Vulture funds are suing Puerto Rico to death

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The ink isn’t dry on the PROMESA bill, and the Financial Control Board members have not been announced…but this does not stop the vulture funds.

Twenty-seven of them are already suing Puerto Rico, demanding their money as soon as possible.

Once they push Puerto Rico into default, their real profits will begin…when they place liens on the collateral…the public infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

That is when they will privatize the beaches, schools, hospitals, highways…and even the water supply of Puerto Rico.

Wall Street…Washington…Luis Fortuño…Pedro Pierluisi…Gov. Garcia Padilla…the PNP…the PPD…John Paulson…many players are in on this deal.

They are all avid readers of George Orwell, and their bible is Orwell’s Animal Farm.

They all belong to one party…AFP…the Animal Farm Party. 

From Wall Street to Washington to San Juan, they all have one AFP motto: 

“All animals are created equal…but some animals are more equal than others.”

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now


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4 Comments on “Vulture funds are suing Puerto Rico to death

  1. I’m so sad to see my people suffering and hopeless; I know what that’s like. God forgive them, and please please help my people-all of us. Sackcloth time for 3.5 years. 😟


  2. These VULTURES just can’t wait for the feasting and drinking of an island. 118 years of war booty. A voteless people is a hopeless people. What a shame.


  3. Classic David vs Goliath… What I’m finding odd is the apparent tepidness of the PIP in all this. If the PPD and PNP have been conspiring with these hedge funds to undermine Puerto Rican control of her natural resources, why hasn’t PIP been in vociferous opposition? You would think that PIP, though a minority in the island’s legislature and advocates of independence, would be exposing this surreptitious maneuver on the part of the PPD and PNP. Given Puerto Rico’s vulnerable status as a colony, I always assumed that, of all the political parties in Puerto Rico, PIP would be in constant vigilance and at the vanguard in protecting the interest of Puerto Rico. It’s sadly obvious that Puerto Rico has no future in her current political state. Annexation may bring some financial reward, but Puerto Rico will be spiritually and culturally overwhelmed by the colossal and preeminent culture of the United States. Hence, Puerto Rico’s 500 year history will be a mere footnote in what would amount to be a “business merger.” The whale will devour the guppy. A marriage, solely, for the sake of financial gain and without a spiritual connection is bound to be disastrous. Puerto Ricans, by nature, are fierce “Nationalist,” so for those compatriots that favor annexation, be extremely wary of what you ask for.

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    #StandForPuertoRico ….. “The ink isn’t dry on the PROMESA bill, and the Financial Control Board members have not been announced…but this does not stop the vulture funds.”


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