The suspected leader of the ISIS invasion of Puerto Rico

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The leader of Islamic terrorism in Puerto Rico has been uncovered.

According to the San Juan FBI office, the mastermind of the pending ISIS invasion is a terrorist named Juan Bobo.

Bobo is an ISIS agent in three United Arab Emirates, and his movie reviews on Bollywood Bobo are the top-rated show on Al-Manar TV.

“That was our first tip-off,” said FBI Special Agent Douglas Leff. “Al-Manar is a Lebanese TV station affiliated with Hezbollah, and broadcasting from Beirut.”

According to Leff, Al-Manar TV was named a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity” and banned by the US in 2004. It was also banned in France, Spain and Germany.

Juan Bobo - Al-Manar TVJuan Bobo on Al-Manar TV, reviewing Pete’s Dragon


The cause of the ISIS invasion was a US Geological Survey (USGS), Mineral Resource Assessment for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico .

The USGS found gold deposits in ten rivers and two municipalities – and a mother lode in the Sierra Luquillo sector, which includes the El Yunque rain forest. The USGS reported this as a ten-kilometer area, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, laden with unmined gold deposits.

For several years, the USGS report created a furor in Puerto Rico. Some analysts claimed that over 600,000 tons of gold were buried in the volcanic ash of the Sierra Luquillo.

As soon as ISIS heard about it, they dispatched Juan Bobo to Puerto Rico.


Juan Bobo was not merely an ISIS operative. He had a detailed – and politically sophisticated – plan for Islamic takeover.

He arrived in Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in his traditional thawb and keffiyeh.

Juan Bobo - thawb and keffiyeh

For several months, Bobo lay the groundwork and created the itinerary, for the visit of Abdul Aziz bin Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi (aka “the Green Shiek”) to the island of Puerto Rico.

The Green Sheik is a member of the Ajman royal family, which rules over one of the seven Arab Emirates.

With the lure of the Green Sheik’s wealth, Juan Bobo arranged a series of “public private partnerships” between Puerto Rico and Ajman. The most notorious of these was an Arabic charter school in Arecibo – for which Eduardo Bhatia, the President of the Puerto Rico Senate, received a $400,000 consulting fee.

Juan Bobo - Arabic Charter SchoolBhatia, Bobo, and Al Nuaimi announce the Arabic charter school 

When the Arecibo School Board questioned the motives and finances behind this Arabic charter school, Bobo arranged a “Pan-Arabic Human Rights” demonstration, which shamed the Board into submission.

Juan Bobo - boycott board in AreciboBobo, Al Nuaimi and Bhatia boycott the Board in Arecibo


Two months ago, FBI Special Agent Leff issued a dire warning of a looming terrorist attack of Puerto Rico, by Middle Eastern ISIS agents.

Alhough ridiculed throughout the island, it now appears that Agent Leff was correct.

As of Sept. 5, the Green Shiek will conduct a week-long tour of Borinquen. He will meet with journalists, university students, religious and political leaders all over the island.

As a renowned environmentalist, the Shiek will observe many areas – including El Yunque and the Sierra Luquillo region. He will then lecture about energy alternatives and environmental sustainability.

But many US government sources (including the FBI) suspect that the Sheik will actually be casing the island, just like Governor Charles Allen did in 1901. If Allen created a personal sugar empire – which today is known as Domino Sugar – then the Green Sheik may have plans for El Yunque.

If the Shiek grabs the gold, we will have Juan Bobo to thank for it.


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3 Comments on “The suspected leader of the ISIS invasion of Puerto Rico

  1. After ten years of absence; I was surprised of the inroads Islam has been making in P.R.. The prevalence and popularity of Turkish TV left me open mouthed. Puerto Ricans have bought into the idea that their roots lie with the Arabs who conquered Spain and were later expelled from the peninsula. Just in case, my family, who was Jewish was expelled to Palma de Mallorca, but I digress. Muslims, to this day, insist Al-Andalus (Andalucia) is STILL Muslim territory because it was previously conquered and ruled by them. It’s like saying today that the British still consider India as “theirs”, because they “conquered and ruled” over it in the past. The SAME applies to ANY place where Muslims have ruled before. It was TERRITORY conquered for Allah and it’s his in PERPETUITY. There are many ways to get sick and many ways to change a country. In some parts it’s being done very fast, and in others it’s a slow, methodical, but sure process. The Muslim Brotherhood set out, in writing, the plan to be followed, step, by step. Time frame is of no importance. You can be very sure of one thing. It’s there, it’s growing, and will do so even more, slowly but surely. You can poo-poo it all you want. Won’t change a thing. Demographic numbers, and familiar composition will do the talking in the end. All I can say is, you have absolutely no freaking clue of what you’re talking about. This is a very long term chess game. I’m too old, but my grandchildren (and yours) will be able to see the results. I’m extremely glad I won’t have to. I would welcome ANYONE to point out to even one lie in this post.


  2. So this blog is a joke then; like El Ñame?


    Today’s entry, and yesterday’s, are an FBI satire.

    Otherwise, nearly all of the site — over 95% — is straight-ahead factual reporting.

    I pointed this out to you yesterday.

    Nelson Denis

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