that we will leave eventually when finer minds (NOT political minds) triumph over the trite, the banal and the selfish.

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  4. Evelyn…thanks…I do what I can to put humor into an otherwise historically humiliating and embarrassing political (and for too many a “philosophical”) conundrum, when for most people it is a matter of practical survival, feeding the kids, having a job, paying for college, making the mortgage payments or taking care of an elderly parent.

    Our politicians and even our “Celebriqueños” (ALL of THEM) for over a century have let all of us down…from Munoz Marin to Albizu Campos to Rita Moreno in “Worst Side Story” to J-Low riding in her Bentley convertibles in South Beach with her latest male metro-sexual “bailarin” to all the pathetic and corrupt “leaders” on the US Mainland, especially in rat-holes like the Bronx, Chicago and NJ where voters cast their ballots for the sleaziest candidates who promises them more pasteles from “Papa Dio” at the local “marketa” and more plastic “banderitas” to wave at the now-hideous Goya Beans and Banco Popular debacle known as the “Porqueria Day Parade” on 5th Avenue every June… so I remember ALL of THESE minor details whenever I reflect on the current day political “baba” that I read here and elsewhere.

    The people of Puerto Rico, regardless of where they live today…on the Island or off the Island are so demoralized, disillusioned and disappointed by what these spokes-putos have done for the last 100 years, that they have almost given up on ever seeing a better, brighter day for Puerto Rico.

    I personally know others of us who live abroad for mostly professional and personal reasons in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Mallorca, ESP, in Montreal, Canada, in Madison, WI, in Orlando, FL, Salt Lake City, UT, in Honolulu, HI, in Boston, MA, in Providence, RI, in Chicago, IL, in Dallas, TX, St. Augustine, FL, in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in London, UK, in Madrid, ESP, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in Aberdeen, Scotland and even in Patagonia, Argentina doing research on the isolated Welsh immigrants that settled there centuries ago……or others who are today keeping a low-profile and hiding-out in academic gulags from Berkeley to Brooklyn, toBlacksburg, VA…and I can tell you that ALL of them are just disgusted with what our “leaders” have done not only to the Island’s political and fiscal affairs, but to our collective persona in the eyes of the world.

    And so today, I poke a stick in the eye of these pseudo-pollitical “charlatanes” to remind them that regardless of how convinced THEY are that they hold the keys to the political kingdom in Puerto Rico, they TOO are guilty of letting us down and we have a century of proof.

    From embarrassing pseudo-religious rants blaming Puerto Rico’s current malaise on the wrath of long-dead Taino warriors or “Papa Dio” to the revenge of the Chupacabras to the even more predictable…”no quitate tu para meterme yo” bull-shit, the political gaming is always predictable.

    The truth is that the electorate on the Island and its even sadder co-hort off the Island have virtually no political presence or power other than that of the in-house token riding in tax-payer-provided limousines riding around in Condado, duh Bronx, Chicago or pulling-up to a Starbucks window at Berkeley.

    I’ve met ALL of these clowns and they are always predictable in their hateful politics of convenience and regardless of their “independentista” flimsy political BS, they hold their USAmerica-issued passport VERRRRRRRRRRRRY close to their chest…they KNOW they will need it for their next Love Boat cruise or Vineyard Tour of Tuscany.



    Obama cannot “blame PROMESA on the Republicans.”

    He specifically did nothing for two years, knowing that Congress would not act, either.

    He used NONE of his executive powers, including fiscal actions or economic incentives by his Treasury Dept.

    He expended NO political capital on behalf of Puerto Rico.

    He simply allowed the situation to deteriorate…pointed his finger at the congressional GOP, then ADVOCATED and TWISTED ARMS, to make sure that the PROMESA bill got signed.

    –Nelson Denis





    Eduardo R
    September 18, 2016




    September 19, 2016



  8. Yeah right a vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary or Trumpet might as well vote Hillary is about the lesser of all evil

    Besides I can count more than 30 Puerto Ricans I know in the USA voting for Trump.
    Puerto Ricans like Latinos are Republicans are heart except the platform they are using is anti Latinos. Dumb and Dumber darlings!!


  9. to asier please don’t put my people,black or puerto ricans down I get really pissed!! what’s happening to puerto ricans is part of the devils plan the evil dirty and disgraceful white race who will drown in red quick sand real soon there time on earth is fading .look around you who are overdosing every day from drugs look at the hate look at the floods look who’s running for presidend!! look who cops are kiiling you get my point.it’s called karma!!!! white America including crooked hillary & donald dumps are very afraid and paranoid, it’s do to the fact that we are God’s chosen the 12tribes of israel.america is in big trouble with Christ for using & betraying him with slavery religion that don’t exist . churches,pastors,the media the white government are part of the plot.it’s the lluminati !!as far as puerto ricans, we have been slaves since we shook hands with the devil, white america., white evil america’s only chance with Jesus is to Repent!! and even with that they will suffer in a bad way.Check Mate devil Jesus & his people win.Game over.


  10. X7V, I am a Conservative and have voted Republican in the last two elections. Hispanics and African-Americans seem to be very transparent and a Democratic African-American will consider a Republican African-American a traitor, thus the old saying “los Republicanos son para los ricos and los Democratas son para los pobres,” “Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the poor.” The previous commentator stated that this website is “a perfect example of the low IQ people that Puerto Rico has.” I don’t think that comment is appreciated given the fact that the book “War Against All Puerto Ricans” was written by a brilliant Puerto Rican author and is relevant in understanding why Puerto Rico is where it is today. I look forward to reading Mr. Denis’s post every day as to know what is happening in the island, and yes, if change is to take place it has to start with our people.

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  11. white democrats thinks all people of color are suckers stuck between a rock and a hard place. i Say vote GREEN PARTY JILL STEIN AND GET ELECTD THIS TIME!! some of the posters here have some very strange ideas for voting for T rump. one peerson dosent know about the GREEN party. so i guess we have to try harder. But people have to understand we are amost entirely volunteer party that accepts NO CORPORATE MONEY only individual people, so we dont have a budget for massive outreach and glossy tv ads etc.

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  12. One of the most common charasteristics of low IQ people or dumb people is to blame their problems on somebody else. African americans do it all the time with white people in the USA and Puertoricans do it the same exact way. Nothing of their financial situation is their own fault and they claim everything is USA’s fault. Puerto Rico has had its own government entity without any or limited federal government interaction so why is the 72 billion dollar debt the Americans fault. Puerto Rico got itself involved in loans after loans of debt that it could not pay back. They got so far deep in the rabbit hole that they eventually needed hedge funds to get out of it. This is not the federal governments fault. Puertoricans will make up every excuse in the book to defend their 72 billion dollar debt. Oooohh………. its because of the Jones Act or that its Obamas, Hillarys or the federal governments fault that they dont want to restructure the debt. Gimme a break! How low and pathetic can you be? Puertoricans have a 72 billion dollar debt because it’s ingrained in our culture el “ay bendito” when any trouble or complication arises. If you ask for a loan you have to pay it back. End of discussion. If you dont pay it back the fault lies entirely on you and your financial administration. It is not the federal governments fault that Puertoricans took out loans for exceeding amounts it can’t payback. Now instead of facing the consequeneces and learning from their previous actions they have decided to blame it all on the Americans. They will not account to any of the fiscal responsibility on themselves. Puertoricans or at least alot of them unfortunately suffer from low IQ. This is why crime, domestic abuse, corruption and people with bad credit are everywhere on the island. The ones that want statehood for Puertorico, the high IQ people, turn out to be succesful doctors, lawyers, engineers… etc. Because the public school system is so mediocre and the private schools in Puerto Rico are so expensive there will always be a higher number of dumber people than intelligent people on the island. On top of that, the intelligent professional people leave for the USA to find better paying jobs and careers so that exacerbates the problem even further. Sadly what remains on the island are non billingual, broke, government assisted, low IQ low lifes. These people get free housing, free utilities, free Internet, and a universal health care plan. To make matters even worse, they always continue complaining of how bad they have it and always demand more. The corrupt politicians then comply with their demands to get the votes out of them. In order for Puerto Rico to change it needs to become a state. That is the only alternative solution. Becoming a state will bring in more funds for the police department, will provide better education and will greatly improve the infraestructure and reduce the corruption on the island. Incomes and job offerings will grow and Puertoricans will lead a better quality of life. Puertorico could have become a state long ago if there were a large number of high IQ people on the island but unfortunately there isn’t. This leads to many people voting against statehood and Congress will not make Puerto Rico a state when 50% of its inhabitants don’t want to become a state. The people that support this website War Against All Puertoricans is precisely a perfect example of the low IQ people that Puerto Rico has which I am talking about. They are usually Nationalist, misinformed people who are a regressive burden to the island and hold it back from it moving forward. It only there were a way to get rid of them! If Puertorico would split in two ways the statehood side and the independent side you would see the statehood side becoming more progressive, advanced, with a better education system and an overall better economy. The independent side would be full of crime, unemployment and drug traffickers would rise to power and start controlling the areas now that hey dont have any federal bureaus controlling crime and corruption like they have done in Puertorico for years. The ones on the independent side would later crawl to the statehood side looking for jobs and a better way of life. Then you would ask them “I thought you said that independence for Puerto Rico was a better option why are you coming to the statehood side? Then with there ever present low IQ brains they would respond that ohhhhhhh…….. we were right about independence being the best solution the thing was that it was such and such persons fault and that is why we could never get off the ground. You would chuckle and laugh and think to yourself “They still don’t get it ……… they are still blaming their problems on somebody else!!!”


  13. Honestly, if Puerto Ricans are going to go to the states to vote for populist Democrats, in droves and like IDIOTS, they might as well stay in Puerto Rico. The reality is one, most Puerto Ricans have NO DAMN CLUE about US politics and most don’t even speak English.

    That said, the Clintons have always used Puerto Ricans (be it NuYoricans or P.Ricans) as political tools. I remember when Bill Clinton released Macheteros so that Hillary could secure her Senate seat in N.Y. with NuYorican voters (a group of people who claim to be separatists but who do not even speak Spanish and most have never lived in Puerto Rico) Let’s also remember who closed the military bases in Fajardo and Vieques causing a huge economic hit to Puerto Rico’s east coast and minimizing P.R’s importance as a military point. Again, it was Clinton. Not to mention the fact that the Clintons did all in their power to save Fidel Castro after the collapse of the USSR for the sake of those “foreign donations”.

    More so, Puerto Ricans voted for statehood during the last referendum and Obama, who seems more worried about finding sustenance for Castrolandia than lifting Puerto Rico, totally ignored the Puerto Rican vote. May I also remind everyone that it was Reagan, a Republican, who offered Puerto Rico statehood back in the 1980s and P.Ricans instead voted to remain a commonwealth.

    That said, Democrats are the people Puerto Ricans think will save Puerto Rico and help them in Florida? Anyone with an analytical eye will laugh. Yet, what is not funny is the damage these ignoramuses could do nationally, as voters, in a swing state like Florida.

    All I hear Puerto Ricans say is “Trump es racista” because the propagandistic trash network of Univision told them so. They can’t say anything else because, again, they are as ignorant as an ass about US politics and an inferiority complex is all that seems to drive their stance.

    Should I remind Puerto Ricans of all their jokes against Dominicans? Did these jokes really matter? Should I remind Dominicans of all their jokes against Haitians and the walls/surveillance posts they have with Haiti? Can someone please remind Mexicans they have a wall with Guatemala and immigration laws? Do Panamanians not require I.D. or passports for almost everything? Let’s get serious about real issues, let’s be a little more nationalistic, let’s stop being hypocrites, and let’s stop being so utilitarian for the sake of populists who will simply laugh their way to the bank.

    What defines a republic if not borders and laws.

    That said, minorities who vote Democrat always do so out of ignorance, identity politics, and the promises of welfare. Yet, if one looks at the Democrat enclaves where most minorities reside, they are utterly corrupt, full of crime, and with the worst school systems. As the sayings goes, “actions speak louder than words” and “never underestimate the power of ignorance”.

    One of those Democrat enclaves is The Bronx, N.Y. and there is big difference between the role Puerto Ricans have played there and the one Cubans have played in Miami, FL. (Who are mostly Republicans like Koreans). Very different sociopolitical mindset, very different outcome. The role Puerto Ricans will play in Orlando is yet to be seen but, truthfully, it doesn’t look too promising.

    While some Democrat politicians are indeed respectable the US Democratic party, in general, has taken a hard turn to the left and Hillary’s brand of leftism is utterly corrupt and populistic. The political manipulations, the brainwashing, the lunacy, and social agendas seen in USA are nonexistent in PR and it would embarras me, as a Puerto Rican, to see this wave of people contribute to USA’s political decay (ultimately also their decay).

    I would vote for Mickey Mouse before ever voting for power-hungry socialists fomenting racial and income warfare politics a la Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina. No thanks, that’s not the purpose of a national government and I will not identify with that trash.


  14. Greg Medina de Kinsman, I enjoyed and chuckled reading your “rant” lol, and agree with what you said – “I DON’T want to vote for Trump but CANNOT vote for Hillary” for the reasons you stated.


  15. PEPITO:
    Por Eso termine escribiendo y diciendo.
    “Que los muertos entierren a sus muertos” !
    …..nothings going to change their mind or world .
    Just take your Money and run , like a goahst across The neigbors yard; “…al cesar lo que es del Cesar”.
    Este mundo es grande y amplio y hay sitio y lugar para todos ;
    Para los gustos los sabores y los colores.
    Pero esto parece que va de mal a peor ; cual el el mal mejor ?

    …..yo dejé mi corazón que solo vive, en un mágico Ricon de mi Caribe !


  16. President Obama and Hillary had no choice than to vote for the PROMESA. The Republicans have obstructed just about all that Obama has out on the table. They didn’t have any other choice. Our Governor was asked to produce the audits they asked him to hand over and he never did. You probably know already why. They said no ticket no laundry. Why our debt? Absolutely you are right. The U.S. is partly at fault. But Obama has his hand tied to change the Jobes Act that was changed in, what, 1984 and does not provide for bankrupsy. But we have to accept that we are partly responsible for a large part of our debt, because our government, no matter who was governing, has always been corrupt. They all promise, and promise when they campaign and whenever they win, they take their winning cake and distribute it amonst their best friends earning good money, giving out positions and milti-million contracts. And this has been happening year, after year, after year, secula, seculorum. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FACT IN EVERY SINGLE ADMINISTRATION, THE SAME THING HAPPENS AND WE NEVER SEE WHERE THE MONEY GOES, EXCEPT INTO THEIR POCKETS.


    Obama cannot “blame PROMESA on the Republicans.”

    He specifically did nothing for two years, knowing that Congress would not act, either.

    He used NONE of his executive powers, including fiscal actions or economic incentives by his Treasury Dept.

    He expended NO political capital on behalf of Puerto Rico.

    He simply allowed the situation to deteriorate…pointed his finger at the congressional GOP, then ADVOCATED and TWISTED ARMS, to make sure that the PROMESA bill got signed.

    –Nelson Denis



    Eduardo R
    September 18, 2016



  18. Los 46 millones de dinero que Hillary y su hermano le robaron à Haïti, es tiempo que lo devuelvan!


  19. Trump all the way Im not risking hilary all Puerto Ricans should do the same stein has NO!!!!!!!! Chance who the f is he????? So people are just going to vote for him because he’s not trump or Clinton? If your Puerto Rican Hilary has given you more then enough reasons not to vote for her. I imagine the next democratic plan for Puerto Rico is to make it a state?


  20. that’s what the evil white race does they manpulate God’s chosen black & brown to gain evil power. This white evil country was never great it is a land that has failed Jesus as humans a land who inslaved humans raped our women black & brown a land that has stolen from other innocent countries a land that used puerto ricans and blacks as human sheilds in wars .a land that has poison our youth a land that burns the holy Cross a land that created aids zika the slime flu ect. it i’s a land that clone humans a land of hate a land that never told you about the skeletons on the moon a land that poison the air a land that won’t tell you a about there evil plots a land who created transgenders who are not God’s chosen the land that mudered Dr. king a prophet of God a land that mudered Huey because he knew the truth .this is a land that is in it’s dying days the clock is ticking if we don’t start fighting back these white devils are going to destroy us as humans it is there agenda .I am serving and fighting for Jesus who suffered and was nailed to a cross for our sins.crooked hillary the u.s.goverment,& donald chump are part of this evil plot.We must start a revolution or we will drown in Red Quick sand.que Dios me Los bendigas,a todos.


  21. At this point, the obscene scam of the US’ FAKE, FRAUDULENT, FAUX-representative, “best democracy-money-can-buy” is obvious to any organism slithering on the face above the level of amoeba road-kill. And EVEN the deaf, dead and dumb can see it too.

    I sent campaign checks to Bernie Sanders until I caught him sneaking into Hillaria’s tent in the middle of the night and climb into one of her bubbling, slimy pods…and not “coincidentally” Bernie “just happened” to buy a 600K vacation home immediately after he spent that night in Hillaria’s tent.

    Trump is NOT my choice, but Hillaria CANNOT be my choice and I am not going to waste the gasoline to drive to the ballot box to vote for either of the “independent” allegedly “progessive candidates to revisit a Ralph Nader-esque predictably WASTE of my tattered, soiled and increasingly-meaningless “vote”.

    I WILL be voting for Trump because he is all we have left on the ballot, unless a Toothless Trans-Sexual Chupacabra, a Dancing 3-legged Unicorn or a “La Tina” Disney Princess Just Out of Rehab become options on the ballot.

    Donald Trump reflects what we have sunk to as a “democracy” (little “d”.) and he reflects what happens to a nation that puts the interests of the 1%er faux-elite-wannabe-patricians before those of the other 99% “citizens”. This is where we are today!

    But when there are no other options but a candidate trading on genitalia politics and the votes of every token, niche-demographic she can pander to, while she spends EVERY day “speaking” (and gasping, wheezing, coughing, gagging and spitting-up a lung) to every FAKE “liberal” and FAKE “progressive” from Hollywood to the Hamptons, the “choice” is obvious.

    On the flip-side, I will NOT be voting for Hillaria for the following DOCUMENTED, IRREFUTABLE, UNDENIABLE reasons:

    1. As SoS she signed off on the slaughter of 10s of thousands of innocent people in hospitals, schools, churches with her “surgically-strategic” drones dropping bombs on hapless souls. Meanwhile, she sorted through gold-plated, monogrammed wedding “thank you” cards with Chelsea, in her mansion in Chappaqua, NY. Then back “on-the-ground” she increased the troop count in Afghanistan by 300%. And the local muslim crazies-in-charge once dead, left the local crazies with no one to address with their anger, but lots of motivation to get bomb recipes off the internet to slaughter people all over the world when they bombed bus stops, grocery stores, nightclubs, churches, malls and marathon events.

    2. Lest we forget her Super-Woman machinations as she “allegedly” dodged grenades, bullets and napalm as she reclined in her limousines, plush private Wall St. jets and corporate yachts off Martha’s Vineyard with money-laundering friends of her son-in-law who HIMSELF oversees the “scrubbing” of BILLIONS of dollars being flushed into the Clinton slush-fund….errrrrrrrrrrrr, I mean “Foundation”.

    3. Losing 33 THOUSAND e-mails…Even the Easter Bunny and the Taco Bell Chihuahua don’t believe that crock of mierda!

    4. She lies as easily as snow-flakes fall on Santa’s ass. Won’t forget when she said in an interview that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest….never mind that Sir Edmund hadn’t climbed the mountain until SIX years after her birth. A “lie”? Any organism with the intelligence above amoeba road-kill KNOWS that answer.

    5. Her snide, calloused and absolutely vile remarks to the families of the Benghazi dead who were massacred at their desks AFTER sending her countless e-mails BEGGING frantically that she provide more security for them, as they saw each other butchered. And her response…(I’m paraphrasing here)…”get over it, they’re dead already!!!” . This AFTER the embassy staff had been begging her for over a year to relocate them to a safer location….check out the YouTube videos of HER OWN WORDS to the families of the dead…” ” what difference, at this point does it make.. And let’s not forget the OTHER damage SHE accomplished in just four years as SofS. Droning 5X more people in her 4 years than Bush did in 8 years (90% innocents killed aka “collateral damage”). Tripling the troop count in Afghanistan in her first year. Toppling secular leaders in Libya and Egypt who were keeping local crazies in check, only to create a vacuum filled with armed and trained MORE muslim crazies, who eventually turned into ISIS and are now slaughtering people and creating a refugee crisis the likes of which we have not been seen since Hitler himself turned Europe into one big trail of beaten, broken people wandering without food, water or peace! It wasn’t until she pushed for MORE “boots on the ground” in Syria, that Obama finally gave her the boot.

    6. Can we ever forget her Barbara Walters interview when she LIED to everyone watching, as she held the slimy, sticky hand of her serial-adulterer-misogynist husband Billy-Bob as he orally farted that “I did not have sex with that woman”, as Hillaria bobble-headed her approval of his LIES!!!

    7. Then she went on to personally orchestrate a character assassination on a young Monica Lewinsky who was used and abused by her husband, to the point where Miss Lewinsky actually contemplated taking her own life. And coincidentally, her home and the home of a dozen of Billy-Bob’s other girlfriends “just happened” to be broken into and robbed of diaries, computers and letters and article of clothing. A coincidence?

    8 Travelgate..when SHE was NO MORE than the wife of the sitting president FIRED the ENTIRE White House travel office staff with no notice to install HER friends in the same posts, but not until she had made every attempt to destroy the reputation of the unsuspecting staff who had been at their job for years. Upon further investigation of HER fallacious claims of theft, corruption and shady record-keeping, they were ALL exonerated. She denied she had anything to do with their firings even when the staff produced memos with HER signature firing them!

    9. The phone calls she made to the President of Egypt when he called her to find out what she knew about the bombings in Egypt and she said it WAS a terrorist attack and even sent her daughter Chelsea an e-mail confirming that it was…then she LIED to a Congressional investigating committee who in turn read to HER the transcripts of HER recorded comments to the President of Egypt (that he provided)…all of which she said she AGAIN conveniently “didn’t recall”.

    10. Washington insiders have been quoted (off the record) that Obama couldn’t get her out of the SofS post fast enough as the bodies of locals piled up in the Middle East and the body bags of Americans baked in the sun at US Army and Air Force bases in the US. Notice how that little PR “inconvenience” is NEVER on the 6 o’clock news?

    11. Her approval rates are ABYSSMAL…there has never been a presidential contender with HER double digit negative numbers…NEVER!!! Only 39% of democrats in polls have said they will vote for her. and that is HER party! Meanwhile 77% of the American electorate does not trust her!

    12. She hasn’t granted an interview in 9 MONTHS….Why? Because she doesn’t dare answer any un-scripted, un-coached, un-sanitized commentary of politically-over-corrected babble-speak.

    13. During her 8 years in the Senate (from NY)…she did NOTHING of significance, EXCEPT she CO-sponsor 3 bills…All having to do with naming a road or building after one of her Wall Street bankster friends…Yeah she’s a regular “everywoman” all right.

    14. She AND Bill STILL refuse to answer questions on what foreign interests have contributed to THEIR “foundation”, as e-mails are trickling out about how they sold rooms at the White House for overnight stays to whoever would pay. And they STILL expect us to believe that those “donors” received nothing more than a chocolate mint on their pillow for the MILLIONS they “donated” to the “foundation”? Seriously?

    15. She brought Bernie into her darkened tent of slimy, bubbling pods and now he’s campaigning for her…something he SWORE he would never do. Did she buy him off? What do you think?

    16. She will be bringing a “disbarred-for-life” and IMPEACHED president BACK into the White House. Is this what we have sunk to?

    I DON’T want to vote for Trump, but I CANNOT vote for Hillaria…I CANNOT

    Vote for whoever you want, but to ignore the 3.5 DECADES of a DISHONEST, DUPLICITOUS and DECEITFUL candidate (Hillaria in 3-D) is just not something I can do.

    P.S. As I wrote at the top of this “rant”, I voted for that Uncle Tom, porch-dancing wannabe-negro-mulatto minstrel (with the inconvenient white mother) who promised “hope and change” and ask anyone in the black community what they got after 8 years of “the brothah” in the White House…their response? More hopelessness and less pocket “change”.


  22. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This makes me so, so sad … I think I ‘knew in my heart’ about this … aside from this blog’s postings. Yet, I can’t fathom a Trump presidency!!
    “Hillary Clinton, Pres. Obama, and his Democratic administration pushed Puerto Rico into financial insolvency. They refused to offer any bankruptcy relief, Jones Act reform, Treasury Dept. solutions, or executive orders of any sort. They lobbied for the PROMESA legislation and a Financial Control Board.” Sadness ….


  23. I made up my mind a while back not to vote for Trump Or Clinton. Jill Stein was on my horizon. Puerto Rico should do the same no PPD OR PNP. Time to start a new trend.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Voting for independents like Stein or not voting at all , is and would be like giving your votes to Hillary .
    So let’s make P.R. Great once and for all !
    …..and not support the balance/weight toward crooked Hillary , here in the U.S.


  25. I feel as I have been set up as a voter!
    Trump is so bad, people are voting for Hillary,
    They feel they have no other choice.
    Wish Sanders would gad gone Independent.
    I am not voting for anyone.


  26. Por Eso yo NUNCA fui socialista/democrata y Tampoco ya no soy Republicano ; SOY TRUMPISTA !
    Como en Cuba que el pueblo dice que no son Comunistas , pero mas bien son FIDELISTAS.

    Esa Hilary Tiene una bolsa de deplorable donors and fund raisers from terrorists in the Middle East y Vulture Funds crooks.
    A dios lo q Es de dios y al Cesar lo q Es del Cesar; Que Los muertos entierren a sus muertos.
    Let’s make Puerto Rico and the USA great again !


  27. Why vote for Clinton then?


    You’re right…I think I will not…and edited this blog accordingly.

    I think Jill Stein makes more sense at this point.

    Nelson Denis

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