How to support Donald Trump and “not support” Trump at the same time

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On July 18, Luis Fortuño led the Puerto Rico delegation to the Trump coronation in Cleveland. He also helped other delegates arrange their travel plans, and secure their credentials, to the coronation of Donald Trump.

Fortuño sat beside Jenniffer González Colón (PNP candidate for Resident Commissioner) and other PNP politicians – as they cheered and applauded the coronation. But according to Fortuño, he’s still “thinking about” Donald Trump.

RNCFortuño and other Puerto Rican politicians, at the Donald Trump coronation

While attending the coronation, in an interview with Jorge Ramos for Univision, Fortuño stated all of the following:

  • Trump is not a racist
  • Trump is anticipating our national security needs
  • Trump’s daughter is highly impressive

When asked if he will vote for Trump, ex-governor Fortuño conveniently dodged the question by saying , “I’m a resident of Puerto Rico so I can’t vote in the presidential election. That ‘s why Puerto Rico should become the 51st state.”

Fortuño also stated that Puerto Rico “will benefit from the Financial Control Board” if the island controls its “out-of-control borrowing and spending.”

He forgot to mention that in four short years, while he was governor, Fortuño borrowed over $16 billion from Wall Street – he borrowed more than any other governor in Puerto Rican history.

Then he spent $9 billion on “private contracts,” $1 billion on “public relations,” $100 million on a Fideicomiso de Ciencias that never materialized, and millions on a gaseducto that never got built.

In other words, billions of dollars simply disappeared during the short governorship of Luis Fortuño.

Here is the entire interview:

One final note…

Fortuño is not attending the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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5 Comments on “How to support Donald Trump and “not support” Trump at the same time

  1. This incredulous NATION(USA) is the beast ready to receive the antichrist, their so stupid they don’t even see the signs before them, the two witnesses abused that carry Hebrew slave blood are Manasseh and Ephraim, Israel is the Zionist Jews that are waiting the messiah, the Hebrew slaves that fight for peace AGAINST the Zionist are the 144,000. Gods wrath is coming for ALL the false prophets that have sacrificed innocent blood to the temple almost finished in Israel!


  2. Fortuño belongs in jail. His philosophy is useless for Puerto Rico.


  3. I know that this is going to sound a bit “out there”, but given that NO ONE in Puerto Rico has voted in a presidential in a CENTURY, is there really any point in “analyzing” the idiot motives of political spokes-putos who spend more time shopping at Victoria’s Secret’s discount bin in Plaza Las Americas than in their own offices? These maggots are their own punishment every time they look in the mirror.


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