Monica Puig wins the first Olympic gold medal for Puerto Rico

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To a joyful chorus of “¡si se puede!” from her supporters, Monica Puig won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games. The 22-year old tennis star defeated Germany’s Angelique Kerber yesterday, in the women’s singles competition.

Kerber is currently ranked as the #2 female tennis player in the world, but Puig beat her decisively: with poise and gracious humility.

Puig’s victory is also a first…the first Olympic gold medal ever won by a Puerto Rican athlete, while representing Puerto Rico. 

Other Puerto Rican athletes have won the gold, but they were competing for the U.S. flag.  

Not Puig.

To her great credit, Puig was fully aware of the symbolic importance of her victory as a Puerto Rican athlete, representing her own island.

On the tennis court, in her very first interview after winning the gold, Puig said…

“This is for them. I think I united a nation. I just love where I come from.”

Thank you to Monica Puig, for sending this powerful message to her people…Si se puede!


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9 Comments on “Monica Puig wins the first Olympic gold medal for Puerto Rico

  1. A high level of sports play from a tough woman. Although, I am not really a Tennis fan to be honest and I don’t really like what the Olympics as an institution does to displace poor and/or racialized folks, her athleticism cannot be denied and I love the fact that she draped herself in the lighter blue national flag. It was exciting to watch and she will hopefully introduce many folks to the sport of tennis which was a sport traditionally practiced and reserved for the elite and upper classes. It shows and proves that we are as versatile as any group despite the racist propaganda and hatred against us as colonized people. Sadly, as evidenced from the comments on many web sites, this hatred comes from even other Boricuas themselves who might be internalizing it or are just plain bad folks who don’t really care about how we suffer as a people from the loss of our identity, homeland, and resources. And by the way, this win is for all Puerto Ricans or nothing like she said. No matter if we come from the mainland, burbs, urban centers, “hoods”, and/or barrios, if we live in Africa, Europe, or Latin America. I think that anyone who alienates Puerto Ricans who might NOT have the means to play professional sports or be able to live in exclusive enclaves from a proud national moment such as this, is a true enemy to our history, culture, and people. Always remember that the great Roberto Clemente played in the barrios first. PUERTO RICAN POWER!

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  3. congrats monica way to represent our puerto rican people with class pride and love for your country.Jesus says is our time and his love for us is present.good luck in the future stay humble and wear your flag with power.and yes i want an autogrsph.que dios me la bendigs.baya boricua.Gods chosen wont be denied.


  4. Beyond proud! Thanks for remaining humble and focused, Monica, and for reminding us how big this small Island can be!


  5. I feel proud, I always knew there still hope que viva puertorico,


  6. AT LAST!!!

    The image of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans presented in the world media in a positive light and one we can FINALLY be proud of.

    But wait…

    What will the American media venues, generic “La Tino” diaspora “writers” in the US, our sell-out 3rd-rate faux-academics on the Mainland and the ever-joroba’o Hollywood Celeb-Riqueños do with all the USMainland “brown & down”, “ghetto-hustler”, “Bronxi-booty-shakin”, “asses-hangin’-out”, “rag-headed”, “thugger-drugger” stereo-types they perpetuate and it’s not even Halloween yet?

    GREAT JOB MONICA!!! YOU are to be applauded to the heavens!!!
    You bring back a time when “Puerto Rican” meant something different from today:

    Estevan Antion Fuertes:
    *** (Founder of Cornell University’s College of Engineering)

    His son…

    Louis Agassiz Fuertes:

    Again, Monica…thank you! Puerto Rico owes you an immeasurable debt forever!
    May your life be filled with happiness, honor and homage.


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    You brought the gold home to Borinquen.
    Para tu pais!


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #PicaPower …. “Puig’s victory is also a first…the first Olympic gold medal ever won by a Puerto Rican athlete, whie representing Puerto Rico.”
    #PuertoRicanPride … Go Monica! Thank you … #SiSePuede


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