What REALLY happened to the World Trade Center towers?

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Out of respect for the fallen of 9/11 and their families, we did not publish this yesterday…the 15th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.

But today, some questions must be asked.

An academic report just published by Europhysics News raises severe issues regarding the Twin Tower and Tower 7 collapses. Most alarmingly, it raises the serious possibility…that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. 

This concept – even as a hypothetical question – cannot be presented or discussed lightly. It carries grave moral, legal, and political implications.

Tower 7 in the process of collapsing on September 11, 2001

In addition to the academic report – this article about the 9/11 collapse, and this website about Tower 7, ask some common-sense questions.

Even before these reports, over 2,600 architects and engineers signed a petition and created a non-profit organization, devoted to a complete investigation into the causes of the 9/11 collapse.

According to these architects and engineers, the “official report” issued by the 9/11 Commission, is not properly supported by science, physics, or worldwide engineering history.

The “official” explanation was that heat – the fires generated by the two jet crashes – weakened the structures of all three towers. This includes Tower 7, which was not hit by any planes.

But according to the 2,600-plus architects and engineers: in all of human history, no fire has ever caused the total collapse of a steel-framed building…either before or after the 9/11 tragedy.

Out of respect for the fallen…

Out of respect for our national integrity, and our belief in our own leaders…

The questions raised by the recent academic report, by Europhysics News, and by more than 2,600 architects and engineers, should be answered fully.

These questions should be answered with scientific rigor, complete disclosure, and no ambiguity.

The world deserves clear answers.


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8 Comments on “What REALLY happened to the World Trade Center towers?

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  2. Any person who read the comments above would think that most of the american people are “sombis”. If the story of the towers is umbilibable as they put it, the one of the an air plane running full of peoples over the city of Washinton to hit a two floor building is a fraud. That jet was full of people. Where they are? Why the hole was to small and circular? Where the winds are? Because the hole shows that the jet does not have its when it hit the building. A blind nation is in danger, hope it wakeup soon.


  3. puerto rican frankie…

    Have you noticed that “evil white america” (as you put it) just “happens” to have a wannabe-negro mulatto as president?

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  5. Unfortunately we will never know because deep inside the American psyche there is a need to be lied to. They (we) need our answers straight forward and we do not want to believe that our leaders could do something so simple as lie to us…..even though they do it regularly….and heaven forbid that they commit mass murder…..even though war is a form of mass murder…..no the American public likes to stay ignorant.
    Thats why I teach my child to see what is there and question what you don’t think is right.


  6. Fire was a main cause but not the only cause of collapse there was also the structural damage caused by the impact of the aircraft and the explosion caused by it, regarding tower seven it was bombarded by several tons of debris, much of it on fire that caused several fires in several floors both the impacts and the fires caused the building to collapse several ours after the main towers that dwarfed it (tower seven was only 47 stories, the towers were 110).


  7. I agree that answers need to be had.
    But I hope I won’t be seeing any “Chupacabra Conspiracy” theories here, next.
    And please no “cutting-edge” exposes on J-Low’s views on the effects of Global Warming on her blonde wigs.


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