Goodbye to the great Pumarejo…a national treasure

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The beloved musician and comedian “Tavín” Pumarejo passed away yesterday, on September 12…the same day that Don Pedro Albizu Campos was born.

He was 83 years old.

For decades, until 2005, he offered traditional music and comedy on Show de las 12 and Así canta Puerto Rico.

Millions of Puerto Ricans were members of the Pumarejo “Flan Club,” who loved the sound of his Río Caña Sound Machine. They turned his record Lonplein de la Montaña into a major hit.

Lonplein was released in 1965…and for 50 years Pumarejo, aka El Hígado de Ganso (the Goose’s Liver) entertained the entire nation of Puerto Rico.

Born in Rio Caña, Caguas, Pumarejo grew up with Ramito, who was his neighbor. The two of them played music together, and Ramito was a strong influence on him…Pumarejo sang and played the guitar in a natural, folkloric fashion.

Pumarejo was also a renowned comedian. In the middle of a song, he would recognize a friend in the audience, and throw out a quip like this one:

“Ave Maria…mira quien veo allí…licensiado…come esta el cachetero en esta fiesta!”

But despite his comedy, Pumarejo knew exactly what was going on in his country. With the following song, Pumarejo spoke more clearly and powerfully than any politician in the past 50 years…

Pumarejo was also a patriot. His love of Puerto Rico was so deeply-rooted, that it burst through in every song that he sang. He couldn’t help it…it was in his eyes, his voice, his every movement…

Some people feel that the world has “moved on,” and that Pumarejo’s music is not as “relevant” as reggaetón, Calle 13, and Marc Anthony. But the décimas and aguinaldos navideños of Pumarejo will always be relevant.

They are the true music.

They represent the heart of Puerto Rico.

If you listen closely to this song, you will hear his spirit speaking straight to you. You will hear Pumarejo say…

“Soy Boricua de arriba a abajo, aquí nací y aquí me muero.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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