Luis Muñoz Marín explains how ELA will bring greater independence to Puerto Rico

Book - 12-10


From 1950 through 1952, Luis Muñoz Marín passed Public Law 600 and oversaw the process which turned Puerto Rico into ELA, an Estado Libre Asociado.

It was this political move, which prompted the Nationalist Revolt of 1950. Albizu Campos was trying to stop this “ELA,” in the only way that he could.

The response to Don Pedro and his Nationalist revolt, was swift and severe.

Here is a video, in which Muñoz Marín explains how ELA will bring Puerto Ricans greater autonomy, greater control over their own lives, and greater independence from foreign interference.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:


5 Comments on “Luis Muñoz Marín explains how ELA will bring greater independence to Puerto Rico

  1. Eso de justifica que Pedro Albizu estaba en lo correcto y Munoz fue el tramposo. la realidad colonial de hoy confirma mas que nunca que “Maestro” decia la VERDAD


  2. PR’s are a “symbolic” people by nature. Think of what kind of symbolic gesture it would be if the islander’s changed ( if they can ) the name San Juan’s airport to PAC Int’l; or Pedro Albizu Campos International. Now, that would give people something to talk about. Think of where that could lead….

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  3. Puerto Rico’s Benedict Arnold.and Judas. For a price he sold his soul. And there are many more In the Puerto Rican government that have sold their soul for money. A bunch of puppets being manipulated by the US. Government. How much money do you think these crook are making on the ZIKA scare?


  4. DON PEDRO ALBIZU CAMPOS, also known as “El Maestro” speaks with grit and red hot passion to awaken racial integrity and preserve our freedom by defying despotism with revolution. His life was worth being a force of nature who has taught those who resist political tyranny to dance with hurricanes. Rise! – Jose Angel Figueroa, Poeta

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