The fun house of the PPD political party…where prostitutes met politicians, and parties continued non-stop, for seven years

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Prostitutes, politicians and parties filled the mansion of Anaudi Hernández. Built in 2008 for $4.2 million, it was the pleasure palace of the PPD political party.

With a huge Jacuzzi, swimming pool, movie theatre, “play room,” two kitchens and its own private beach…the drugs, women, and parties at Anaudi’s house were the talk of Aguadilla.

The parties fueled the fund-raising of the entire political party, of the Governor of Puerto Rico. For seven years, Anaudi Hernández and his wild parties were the principal source of campaign cash for the PPD political party.

The view from Anaudi’s house

Anaudi funneled $350,000 to Alejandro García Padilla, the Governor of Puerto Rico. Much of this was collected in Anaudi’s mansion, during his “parties.”

Another party favor from Anaudi was to hire a prostitute for Jerry – aka Gerardo García Padilla – the governor’s brother.

As the finance coordinator for Jaime Perelló (the President of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives) Anaudi arranged an illegal “donation” of $45,000 in cash and personally delivered it, in a paper bag, to Perelló himself.

The $45,000 was never reported.

Perelló simply added it to his $73,000 legislative salary, and did a few “favors” for Anaudi. 


Anaudi Hernandez – the chief party boy and fundraiser for the PPD – was finally arrested by the FBI along with nine other accomplices. Almost all of them had been Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and agency directors in the government of Puerto Rico.

They were arrested for embezzlement, extortion, wire fraud, bribery, perjury, and money laundering of US federal funds.

According to many sources, the indictment and arrest of Rep. Perelló will soon follow.

Every other politician on the island – particularly the members of the PPD – are running away from Anaudi, as fast as their legs can carry them.

Even the President of the Puerto Rico Senate, Eduardo Bhatia, admits to “visiting” the Anaudi mansion, but denies any “dealings” with him whatsoever. It is hard for Bhatia to deny his “visits,” since there are multiple photos of him partying with Anaudi, in the Aguadilla mansion.

Governor Garcia Padilla and Rep. Perelló also appear in the photos. 


There is a wonderful scene in Casablanca where the Police Commissioner shuts down Rick’s Café, because he is “shocked…shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.” Then two seconds later, a croupier hands the Commissioner his winnings for the night.

Now that everyone in the PPD is “shocked” that Anaudi is a crook, it will be difficult to get a straight answer from anyone.

Even under subpoena, the politicians will lie through their teeth…in fact, Rep. Perelló is already lying, and batting his eyelashes, like an innocent ingénue at a pirate’s ball.

But the legend of the PPD party house will always live on. The greatest homage to this legend appears in this excellent video report:


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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  1. Abolish the PPD and put them all in Jail, Sale their Homes and all bank ACCounts to be Withdrawn and restore all Money back to the People of Puerto Rico, Yesterday was to late, Do it Now.


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    Corruption … Pro Commonwealth Party in Puerto Rico … People in power, stealing from “the people”! Favors, dealings, drugs, sex … the best for the best? Not …


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