Puerto Rico celebrates its first Olympic gold medal, won by Monica Puig

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All across Puerto Rico, celebrations erupted when Monica Puig won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. It is the first gold medal ever won by a Puerto Rican athlete, while representing Puerto Rico.

Monica Puig

The celebrations were passionate.

Here is a video from El Condado:  

Another video Guaynabo:  

From Hato Rey:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/monica-puig-puerto-rico-picapower_us_57b01d95e4b007c36e4f09d2

A whole shopping mall came to a standstill here:  

Monica Puig 2.jpg

People watched in Walmarts:

Restaurants and bars were glued to the event:

Car horns blared in every town. People started singing La Borniqueña, the national anthem. The press noticed and reported the island-wide jubilation:





There is clearly a lot of joy and positive energy in Puerto Rico.  

It is an island, and a people, that should be defined by their talents; not by the ignorance and greed of other nations. 

There is a huge heart in Puerto Rico. 

A heart so big…that it cannot be contained.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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5 Comments on “Puerto Rico celebrates its first Olympic gold medal, won by Monica Puig

  1. Roberto Solano Lisboa…ten cuida’o, Roberto…

    Aqui hay los que no le cae muy bien que ella no se identifica como “La Tina Generica”.

    Tu sabes…de “minority” island, in people of color oceans, from the “Hispanic race” on planet Uranus.

    The identity race con-jobs in the US, particularly among the self-annointed “leaders” (who typically need a Rosetta Stone Spanglish tutor), the self-appointed “spokes-putos” and 3rd-rate faux-academic hucksters hiding-out in such “intellectual” rabbit-holes as “La Tino” or “Diaspora” Studies will NEVER refer to her as “Catalan”, “Puerto Rican” or any other label that they cannot squeeze even one putrid drop of their delicious “oppression” from.

    Monica distinguished herself the hard way!!!

    She worked herself bloody and raw with her OWN dedication, discipline and drive…a very rare event in these halls of “La Tino” eternal oppression….that is of course when they are not dining-off expense accounts funded by tax-payers, their universities, their “La Tino” publishers or “think tanks”.

    Monica stands singularly in her unparalleled accomplishment and THAT fact alone sets her up for contempt and criticism from the resident ankle-biting “La Tinos”.

    She is a tsunami of refreshing self-respect and dignity for Puerto Ricans around the world…thank God!!!


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #PicaPower …. “All across Puerto Rico, celebrations erupted when Monica Puig won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. It is the first gold medal ever won by a Puerto Rican athlete, while representing Puerto Rico.” It’s a HUGE deal!!


  3. She’s done something no other Puerto Rican on or off the Island ever has!
    She’s beautiful, modest, dignified, dedicated, hard-working and well-spoken…WOW!!!

    What a departure from the usual American media depiction of us as losers, moochers and thugs…a well-accepted media portrayal that waaaaaaaaaaay too many Pseudo-Ricans in the States are all-too-quick to perpetuate since the days of…. “EVERYTHING FREE IN AMERICA”.

    And she did it all without selling-out to the festering maggot-swarm of USMainland ghetto politics and all of its attendant pernicious cliche and cartoon cut-outs.

    And she identifies herself consistently as a “PUERTO RICAN” and not as so many of us in the States do as generic-1-size-fits-nadie “La Tinos”….de vera’ que la ignorancia e’ bien atrevida”!

    She has gone down in history, not just for Puerto Ricans, but for tennis and the global Olympic institution.
    What a class act with REAL verguenza!!!

    I burst with REAL pride for someone who aimed higher than low expectations, stereo-types and garbage political baba.

    Yet barely a word from Fortaleza…says a lot about who the Island’s political putos really care about.

    May her future be filled with endless triumphs on all levels of human experience. She’s earned it!


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