From Pedro Albizu Campos…to Pumarejo

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Don Pedro Albizu Campos was born, and Octavio Ramos “Tavín” Pumarejo died, on the same day of September 12. Their careers appeared very different…but just below the surface they shared the same vision, the same values, the same love for Puerto Rico.

And they both left the same message.

In La Conciencia Nacional Puertorriqueña, in his speeches recorded by the FBI, in his interviews with Manuel Maldonado-Denis, Don Pedro left a treasure map for his nation.

With his songs and records, his Christmas aguinaldos, his Rio Caña Sound Machine and “ai que lindo,” Pumarejo left us the same treasure map.

The treasure appears to be elusive, but it is not.

We walk right past it every day.

There is a treasure in Puerto Rico…inside our own hearts, in our love for the land, the ocean, the sound of the coquí, and our love for each other.

We lose sight of it, because it is all around us…until finally, we forget that it exists.


The US economy, and the “American way of life,” is built on this amnesia.

Every day, hundreds of corporations pump thousands of commercials into our heads…helping us forget the simple but profound values, that make life worth living…

The values of Don Pedro and “Tavín” Pumarejo…

Values that are rooted in the land…and hard work, honesty, and mutual respect.

The US lost these values.

It replaced them with greed, dishonesty, distrust, dirty politics and get-rich-quick schemes.

US “culture” is now built on consumption, celebrities and super-heroes…because only super-heroes can transcend all the traps, tricks, lies and quicksand of an “American Dream” that no longer exists, if it ever existed at all.

Bigger…Faster…Newer…More Sex…More Money…and when all of it caves in, then let’s make America great again.

The US is trapped in a cultural and spiritual amnesia: an inescapable spider’s web, woven by its own corporations. This web of amnesia is kept firmly in place…by an economic elite so small, that it is nearly invisible.


But the news is not all bad.

There is a simple way to defeat this elite, and deny their control over everyone else.

It starts with the memory of Don Pedro, and the music of Pumarejo.

It starts inside our own hearts.

A little less reggaetón, and a few more decimas and aguinaldos.

A little less McDonald’s, and a few more home-grown aguacates and quenepas.

A little less driving, and a little more farming.

Fifty fewer mayors, and fifty more large farms.

No more Black Fridays like this one, at the Mayaguez Walmart:

The future of Puerto Rico is not entirely in the hands of a US Financial Control Board.

It is locked away in our hearts.

It is a history that will be written, by the personal & individual choices that we all make.

That is the treasure map, that was left to us by Don Pedro and Pumarejo.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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6 Comments on “From Pedro Albizu Campos…to Pumarejo

  1. Amen! The future is locked away in our hearts. Make a decision my people.


  2. Puerto Ricans on the island must make a decision: Republic or State 51. Once a dignified political status is achieved, forging a better future for Puerto Rico can be a reality.


  3. This was probably, NO, definitely, the most informed and inspirational post I’ve ever read here.

    Keep it up.

    And in-keeping with the journalistic thought-thread above, here’s an unsolicited suggestion for the anonymous, nameless, faceless “rebels” who paw-away on their lap-tops at Starbucks before pressing the “SEND” button.

    A little less of your rabid personal politics of convenience and political contortion and a LOT more sound journalistic practice will serve you far better than the usual “ay, bendito, que victima soy yo” or the more common….. “quitate tu para meterme yo”. That contingent is ALREADY over-represented both on the Island and off.

    Puerto Rican-identified human organisms around the world deserve far more than we’ve been getting for the last century from self-appointed, self-anointed “spokes-payasos” for the “Puerto Rican Condition” and your post is definitely “one small step” in a more noble and dignified direction.

    As my Mallorcan-descended grandfather used to say to me as a child at his farm in San Sebastian…

    “Cuando el hombre pierde la verguenza, no hay nadie que se la devuelva”.

    As a little boy then, I had no idea what he meant with those words, but today I understand his wisdom on a visceral level.

    Puerto Rico and its people have lost a lot of their “verguenza” over the last 100 years, but not at their own hands.
    No, it has been at the hands of our less-than-useful-idiot “leadership” both on the Island and off.


  4. That’s madness, people are baited to this frenzy activity, that promotes an animalistic sense of hunting. To stampede towards and for a few commodities that the retailers are clearing out from there inventories. I would love to see people just boycot this disgraceful manipulation of human dignity. Dam be to the retailers, a lost of that business in the short run
    Means a loss of jobs, but what society gains as a whole in the long run is “self respect”.


  5. This is an absolutely correct statement … right on target!!
    “US “culture” is now built on consumption, celebrities and super-heroes…because only super-heroes can transcend all the traps, tricks, lies and quicksand of an “American Dream” that no longer exists, if it ever existed at all.”
    The American dream never existed. It was all another scam ….. 😦


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Pedro Albizu Campos & ‘Tavín’ Pumarejo … “they shared the same vision, the same values, the same love for Puerto Rico. And they both left the same message.”


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