From Donald Trump to Jimmy Carter

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Jimmy Carter is a profoundly decent man. He lost the presidency when he refused to spew hatred, and drag America into needless wars. But after that, over four decades, he re-invented the modern post-presidency.

His Atlanta-based Carter Center is a mini-United Nations, where international disputes are actually resolved.

He worked – with his own two hands – to build homes with Habitat for Humanity.

Jimmy Carter

He traveled the globe to monitor elections, led peace missions to Sudan and Ethiopia, and created public health programs in Guinea.

In recognition of this and more, Carter was awarded the Noble Peace Price in 2002.

Jimmy Carter is the greatest second act in White House history. We have seen his character, and it is good.


Donald Trump’s character is another story.

He declares bankruptcy at the drop of a hat, and then lets others pay his debt.

His views on immigration, abortion, taxation, labor reform, the Middle East, have all “evolved” over the past three months, to the point where multiple Donald Trumps appear to be running for president.

He throws reporters out of press conferences, insults women on national TV, and anyone who disagrees with him is a “loser.”

His political roots are not Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal – they are in the Know-Nothing Party of 1856, whose entire platform was to purify America of “undesirable” Irish and German immigrants, and Catholics in general.


The public response to Carter and Trump provide an insight into our national character…a Rorschach Inkblot Test of our values and aspirations.

Jimmy Carter was ridiculed, and hounded out of office after only one term. Donald Trump swallowed the GOP party, like the blob that ate New Jersey.

This feverish level of support for a xenophobic campaign, says a great deal about the American public.

It has been manipulated by corporations…deceived by politicians…misinformed by the press…and now, like a tired old turtle, it retreats into a shell and looks for someone to blame.

Trump does that for them. He gives them someone to blame.

He gives them a 1,900-mile long wall, to keep “those people” out of our country.

And that is the fundamental difference between Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump.

Carter sees an imperfect world, and says “how can I help?” Trump says “who can I blame?”


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3 Comments on “From Donald Trump to Jimmy Carter

  1. They are protesting against “Promesa” in the streets of Puerto Rico today and people are getting arrested.

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  2. All you print here about Jimmy Carter is true.

    And certainly Jimmy Carter was a class act. In fact he was TOO classy and TOO intelligent for the US electorate, who gets its presidential insights from bumper-stickers on mo-peds and from red, white and blue confetti tossed in their faces.

    HOWEVER…he hasn’t been president since 1981. That was 35 years ago.

    It is a very different world today…muslims crazies have taken down the World Trade Center with thousands of people burning alive at their desks, the Pentagon (near the White House) was turned into target practice and another plane was flown into the ground in Pennsylvania with all passengers being turned into human chopped-meat.

    Since Carter’s days, muslim crazies have made NUMEROUS attacks in the US and around the world, killing lots of people who were doing nothing but breathing, living their lives and just being human.

    The economy of the US today is gasping and all we get are fallacious “jobs numbers” from our Clown-in-Chief, when he’s not too busy bein’ negro-bourgiey on the golf courses of Martha’s Vineyard with Oprah, Eric, Beyonce, Kanye, Loretta Lynch and Tiger and his latest double-digit IQ idiot blonde waitress-in-waiting.

    Today “allegedly” 11 MILLION ILLEGALS are wandering around the country and no one knows who they are or how they got here and anyone with 2 eyes in their head KNOWS that the number is a LOT higher…after all if they are “undocumented” so can we really say we know who and how many they are??? NO!

    And so you cast your cyber-anonymous “indirecta” endorsement of Hillary over Trump without so much as a peep about how inappropriate she is because of her last 35 YEARS of DOCUMENTED duplicity, deceit and dishonesty….Hillary in 3-D.

    So let me share with you a few inconvenient facts about Hillaria, that you failed to mention.

    1. As SoS she signed off on the slaughter of 10s of thousands of innocent people in hospitals, schools, churches with her “surgically-strategic” drones dropping bombs on hapless souls. Meanwhile, she sorted through gold-plated, monogrammed wedding “thank you” cards with Chelsea, in her mansion in Chappaqua, NY. Then back “on-the-ground” she increased the troop count in Afghanistan by 300%. And the local muslim crazies-in-charge once dead, left the local crazies with no one to address with their anger, but lots of motivation to get bomb recipes off the internet to slaughter people all over the world when they bombed bus stops, grocery stores, nightclubs, churches, malls and marathon events.

    2. Lest we forget her Super-Woman machinations as she “allegedly” dodged grenades, bullets and napalm as she reclined in her limousines, plush private Wall St. jets and corporate yachts off Martha’s Vineyard with money-laundering friends of her son-in-law who HIMSELF oversees the “scrubbing” of BILLIONS of dollars being flushed into the Clinton slush-fund….errrrrrrrrrrrr, I mean “Foundation”.

    3. Losing 33 THOUSAND e-mails…Even the Easter Bunny and the Taco Bell Chihuahua don’t believe that crock of mierda!

    4. She lies as easily as snow-flakes fall on Santa’s ass. Won’t forget when she said in an interview that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest….never mind that Sir Edmund hadn’t climbed the mountain until SIX years after her birth. A “lie”? Any organism with the intelligence above amoeba road-kill KNOWS that answer.

    5. Her snide, calloused and absolutely vile remarks to the families of the Benghazi dead who were massacred at their desks AFTER sending her countless e-mails BEGGING frantically that she provide more security for them, as they saw each other butchered. And her response…(I’m paraphrasing here)…”get over it, they’re dead already!!!” . This AFTER the embassy staff had been begging her for over a year to relocate them to a safer location….check out the YouTube videos of HER OWN WORDS to the families of the dead…” ” what difference, at this point does it make.. And let’s not forget the OTHER damage SHE accomplished in just four years as SofS. Droning 5X more people in her 4 years than Bush did in 8 years (90% innocents killed aka “collateral damage”). Tripling the troop count in Afghanistan in her first year. Toppling secular leaders in Libya and Egypt who were keeping local crazies in check, only to create a vacuum filled with armed and trained MORE muslim crazies, who eventually turned into ISIS and are now slaughtering people and creating a refugee crisis the likes of which we have not been seen since Hitler himself turned Europe into one big trail of beaten, broken people wandering without food, water or peace! It wasn’t until she pushed for MORE “boots on the ground” in Syria, that Obama finally gave her the boot.

    6. Can we ever forget her Barbara Walters interview when she LIED to everyone watching, as she held the slimy, sticky hand of her serial-adulterer-misogynist husband Billy-Bob as he orally farted that “I did not have sex with that woman”, as Hillaria bobble-headed her approval of his LIES!!!

    7. Then she went on to personally orchestrate a character assassination on a young Monica Lewinsky who was used and abused by her husband, to the point where Miss Lewinsky actually contemplated taking her own life. And coincidentally, her home and the home of a dozen of Billy-Bob’s other girlfriends “just happened” to be broken into and robbed of diaries, computers and letters and article of clothing. A coincidence?

    8 Travelgate..when SHE was NO MORE than the wife of the sitting president FIRED the ENTIRE White House travel office staff with no notice to install HER friends in the same posts, but not until she had made every attempt to destroy the reputation of the unsuspecting staff who had been at their job for years. Upon further investigation of HER fallacious claims of theft, corruption and shady record-keeping, they were ALL exonerated. She denied she had anything to do with their firings even when the staff produced memos with HER signature firing them!

    9. The phone calls she made to the President of Egypt when he called her to find out what she knew about the bombings in Egypt and she said it WAS a terrorist attack and even sent her daughter Chelsea an e-mail confirming that it was…then she LIED to a Congressional investigating committee who in turn read to HER the transcripts of HER recorded comments to the President of Egypt (that he provided)…all of which she said she AGAIN conveniently “didn’t recall”.

    10. Washington insiders have been quoted (off the record) that Obama couldn’t get her out of the SofS post fast enough as the bodies of locals piled up in the Middle East and the body bags of Americans baked in the sun at US Army and Air Force bases in the US. Notice how that little PR “inconvenience” is NEVER on the 6 o’clock news?

    11. Her approval rates are ABYSSMAL…there has never been a presidential contender with HER double digit negative numbers…NEVER!!! Only 39% of democrats in polls have said they will vote for her. and that is HER party! Meanwhile 77% of the American electorate does not trust her!

    12. She hasn’t granted an interview in 9 MONTHS….Why? Because she doesn’t dare answer any un-scripted, un-coached, un-sanitized commentary of politically-over-corrected babble-speak.

    13. During her 8 years in the Senate (from NY)…she did NOTHING of significance, EXCEPT she CO-sponsor 3 bills…All having to do with naming a road or building after one of her Wall Street bankster friends…Yeah she’s a regular “everywoman” all right.

    14. She AND Bill STILL refuse to answer questions on what foreign interests have contributed to THEIR “foundation”, as e-mails are trickling out about how they sold rooms at the White House for overnight stays to whoever would pay. And they STILL expect us to believe that those “donors” received nothing more than a chocolate mint on their pillow for the MILLIONS they “donated” to the “foundation”? Seriously?

    15. She brought Bernie into her darkened tent of slimy, bubbling pods and now he’s campaigning for her…something he SWORE he would never do. Did she buy him off? What do you think?

    16. She will be bringing a “disbarred-for-life” and IMPEACHED president BACK into the White House. Is this what we have sunk to?

    I know this will be a stretch, but all these facts about Hillaria seldom make it past the mass-media bought-and-paid-for filters that are in place on all the news venues. So endorse this pathological liar, but do so KNOWING what you are voting for.


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