Puerto Ricans are being used as medical guinea pigs… again


Throughout the 20th century Puerto Ricans – particularly Puerto Rican women – were used as lab rats in “clinical trials,” with experimental drugs that harmed their health. The contraceptive pill was “tested” and “refined” in Puerto Rico. Over three decades nearly 200,000 women had their fallopian tubes cut, without being told.

Now, in 2016, Puerto Ricans are being used as guinea pigs again…to test a so-called “Zika vaccine.”


Fox News is proudly announcing a clinical trial in Puerto Rico of a “DNA-based” Zika vaccine. The “DNA-based” vaccine is being developed and tested by a company named Inovio.

According to Inovio, “there are no approved vaccines or therapies for Zika virus infection…only Inovio and a US government research center have started human clinical studies.”

These “human” studies involve the experimental gene-altering drug “GLS-5700 administered with Inovio’s CELLECTRA®-3P device.”

Inovio also announced that “in preclinical testing, this synthetic vaccine induced robust antibody and T cell responses – the immune responses necessary to fight viral infections – in small and large animal models.”


In other words, and in plain English…the US government and Inovio have tested GLS-5700 on animals. And now, the first human beings they will test it on are…Puerto Ricans.

Also in plain English, a “DNA-based” drug is one which alters your DNA. It causes some of your cells to grow and replicate differently, from the way that nature intended. This is not very far removed, from the definition of cancer.

So in plain English, a gene-altering drug which may cause cancer, is being tested on Puerto Ricans.

Not surprisingly, the Inovio website shows that they are primarily a cancer research company.


The fact of medical experimentation – not the rumor – is well-known and well-documented. It has been reported in our national press.

Of course, when Time magazine reports that millions of “us” are being turned into lab rats, it does not report who constitutes their “us.”

“Us” does not include the blond woman on the cover of Time, who is a paid model.

She is not “us.”

“Us” are the black and Latino children in Washington Heights who are killed in lethal AIDS drug trials…and become known as the Guinea Pig Kids.

“Us” is the Black Box warning that Genentech adds to its “cutting edge” drug Xolair, after it has killed unsuspecting Latino women suffering from asthma.

“Us” are the nine years of contraceptive drug trials in Humacao, PR, foisted on tens of thousands of unsuspecting women, which resulted in blood clotting, strokes, heart attacks, and death.

In general, “us” does not include the writers and editors of Time magazine.

It is the vulnerable and relatively powerless populations of this nation, who invariably become “us.”

Time magazine, and most of its readers, should stop whining. They will never be “us.” They don’t even know what “us” is.


The DNA drug trials on Puerto Ricans were cleverly engineered.

Inovio’s own web site admits that the Zika virus was first identified in Uganda and “subsequently spread to equatorial Asia, the South Pacific, Hawaii, South America, and Central America.”

The epicenter of Zika in Latin America is Brazil…where the epidemic is so advanced, that the Zika virus is now found in common house mosquitoes throughout the country.

Despite this, the US press willfully and knowingly mis-reports the Zika situation in Puerto Rico…going so far as to announce, in large headlines, that “Puerto Rico is Ground Zero for Zika Outbreak.”

The same racism and ignorance that resulted in a Zika fumigation of Washington Heights and no other neighborhood in Manhattan, is now clearing the way for experimental drug trials in Puerto Rico…

With DNA altering drugs, that may lead to cancer.


To the victims of this “DNA drug trial” in Puerto Rico, please be careful what you sign.

Do not sign any “waiver and release” forms, which would shield Inovio from legal liability for any harm caused by their “cutting edge” DNA drugs.

Notice how the press release on their own website ends with a 503-word legal disclaimer.

The disclaimer ends with this statement:

“There can be no assurance that any product in Inovio’s pipeline will be successfully developed or manufactured, that final results of clinical studies will be supportive of regulatory approvals required to market licensed products, or that any of the forward-looking information provided herein will be proven accurate.”

In other words, even Inovio is flying blind.

They freely admit…

That they do not know what their drugs will do…what help or harm they might cause.

The only thing they do know, is that they will alter your genetic structure.

So naturally they test it…in Puerto Rico.


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