George Pataki: Chairman of Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Board?

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George Pataki, the ex-governor of New York State, has been identified as a “leading candidate” for chairman of the Puerto Rico Financial Control Board. 

He is portrayed as an affable and moderate Republican, with an easygoing personality, who will bring a “fair and balanced” approach to governing Puerto Rico. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

I know a great deal about George Pataki’s style of governance, because I was a New York State Assemblyman during the first four years of his administration.  

I saw, first-hand, how he operates.


Created by New York in 1894 for dealing with war, plague, catastrophe, and other emergencies, the “Governor’s Message of Necessity” (MON) is currently used to ram bills through the New York state legislature – particularly those that require public funds.

When the governor of New York attaches a so-called MON to one of his bills, the constitutional 72-hour reading period is suspended. Legislators have only one or two hours to vote for the bill – with no amendment, no debate, and worst of all, no time to read it.

Year after year, Pataki would wait until the last two days of the legislative session. Then he’d send a dozen bills…some longer than 200 pages, most with MONs attached, and all with appropriations buried deep inside the bill.

Only the lobbyists knew about these funding appropriations – because the lobbyists had structured the bills, and the legislators had no time to read them.  

During the Pataki years, 25 percent of all New York State law was created under these MONs. With no public input or legislative review, the lobbyists turned these “messages of necessity” into a free lunch, with taxpayers paying the price.

If you’ve ever wondered why New York State was declared the “most dysfunctional state legislature in the entire US” in 2004, 2006, and 2008, Pataki and his MON will explain it for you.

If you’ve pondered how New York has the third-lowest bond rating in the nation, and the second-highest debt per capita, the answer begins with Pataki’s use of the MON.

Over 12 years, Pataki increased the general fund spending of New York by a whopping 67 percent.

For 12 years, Pataki used the MON to facilitate $22 billion in hidden “back-door borrowing.”

For 12 years, Pataki allowed lobbyists to march through his office, write their own legislation, and stick the taxpayers of New York with tens of billions in high-interest municipal bond debt.

This is exactly the fiscal practice that exploded the public debt of Puerto Rico…and now Pataki is going to chair the Financial Control Board?


As governor, Pataki vetoed $500 million for school construction and $77 million for teacher salaries. He cut $17.3 million from the SUNY budget, $8.6 million from CUNY, and $13.5 million for school textbooks. Altogether, the Pataki education cuts totaled over $615 million.

From 1998 to 2008, state funding for SUNY and CUNY schools fell 17.5 percent. Yet in six years alone, from 1991 to 1997, tuition for SUNY and CUNY students tripled, and Pataki supported every single tuition hike.

In New York City, the funding cuts were so severe that parents sued the State of New York to stop the State from cheating NYC children of over $4 billion per year, every year, in public school spending.

The parents won the federal lawsuit – but Gov. Pataki simply ignored the court, and the court’s order.

This was Pataki’s education legacy: by the time he finally left office, 50% of NYC public schoolchildren were no longer graduating from high school, and over one million New Yorkers were reading at a 4th grade level. 


While closing schools and laying off teachers, Pataki found enormous amounts of money for more jails in New York.

During Pataki’s tenure, the state inmate population tripled to over 110,000, and nearly 200,000 more were on parole. Every year, Pataki spent over $5 billion on prisons, about $15 million per day…and each NYC inmate cost $58,300 per year.

Pataki also committed over $4 billion to building more prisons…and every new prison was built in an upstate GOP district.

Thanks to Pataki, almost half of New York’s prisons are in the state senate districts of four Republicans – in decaying old towns, all floundering in the wake of agricultural and industrial collapse. The prisons graced each town with employment, no-bid contracts, and political patronage.

In this manner, the prisons became a de facto “economic development project” for each of those districts, with majority white populations profiting from prisons that were 92% black and Latino.

The Pataki prison system was characterized as an “underground railroad in reverse” in John Flateau’s The Prison Industrial Complex: Crime and Justice in New York.


Currently, just like ex-governor Luis Fortuño in his D.C. law firm of Steptoe & Johnson, ex-governor Pataki is comfortably ensconced in the law firm of Chadbourne & Parke.

For decades, Chadbourne & Parke was the general counsel for United Brands.

What is United Brands?

As of 1970, it was the “new” corporate name for the United Fruit Company.

The name was new, but the business model was not. In 1975, United Brands was caught bribing Honduran President Oswaldo López Arellano with $1.25 million, and promising him another $1.25 million, for a reduction of “certain export taxes.”

Two years later, in 1977, Chadbourne & Parke was still representing them.

In 1984, United Brands became Chiquita Brands International…another new name, with the same old business model. In March 2007, Chiquita Brands pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting a terrorist organization, when it admitted to the payment of more than $1.7 million to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a group on the US list of terrorist organizations.

Currently, Chadbourne & Parke prides itself on the depth of its Latin American Practice. It is “one of the leading banking and finance firms in Brazil,” it has an extensive Mexico practice, and it recently created a US-Cuba Task Force to “facilitate US investment in Cuba.”

They negotiated recent deals with Petrobras Brazil and Petrobras Chile.

Their “Latin America experience” shows corporate and securities transactions totaling more than $50 billion over the past ten years.

Clearly, Chadbourne is bullish on “developing markets” throughout Latin America. When the economic hit men move in, Chadbourne wants to be right behind them…negotiating the bond deals, schmoozing the bureaucrats, filing the SEC documents, grabbing the legal fees.

As chairman of the Financial Control Board, George Pataki will be perfectly positioned to steer millions in legal fees to Chadbourne & Parke…with a fat commission for Pataki.

Pataki could also inform the Chadbourne corporate client base, of sweet deals in Puerto Rico.

For political cover, Pataki and Fortuño could swap deals between their two law firms, and build a mutual veneer of “non-involvement” in business matters before the Control Board.


Despite being mayor of Peekskill for 3 years, a state legislator for 10, and governor of New York for 12, Pataki never mastered the use of a Teleprompter.

His oratory was oafish. His State of the State speeches were best appreciated after two or three drinks…and in Albany, they often were.

Not much of a reader, not much of a numbers man, he bumbled through 25 years of state government with an “aw shucks” smile and an ignorance of legislative and budgetary detail, that endeared him to every lobbyist in Albany.

In the 2012 presidential cycle, he bored the voters of Iowa so badly (a difficult thing to do), that he quit the race a year before the actual primaries, in 2011.

In the 2016 presidential race, he was immediately relegated to the second-tier debates…then barred from the debates entirely, because his national poll numbers were less than one percent.

And now this amiable has-been, is being floated as the potential emperor of Puerto Rico.

After 118 years of solitude, Puerto Rico might soon suffer the indignity of Moncho Reily, all over again. Except this one will have sweeping financial, legislative and prosecutorial powers, that the original Moncho Reily could only dream of.

This combination of concentrated power and personal incompetence, may lead to disaster.

Pataki left New York State in the exact same fiscal shambles, that is now gripping Puerto Rico.

He doesn’t have a clue about Borinquen.

Like a bull in a china shop, or an out-of-control elephant, Pataki will mindlessly trample the entire Puerto Rican economy, excreting “public-private partnerships” that will drain the island’s lifeblood.

He will then be hailed by the US corporate media, for “reforming” the insular economy.

George Pataki is a shining embodiment of Hannah Arendt’s banality of evil: an easygoing hack who will allow lobbyists and hedge funds to walk all over him, so long as they retain Chadbourne & Parke while doing it.

He is the perfect neo-liberal foil…whose brand of bone-deep stupidity, though masked by pomp and circumstance, pose a severe threat to everyone in Puerto Rico.

Well, maybe not everyone. Just the bottom 99%.

Book - 12-10

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  1. Nelson…I hear you, but I hope you will exercise your Affirmative Action right and express those same sentiments to a couple of crazies here, like Ruben, Puerto Rican Frankie and Ephraimite (to name a few) who think nothing of insulting people with their racist, cheap “I-Be’s-Duh-Real-Rican-Deak” and pseudo “religious” diatribes…

    But I will exercise more restraint (cause they really are not worth the effort)… but embrace the fact that I can think circles intellectually AND politically around these clowns in several several languages…y de bobo no tengo ni un pelo…I know crazy when I see it and when I read it…even on the “internetz”…thanks for checking-in.

    P.S. Don’t feel you need to publish this, but feel free, if you choose to…I post under my REAL name and not under flashing avatars or cyber-nyms harkening their fake Egyptian backgrounds… like these idiots “de pura sepa”…(eye-roll)…

    And I know an insult when I read it too in several languages and I KNOW you do too. Ruben is just the latest “loca remata’a” bouncing off the internet walls on your website when he reads something that is not congruent with his incomplete, misinformed warped view of Puerto Ricans, himself and consequently of others, but he is certainly not alone…the best to you…I DO support our site, but not crazies waving banderitas and wearing Apache War Paint as “real” Tainos (never did).


  2. Ruben…you wrote to etherea13…

    “Change is not effected by men in government”

    I guess women don’t figure into your world view either.

    Your politics are as “transparent” as your clumsy fan-dances and Kabuki dancer routines.

    Now get back to your broom-jumping workshops.

    The KFC truck has just arrived.


    Greg, these comments are getting out of hand. Please exercise more restraint.

    –Nelson Denis


  3. Ruben, tus cantaletas afro-centric y racista ya cansan.

    NADIE esta interesado en tu vision de la falsa “Nacion Taina” que nunca existio ni en tu fantasia absurda de que Puerto Rico otra Nigeria del Caribe.

    Y Puerto Rico no es Bolivia ni Guatemala ni Haiti tampoco.
    Que lastima verdad?

    Y de J-Low dejame decirte que si esa puerca tuviera por lo meno’ una gota de verguenza, no estuviera revolcandose con cuanto bailarin de 18 anos que ella puede comprar con sus thongs doradas y sus pantaletas mojadas. Ni un centavo ha dado a universidades para ayudar estudiantes que no tienen fondos para estudiar.

    So here’s the deal…Worship your false prophets and wave your little plastic banderitas and next year in June when you see fake Tainos doing Apache War Dances, Wearing Hopi War Paint and screaming Navajo War Cries on 5th Avuen just keep applauding and yelling “ay mi gente Taina!”

    And when you see the Peacock feathers that they have glued to their asses falling off of them, don’t be inconvenienced by the FACT that there were NEVER any Peacocks in Puerto Rico until the Hiltons imported them to the Island for their hotel courtyards and golf courses.

    P.S. Oh and BTW… the Tainos were naked when the Europeans arrived and not wearing MADE-IN-KOREA polyester taparrabos either.


  4. Ethera, my sister and I say that with all sincerity, I am not an angry man nor do I advocate violence. Don’t misinterpret passion with anger. In his epistle (1Jn 4:16) the Apostle John wrote, to the believer, “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God (is) love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” Ethera, the question is what is “love?” People mistake “this love” for one having affection for another, but that is not so. The Apostle John defines the concept of “love” in a subsequent epistle (2 Jn 1:6). In that epistle John writes, “And this (is) love, that we (walk) after his (commandments). This is the commandment, that as ye have heard from the beginning, he (should walk in it).” I’ll add that God is Spirit and is the moral law. Therefore, those moral virtues that define the essence of God only “dwells in” us, when we “are adhering” to God’s moral laws. The presence of God can only dwell in a Holy and undefiled temple. As a result of this continual and unbroken spiritual connection with God, we are loving our neighbor, when we, as the temple of God with the undefiled and Holy Spirit of God dwelling in us, are living righteously and not transgressing against our neighbor. If only man subscribed to this we’d all be better for it, but sadly he doesn’t. You’ve asked me how do you contribute to helping in the cause for Puerto Rico, I’d suggest you join an organization and mobilize in the streets and make your demands known to the US Federal Government in Puerto Rico. By all accounts, you live on the island, so you’re directly affected. Change is not effected by men in government. Change comes when the ordinary people, the grassroots, effectively organize, mobilize and make their demands on government. Government is there to serve the people. It’s not there to impose its will on the people. That’s is a tyranny. I saw a video in which Residente, who has won 24 Latin Grammy Awards and is a member of the rap group Calle 13, was urging everyone, of conscience, to join the movement, El Campamento Contra la junta. Perhaps you should join them in their struggle. Good luck.✊🏾🙏🏾🇵🇷


  5. Greg, my brother, I have to contain my laughter, because I’m afraid I might pee on myself. My brother, you can’t help yourself. Your blackness manages to always come to the surface; you refer to me as “Mi’jo” and don’t realize that when we Puerto Ricans shorten two words and combine them into a word is African influenced into our speech. Lmao! Man, your full of contradictions. Why are you so full of self-hate? Come home baby. Lol. Wow, you don’t even know me, yet you’ve assumed that I reside in the Bronx and that I live in abject poverty. I don’t live in the Bronx. That’s not a knock on residents of the Bronx, nor is it to suggest that everyone living in the Bronx is living in abject conditions, or that every one living there is a bad person. I’m absolutely sure there are many fine people residing in the Bronx. Your Grandfather, God bless his soul, sounds like a kind and caring man. He financed your family out of the projects and into the suburbs. That was noble of him. I too, come from nobility, albeit humble as it may. My parents and grandparents left me with a rich set of values and an example that I strive to emulate on a daily basis. I too grew up in projects, and mind you, there are many good and hard working people that live in them. Unlike you, no family member of mine financed my way out of the projects and into my lovely home I share with my family. My wife and I did that on our own. That’s the most “boasting” you’ll ever get out of me. I subscribe to the wisdom of one, Ptahhotep, that I will share with you. Ptahhotep was an advisor to Pharaoh Assa in ancient and indigenous “black” Kemet (the Greeks would later change the name to Egypt) in the 5th Pharaonic Dynasty (around 2500BC-2400BC). That was “long before” there was a Greece, Rome, Socrates, Plato, or the “two wolves,” Romulus and Remus, that founded Rome, and even before Moses or Jesus Christ. Ptahhotep said “If you plow and there is growth in your field and God lets it prosper in your hand, don’t boast to your neighbor. One has great respect for the silent person.” Greg, my brother, you should be a bit more modest and not boast so much about your achievements. Always invoke God’s name and thank him for all you have. It’s a blessing. Right about now, I’d take Agueybana, the Elder, over all those clowns that have resided in La Fortaleza. Agueybana was a noble leader of his people, the Tainos were well governed, and weren’t forced to establish a “Campamento Contra la Junta.” Instead of those “vende patrias,” I’d take the Mandinka warrior Mansa Sundiata Keita, who founded the great Empire of Mali. He ruled over that empire from 1235-1255 AD. Incidentally, during this period, your beloved, Europe was steeped in ignorance due to their bellicose tendencies, because they where the only ones living in the Dark Ages. In Africa during that time, you had the Mali Empire, the Empire of Ghana, and the Shongai Empire. Spain was spared of the misfortune, because she was “occupied by” the “Black”Moors of North Africa for close to 800 years. That my brother, is a long time. Not only did Africa, by way of ancient black Kemet (Egypt) “introduce” Europe to science, mathematics, religion, architecture, art, astrology, reading and writing, Africa also, by way of the Black Moors (hmm, sounds like the word “Moreno”) “reintroduced” Europe to enlightenment, by way of the Renaissance (re-birth). I don’t confuse Puerto Rico to Haiti and Jamaica. Both are sovereign and independent republics. Sadly, Puerto Rico remains the oldest “slave” state on the planet. Haiti has the distinction of being the “first” black republic in the world by having defeated the three preeminent European powers in the world at that time (England, France and Spain). She established herself as the second nation in this hemisphere ( after the US) to have gained her independence from a European power and was the first republic in this hemisphere to abolish slavery. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Haitians can stand tall and look anyone in the face. Wouldn’t you agree? Lastly, you should show some respect for our sister, Jennifer Lopez. She is an example of a Puerto Rican woman from the Bronx, who through hard work and intelligence transformed herself into an iconic figure. This year, according to Forbes Magazine, Jennifer Lopez was ranked the #68th wealthiest celebrity out of #100 earning a robust 39.5 million dollars. Not bad for a “Nuyorican” out of “El Brong,” as you have derisively put it. SMH. Pathetic.


  6. ruben my brother dont waist your time with someone that dont respect Jesus Christ. as a light skin boriqua i feel more of my african side and i am very proud. by the way my heros that came from the island are and were black.roberto carter clemente tito trinidad ismael rivera roberto roena felix verdejo tego calderon wilfredo benitez and the list goes on and on.and not to mention the afro/ricans who have contribute also people like carmelo anthony victor cruz rosario dawson antonio fargas and by the way we do have an afro/rican scientist neil tyson.yes puerto ricans are of african desent and yes the white europeans are evil and will pay dearly just like the white devils in america .Jesus will make them pay and pay dearly just look around you .you .inslaving humans kiling black and brown because of fear tells you everthing.God is Great.his power and kindness will be felt .que dios me lo bendigas a todo!!


  7. Ruben, Thank you for your account of what the past has brought us to. I stand against the barbarism, political manipulation and atrocities of the past no matter who committed them. My problem is, how do I, a white woman, promote peace, love and acceptance when I am met with an ongoing conversation I personally had no part in? How do we leave what was in the past and live in the present working together towards equality and peace? If we maintain our anger, prejudices and justifications for violence against all “whites of European decent” all being labeled as guilty oppressors, then how do we ever end the cycle of hate in the world? You are obviously well read and educated, but surface remarks can raise people’s ire to act out frustrations upon their peace loving neighbors. I am not the enemy, yet by your assessment, my being of European decent makes me so. I hope you will find a way to direct your anger towards the true culprits, in fact I would gladly join you.
    Right now our country is on the verge of potentially electing a despot who will no doubt turn brother against brother (of all colors) with his egotistical, self serving, maniacal, fascist dictatorship. We are already economically enslaved, but if he has his way, we could be looking at World War III and the end of civilization. I believe this with all my knowledge of him and I can not understand his popularity. It is unfathomable! In the mayhem we will need to be united to survive. We can not resort to racism or nationalism or even history, as justification for criminal acts against each other. This only does their bidding and justifies military presence where ever we allow it.
    What is happening here in Puerto Rico with the “control board” is despicable and a blatant government take over serving the interests of the greedy few. Unfortunately it is also happening worldwide as the “New World Order” takes over all of our lives, enslaving us and our future generations. Please Ruben, use your intelligence to help us rise out of this by uniting those of us with like mind (regardless or race, religion or history) against the coming apocalypse of true evil that is at our doorstep. The world is very fragile. I do my best by loving and supporting all good people every where I can. It is my hope we can work shoulder to shoulder for the betterment of humanity. We need solutions and vision to save humanity and our planet.


  8. Ethera 13, you have been engaged with me and someone else on the topic of race. I dont speak for anyone here but myself. I hope you can make that distinction. Let me add that I don’t hate anyone. To hate another human being is tantamount to wishing him death. That is sickening. I’ll try to be clear in making my point on this issue that has us deadlocked. Greg Medina, who jumped into the fray, posted on this blog, that the “Greeks and Romans colonized almost every contemporary nation in Europe…” I agree. Greg, himself made that reference. Greece and Rome enslaved those countries. and actually expanded into Africa and Asia. Those conquest weren’t accomplished with rose petals. Roman rule was a brutal empire. Where is Greece and Rome? Europe. The Germanic tribes, who ironically enough were called barbarians by the Romans (A people that got pleasure out of watching the atrocities commited on human beings in the Colosseum), wrecked so much havoc on the Roman Empire that they forced the Romans to turn to Jesus, or more correctly Christianity, to help them fend off those Germanic tribes. These were Europeans. There is death, destruction and devastation taking place here. The European has been involved in so many wars, centered around religious intolerance including The Inquisition, that they’re too numerous to write about. We have the genocidal Trans-Atlantic slave trade involving Western European countries, the Catholic Church, and Sephardic Jewish merchants that took part in this. trade. Among its many evils was the separation of African families, a dispersion into all of the Americas including Puerto Rico, separation from land, and a collective loss of a people’s historical past. There was death, destruction, and devastation here.There was WWI, the Jewish Holocsust, and WWII. There was the convening of the Berlin Conference, in which Europeans sat at a table and proceeded to divide amongst themselves African countries in order to strip the African of their wealth in order to finance European industries. There was the South African Apartheid that lasted close to 50 years. In this institutionalized form of legal segregation, the Dutch and English relegated the Black majority to aliens status in their own country, while helping themselves to rich farmland, diamonds, and other rich minerals. Europe was doing this. There is death, devastation and destruction here. We have the United States, an Anglo-American republic that is only 240 years old and her extensive history of death, destruction and devastation. There is the U S appropriating billions of acres of Indian land to themselves (fellow Europeans), institutionalized slavery (Europeans owning blacks, who are the capital that allows the accumulation of European wealth, which they enjoy today) that lasted 200 plus years, Jim Crow (or state-sponsored apartheid depriving Black Americans access to attaining wealth), and todays black struggle against covert racism in the US. There were the US encroachments into Central and South America, and the Carribbean, including the current 118 year occupation of Puerto Rico (with her separate but equal status and a victim of a 118 year economic assault that today has left the country in financial ruin). All these encroachments motivated by economics, in order to finance American Industries. These encroachments, into foreign lands, justified by the US’ notion of a European “divine right” concept known as Manifest Destiny. A concept borrowed straight out of the Bible, in which “The Cross” has given the United States legal justification for death, destruction, and devastation. These incursions by the US into Latin America have resulted in mass displacement of the effected populations. They have resulted in the immigration issue that has white Americans up in arms with what they view as the Latino illegal immigration problem. I’d say that it’s more of a refugee problem. We have the British and the US facilitating the establishing of Israel in 1948 (utilizing the aforementioned notion of Manifest Destiny justified by God), to allow “European” Jews to displace the Palestinians, and the subsequent disproportionate killings of the dispossessed. Then we have the Western European invasion of Iraq. Which was to take control of the energy sector. We have death, destruction and devastation. We were able to watch some of that on television. The majority of these aggrieved nations are located in the Southern Hemisphere populated by a non European people such as Hispanic, Africans, and Asians. We can go on and on. The offenders are Europeans or Western Europeans. That looted wealth has financed Western European industries that traditionally have gainfully employed and enriched, in large part, fellow white Europeans. Ethera 13, I may be wrong, but that’s how I see it. I subscribe to Truth not politics. If, I have misspoken here, then I’ll be man enough and apologize.


  9. Ruben…please go take your meds and a long cold shower if the water is still running in your caserio.

    Mi’jo si te sigues botando aqui de esta manera psicotica, te van ha poner (otra vez) en el manicomio de La Princesa.

    And just an FYI…in its 5 CENTURIES of documented history Puerto Rico has not had ONE Taino or Mandingo governor.
    Talk about denial?

    I think you are confusing Puerto Rico (again) with Haiti and Jamaica, where perhaps your afro-centric “babosidades” would get more traction at their beach-front Kon-Tiki Bars with Jimmy Buffet music playing in the background.

    Your hysterical afro-centric hyperbole only proves your ghetto-Rican brainwash is total and complete.

    And I would remind you that the first thing all of those black Puerto Rican heroes you cited DID when they put down their microphones and banderitas was grab a white wife and even a second rubia and a third. Go look at their descendants today…NOT ONE is black…Wanna talk about denial still?

    Mi’jo de bobo no tengo ni un pelo y de idiota meno’…

    And to set your mind at ease…I grew up (after we came to NYC) in the Lower East Side housing projects just outside of Chinatown, where most of my school pals were “los Chinitos” who taught me Mandarin BEFORE I even learned English which is my THIRD language. Sound very “bourgeois” to you??? I stepped over dead heroin addicts in the hallways on a regular basis and once I even found a dead junkie in the elevator with a knife sticking out of his neck. Really “bourgeoy” right?

    We lived there til my early teens when my CORSICAN-born maternal grandfather came to visit and when he saw the conditions that his 2 grandsons were living in he SCREAMED!!!….

    “mira canto de idiotas (at my parents) si crian estos inocentes en esta BASURA, esto ninos no van a tener futuros!!!

    He flew back to Puerto Rico immediately, sold a couple of cows, a couple of “cuerdas” of his beloved “terrenos” and a couple of his Paso Fino horses (that were his passion!!!) and returned with money to take me and my brother Bartolome and my young and naive parents out of the projects and into the suburbs. If he hadn’t done that (God Bless him), I probably wouldn’t be alive today or worse yet, I would be the president of the J-Low impersonators fan club of “El Brong”.

    The difference between you and me is that I was lucky enough to maintain a very close relationship with my Gallician, Basque, German, Mallorcan, Irish, Dutch, French and Canary Islander family back in Puerto Rico and you went on to believe that the Bronx is the Capitol of Puerto Rico and J-Low’s ass is the Governor…THAT is what makes us different.

    Enjoy your banderitas and bomba and plena YouTube videos. I will enjoy my world-wide network of professional and personal friends that span the planet from the United Arab Emirates where I worked for the PRESIDENT to the Islands of Santorini (in Greece) to Montreal, (where I have a cousin who is an architect) to San Sebastian and Utuado and Lares (where much of my family still lives) to Buenos Aires to Nova Scotia (where we vacation in July) to Beijing (where I worked) to Madrid to Dublin (where my brother and kids live today) to my current home in the US.

    De vera’ chico no debes de abochornarte tanto aun sea en los “internets”…a NADIE le importa tu baba politica racista….sino a “Dora The Explorer”.

    I wish you well…


  10. Greg, you are the only delusional one here….We Puerto Ricans may not speak “Taino talk or Mandingo Mumbo-Jumbo,” as you’ve stated, but the one Taino word we do use proudly as group identification is “Boricua” and that we’re from “Borinquen.” Even other ethnic groups address us Puerto Ricans as such. That Taino word, “Boricua” is spiritually inculcated in our souls, by our parents from the moment we’re born. You must be in denial. You can bond with with my Chinese bothers on the island all you want, but no one identifies us,”Boricuas,” as Chinese. We are a Carribbean people of color. You want to shamefully down play the black aspect of our people and their contribution. You must be out of your mind. The formation of Euorpean wealth and power started in the production of “sugar”on the backs of “black” slaves on the plantations in the Carribbean and later in the cotton fields of the U.S. That wealth also counted on sweat of the black slaves of Puerto Rico. “The Cedula De Gracias” was introduced in PR to promote “sugar” production and provides the Spanish (European) with enormous wealth after the vacuum of sugar production created by the Haitian Revolution. Wealth that the Europeans enjoys to this day. Those exploited black Puerto Rican slaves, who weren’t resigned to that plight because many were executed for plotting slave revolts, were the fathers and mothers of today’s black Puerto Ricans. Again, you must be out of your mind engaging in denial. Emeterio Betances, “the father of Puerto Rico,” who led El Grito De Lares, which was the first proclamation of Puerto Rican nationhood and an abolitionist, was a black Puerto Rican. The US military “reminded,” the greatest Puerto Rican patriot, Don Pedro, of his African roots when he served in WWI. He was relegated to serving in “segregated”units with our fellow black brothers. Arturo Schomburg Cruz, one of the pioneers of black scholarship and member of the famed Harlem Renaissance in NYC, and famous bibliophile of black history and their contributions “throughout the world,” was a black Puerto Rican. Robert Clemente, who has been practically “elevated to diety status” in Puerto Rico and in the US, was a black Puerto Rican. Artistically speaking, Ismael “Maelo” Rivera, a beloved figure in Puerto Rico, who sang to Puerto Rico’s rich African roots, was a black Puerto Rican. Perhaps the most popular Salsa group that has ever existed, the beloved orchestra of Puerto Rico, El Gran Combo produces that rich and infectious African rhythms was founded and is led by Don Rafael Ithier Nadal. Don Rafael is a Black Puerto Rican. I can go on for days talking about black Puerto Ricans and their contributions to our rich culture in all areas. Puerto Rico is a dot on the earth with a people that have made immense contributions to the world. Let’s not marginalize the contributions of our beautiful black brothers on the island by trying to whitewash us. I see the beauty and acknowledge the immense contributions of “all” of my Puerto Rican brothers. Greg, you strike me as being bourgeois. You state your case always in an arrogant and patronizing manner. Is your purpose here to demoralize the Puerto Ricans who contribute to this blog, or do you work for the enemy? “Ojala,”you come to your senses. Speaking of “Mandingo Mumbo-Jumbo, ” as you’ve derisively taunted, exhibiting how racist you truly are, when we Puerto Ricans routinely call on Godly intervention in times of hopelessness, we invoke that African word “ojala.” It was introduced into Puerto Rico’s lexicon by our Puerto Rican brothers of African descent. “Ojala,” more aptly defined as “if Allah wills!” Greg, get real!

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  11. Ruben, a racist is someone who identifies a whole group of people as bad, wrong and guilty based on the actions of a few. I have read many of your posts and you consistently condemn “whites” irrespective of the multitude of loving, caring individuals that just happen to have been born white. If indeed you honor people for the abundance of their hearts and character then I retract my observation of you as a racist. In these most trying time it is critical that we unite all of our human resources in love to overcome this current atmosphere of fear, hate, violence and greed. I hold nothing against you for expressing your opinion only for the effect on people already thrown to divisive, destructive behavior that jeopardizes our ability to overcome the true oppressors. Let us focus on how to solve the problem instead of spinning in it. We all know what’s wrong, how do we fix it?


  12. Ethera 13…It’s funny how you have accused me of being a racist because I assered the existence of white European global domination and its cruel effects, but then you concur with my assertion. Your subsequent response was, and I agree, that there are “the few, led by the Rothchilds,” who are the purveyors of the mayhem, misery, manipulation, and pillaging that we see in the world today. We appear to be in agreement on this point. These cadre of small criminals are white Europeans. The beneficiaries of that global pillaging, which occurs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, in large part are other white Europeans in the U.S and her Western European allies. When the “victims” of that pillaging and mayhem are forced to emigrate “seeking refuge” and work in those countries that have benefitted from the pillaging, they’re met with racism, xenophobia, exploitation, violence, and imprisonment. And ironically, they’re accused of being the problem of the “global” mess “created by” those “few” evil, greedy, manipulative, and divisive men, “led by,” as you aptly stated,the Rothchilds, who again, are white Europeans. How, then am I a racist? What may be bothersome for you is that I, as a non white, had the audacity to express my observation, because it’s an indictment of the criminal use of white European power and the benefits that fellow white European derive from it. I am a lover of good men of conscience, irrespective of color, who respects the humanity in all people and condemns evil wherever it rears its ugly head.


  13. to all who think they know Jesus are being misled by the white devil. to greg medina you know nothing about Jesus at all Jesus Christ was black tbose are facts. the white race are not part of the 12tribes of israel. your frustration with africans prove rhat you and the white race no nothing about Christ.did you know that there was a black pope in solomns temple facts.learn my brother before you drown with the white race.times up!!


  14. Ethera 13… I’m not a racist, and thank you for proving my point of European global domination and creator of death, destruction, and devastation wherever they go. It’s funny how you have branded me a racist, yet unwittingly, you make the argument for my assertion of white domination and its cruel results. You have stated, and I agree, that “the few, led by the Rothchilds” of the world, are the purveyors of the mayhem, misery, and pillaging that we see in the world today. These criminals and its leaders are white Europeans. The beneficiaries of that global pillaging, which occurs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, in large part are other white Europeans in Western European countries. When the “victims” of that pillaging and mayhem are forced to emigrate “seeking refuge” and work in those Western European countries, they’re met with racism, xenophobia, exploitation, violence, and imprisonment. And ironically, they’re accused of being the problem of the “global” mess “created by” those “few” evil, greedy, manipulative, and divisive men, “led by,” as you aptly stated,the Rothchilds, who again, are white Europeans. You have concurred with my assertion in a message that you posted earlier. How, then am I a racist? What may be bothersome for you is that I, as a non white and having no right to think critically, had the audacity to express my observation, because it’s an indictment of the criminal use of white European power and the benefits that fellow white European derive from it. I am a lover of good men of conscience, who respects the humanity in all people and condemns evil wherever it rears its ugly head.


  15. Ruben…your deluded afro-centric rage has reached toxic levels.

    I am glad you bond cosmically with your african roots.
    Others in Puerto Rico bond with their European, indigenous or a matrix of diverse racial legacies…even Chinese ones.

    Not everyone is a clone of you…racially, politically or cosmically.
    But you should ask yourself what language “Ruben” comes from.

    Then ask yourself what European language is spoken in Puerto Rico for the last 500 years and has dominated all forms of communication in most of the Americas.

    No one speaks “Taino Talk” or “Mandingo Mumbo-Jumbo”.

    And a VERY few words of either context DO NOT make for much of cultural imprint on the Island, no matter how many fake Tainos dance under limbo-sticks shouting Navajo War Cries every June on 5th Avenue in NYC at the Pseudo-Rican Day Parade. The nativist imprint on the Island has been bull-dozed and million dollar condominiums have gone up in its place. Is it progress? That’s debatable, but it certainly is reality. And I don’t know too many people in Puerto Rico (where most of my family still lives) who yearn for the old days of using corn “tusas” and outhouses for their toilet and sanitary needs. The nativist imprint is over and exists in glass exhibits or in the tourist trinket shops at the airport…you know the ones…where they sell black-faced Hula-Dancing bobble-heads in grass-skirts…our “native” dress (I’ve been told by idiots on the US Mainland).

    If the indigenous element were of any substantial significance anywhere in the US Mainland or Puerto Rico then all people living in Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Dakotas (North and South),Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah (to name a few USMainland states with “Indian” names), would be doing Apache War Dances and wearing Hopi War Paint every 4th of July to identify with their “indigenous” roots…and they DO NOT!

    Then ask yourself what religious matrix is dominant on the Island for the last FIVE (I repeat…FIVE) centuries.
    It is not any Sub-Saharan-rooted, hunter-gather ritual-inspired, bone-in-the-nose, lion-wrestling one.

    Do you really believe that a few Taino cave drawings and a few scattered “Batey” courts have had the same cultural impact on the cultural imprint in Puerto Rico as that of 77 European-designed, Mediterranean-inspired central plaza towns on the Island with dancing fountains in front of majestic Catholic churches carved by Corsican and Italian craftsman?

    What nation gave the Island its STILL-enforced Napoleonic legal matrix? Zanzibar? Fiji? Pago-Pago?
    ANSWER: France…you know that “other” country in Europe, next to Spain.

    Today, people in Puerto Rico (not all, but most) marry and make legal bond in the context of some Judeo-Christian tradition. Not too many are sacrificing chickens, trading 10 Cheetah skins or bringing bags of human-bone beads in exchange for a virgin 10 y/o bride…but I haven’t been to La Perla lately.

    Look…here’s the deal…believe what you want…let it form your world view and then live in that world.
    But don’t expect intelligent, informed, insightful people to join you in that charade of your rabid creation.

    And let’s not even discuss the venue of monetary trade that today IS the US American “dollar” whether you or I like it or not.

    Let others live their lives, while you enjoy yours.


  16. ethera13…thank you for lending a note of insightful and intriguing commentary to what often turns into an immature, illogical and ignorant faux-dialog about non-existent Taino “empires”, hate-Whitey-diatribes…and Nuyorican “pendejaces” about them being the “real” Puerto Ricans…

    There is a lot we don’t know about regarding Puerto Rico pre-1493, but a couple of things are clear about it today FIVE centuries later…it is the geo-political vortex of a dysfunctional, dishonest and destructive cancer of human activity….and one that will almost certainly sink lower into its own depravity…as is the irrevocable trajectory of the USMainland imitation “democracy” that has reached its own level of toxic self-destruction…thanks again.


  17. Greg, you should refrain from calling me all sorts of name in order to dIscredit me. I acknowledged that there were Africans that took part in the slave trade, but there were those Africans that opposed the slave trade too, such as King Ansha of Ghana, King Nzenga Maremba in the Congo, King Agadja of Dahomey, Kimg Almammy of Senegal, Queen Nzingha of Angola. The European “institutionalized” the slave trade and were spiritually blessed by the Catholic Papacy to engage in their heinous enterprise. All their industries centered around it, including the financing and insuring of their precious cargo, the production of boats, chains, the building of castles in Africa to store them before shipping them off to the Americas…. Stop being an apologist for Europeans and their atrocities….Afrocentricity? I have no shame in being a Puerto Rican of African descent. Puerto Rico has an African component to its make up and a strong and influential one at that….should I trust the Eurocentric view point of history because you say so? Should I put my trust in the colonizer’s interpretation of history? The prominent African scholar Cheikh Anta Diop of Senegal challenged the Eurocentric version of history and with the impressive thesis that Africa, is not only the cradle of humanity, it is also the cradle of civilization. The indigenous blacks of Africa civilized the Greeks, the so called progenitor of European civilization. The Greeks sat at the feet of Africans and attained knowledge in science, mathematics, architecture, morality, philosophy, worshipping a Supreme being, organization and governance. The African taught the European to read and right. The Indigenous Black African was well into several dynastic periods before Greece came on the world stage. European historians in antiquity and leading white historians, that succeeded them, have agreed with Diop’s thesis and acknowledge that the indigenous blacks of Africa is the originator of civilization. Among the European scholars was one, Constantin Volney of France, who couldn’t understand how the European could turn on the very same people that civilized them… I would encourage my people to be more open-minded to their African roots, embrace it, and not be ashamed of it. By the way Greg, ya tu cansa, negro…Puerto Rico Libre!


    Mr. Pataki and the Financial Control Board
    Reminds me when the US Military Governors
    Ruled over Puerto Rico.
    They where Theives and Wolves elected by Congress and Sanctioned by the US President.

    ‘Pitirre was Here’


  19. Ruben There is no point in trying to opening your mind or heart. My reference to cannibalism was given to me by one of the oldest living Puerto Rican historians of my area. Put that aside. You speak of Spanish ancestry, check a map. Spain is part of Europe. Puerto Ricans are primarily a mixed of Spanish (white) African slaves (black) and native Taino Indians (brown) throw in 100 years of being a US colony and you have today’s Puerto Rican. Many of my Puerto Rican friends are whiter than I am. Your racist anger and hatred are a big part of the problem. You speak of Jesus and God as though you have exclusive connection, but everything you spew is anti-christian. Read the bible, live by Jesus’s word. His teaching is love. I feel sorry for you that you are so full of hate. May you come anew to Jesus and find peace within your soul.


  20. Ethera 13, give me a break with that nonsense that your spewing on the early inhabitants of PR, my ancestors. It’s insulting and condescending. Quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me. As I posted earlier, wherever the white man has set foot, death, devastation, and destruction follows. Every where they go, misery besets the poor souls they encounter. Rarely will truth and accountability be found in them, as they, themselves write the history of their evil to fit their pathetic narrative. God does not dwell in them because their hearts are so rife with pride, greed, and a lack of respect for their fellow man. Their polluted and defiled hearts does not make for a fitting temple for God’s abode. There is no Truth in them and there is none in you. If I were you, I’d be embarrassed to post anything on here given what your people, fellow whites, have done to my people, including my grandfather, who cut cane on those plantations for nothing, who never learned how to read and write in his own Spanish language because your fellow whites were obsessed with ramming English down his throat, whose mindset was never allowed to fully develop and think as a free man. Now you want to give me this bullshit history lesson about his people before him by making references to cannibalism and atrocities. Bitch please, that would be typical of you to skirt the truth and give your own spin on history, knowing that to have control of writing the history of the slave, you can control the slave. The atrocity you want to attribute to my ancestors was non commited by them against themselves, but occurred when they had the misfortune of having the Europeans stumble upon their shores. Today, it is your people who practice cannibalism. They devour the mind and soul of people causing so much misery and despair. Your people perpetrate on my people, the greatest crime that can be perpetrated against humanity, which is depriving them of their God given right to be free and not a slave. Then, your people have the gall to imprison men and women who dare fight and demand that God given right. But Estera13, you wouldn’t understand that, because God only gave you and your kind the exclusive right to be free and to decide who should or should’nt be free. So, Estera 13, do me a favor and go fuck yourself. Puerto Rico libre!🇵🇷


  21. Ruben…the role of the rabid afro-centric apologist is one you don’t wear well, but I understand that your closet is quite full of those outfits…perhaps a trip to the Salvation Army donation dumpster might be in order some day.

    To blame Europeans for the totality of the tri-angulated slave trade and not blame the african slave-traders that ware-housed the “diaspora” of MILLIONS IN AFRICA is a bit disingenuous and historically revisionist…”for whatever their reasons were”. Is that a joke?

    Do you think the African slave-traders hunted, chased, threw nets over, captured, chained and shipped MILLIONS of their tribal brothers and sister “by accident”? Do you really believe that they received a handful of whale-bone buttons in exchange for selling their own people?

    And as for “English” not being a European language, that “pachota’a” will take the entire population of the UK and the English-speaking world by one HUGE surprise. And if you want to follow your retro-spective afro-centric trajectory back into millennia, you might want to let the pre-historic inhabitants of the Caves of Altamira Spain know that they didn’t really draw those pictures on the cave walls, but that they were really drawn by Obama’s father in a previous life when he wasn’t chasing an 18 y/o female college freshman in Hawaii to mount and impregnate while his own wife was back in Kenya with his children starving. Afro-centric revisionism cuts both ways, Ruben.

    And is there really any point in telling all the Greeks that they are not part of Europe because you said so on the internet?

    Especially given that the Greek/Roman empires colonized almost every contemporary nation in Europe and left their genetic imprint and their archeological evidence as proof all over the continent? You might want to read about the city of Bath in England…It was NOT built by Aztecs, Nyoricans, Kenyans or Chupacabras.

    And I would suggest you get a map out and take a look at where Greece is located. It is not in Africa, Asia or Machu Picchu, but then again I don’t know what “map” you are looking at on graffiti-inspired FB pages filled with selfies.

    As for Puerto Rico’s “democracy” I would agree with you…amoeba road-kill would agree with the obvious too.

    As a FOUR HUNDRED YEAR colony of Spain (that place in Europe) and a ONE HUNDRED YEAR colony of the US, it has NEVER had a democracy nor anything even resembling one. But is that a surprise given that even the US (that owns Puerto Rico) is nothing more than a faux-democratic side-show where the peasants…….errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I mean “citizens” get to leave their big screen TVs and buckets of chicken wings every 4 years to exercise their “democratic right” to pointlessly “vote” for one of two despicable bi-pedal organisms referred to as “presidential candidates”?

    “Democracy” had its origins in GREECE and not in the pile of bones and torn-flesh at the base of the pyramids of Giza, but I wasn’t there to observe the Egyptian “democrats” when they whipped their slaves till their lungs burst as they pushed those granite slabs up-hill.

    Puerto Rico’s cosmic plight has been FIVE centuries in the making and I don’t (and neither do you) have the answer(s) to the political, psychological and meta-physical condition it is in today, but I know that no matter of “banderita-waving” or “bomba and plena dancing” on YouTube is going to remedy it.

    Now get back to that research on how Sub-Saharan Africans were “REALLY” the ones that carved the fjords of Denmark and not the pre-historic glaciers.


  22. Ruben I feel like we are coming in on the middle of an ongoing conversation. Before Europeans or whites committed atrocities so did the warring hordes of… just about every human tribe on the planet back to Cain and Abel. If we are being truthful the only real Puerto Ricans are the Taino Indians. So to say the Europeans should give the US back to the Native American Indians then give PR back to the Tainos. Before the Tainos there were probably others maybe the cannibals that would come here in search of humans as food but I suppose that wasn’t an atrocity, just part of the island’s history. My point being we can not live in the past or expect retribution for the evolution of humanity. Certainly things here, as everywhere, are not acceptable to the conscious human, so what can we do to improve matters? The factions that promote war and profit from human misery are but a few, although their power controls us all. The Rothschild family heads the list. With their world dominance of the money, they back both sides in most wars at the expense of us all. They turn you against me, race against race, religion against other faiths, economy of one nation against another. Their game is divide and conquer. While we are at each others throats they do their dirty work behind closed doors of congress. Not just our political systems but they have infiltrated just about all of the world’s governments. It has become a blatant exercise in futility for the masses. Case in point the current US elections Trump is a reality show host, unfit to hold the most powerful position in the world. Truth is he is just a figurehead doing their bidding… pitting us against each other. Clinton; a corporate shill, again ultimately doing their bidding. I know it sounds hopeless and it is until we unite, put aside our misdirected anger and focus on uniting to the common good. Start by placing blame where it should be… at the top. Each one of us needs to take responsibility for our own lives. Government “cheese” is a trap that destroys desire to provide for one’s self and the pride that comes with earning one’s way. The deck is stacked against us, so we need to find another currency, like barter. We need to grown our own food, export the excess. Make more products than we import to provide jobs. Educate each other in survival skills because things are looking pretty grim. I don’t want to give them any reason for “boots on the ground” in PR. I hear you and I agree we are in a very bad position of feeling like victims. We are not alone. This is happening all over the world. The question is how do we stand together to make it a better situation here and abroad?


  23. Greg… However the Sub-Saharan African, Asian, Mayan, refer themselves as, is their choice. Im almost certain that they will not be referring to themselves as white or European, unless there are denial issues… I’m pleased that you have acknowledged my point, that Europeans have committed atrocities, though you’re using softer and understated language or as you put it, “Sure Europeans have done lots of damage to others.” You’re comical…Sure, Africans sold other Africans to Europeans, for whatever their reasons were, but it was The European that institutionalized the slave trade creating industries out of it. They amassed their enormous wealth and power from it…Regarding the European language, English, that we are using to write in this forum, it actually isn’t European at all. The script or alphabet used is borrowed from Greece, who borrowed from the Phoenicians, who in turn derived their script from the hieroglyphics of Egypt, located in the Motherland of humanity, Africa. Therefore, the United States has no language because they didn’t take the time or were too damn lazy to develop their own alphabet…As for Puerto Ricans appearing on police department blotters is concerned, sure they pop up on them, as all other ethnic groups do. And, we also have a lot of decent people as well. Puerto Ricans haven’t invaded or denied any one their land or liberties abroad, nor have they committed atrocities against humanity… As for being welfare recipients, Europeans are at the top of those rolls here in the US, and besides, the US has reaped a ton of a lot more wealth from PR than the other way around. Im sure we can agree on that if you have read Mr. Denis’ book and other books point out… Insofar as democracy in the island is concerned, they have none. If you think, that is a democracy then you are drunk in that “kewl-aid” that you have referenced…Insofar as Hitler and his atrocities are concerned, it’s common knowledge that U.S. Banks were “backing” him too, making money off of the Jewish misery. The U.S. banks were in bed with Hitler and the Nazis… As for Puerto Rico’s future, she has no future in her current political state. It’s a “plantation.” There is no future as a “slave” on a “plantation.” Those so called politicians in Puerto Rico are nothing more than traitors, doing their master’s bidding. It is hopeless situation if Puerto Ricans put their faith in any one that doesn’t promote independence. Have a good night.


  24. Ruben…do you really believe that Sub-Saharan Africans, Mayans or the BILLIONS of Asians on the planet refer to themselves as “minorities”, “marginalized” or “people-of-color”…your Americo-centric race baba-diversity-deluded-double-talk speaks to your incoherent and incomplete world view.

    Sure, Europeans have done lots of damage to others on the planet. But who do you think sold black slaves bound for the Americas? Was it the Vikings? The Romans? The Celts? The Croatians? The Russians?

    Your Euro-bashing would ring with a bit more integrity if you weren’t writing (and thinking, presumably) in a EUROPEAN language…de vera’ chico, ya e’ tiempo para reconocerte”.

    Tu baba politica ya cansa…time to get back to Starbucks. Britney is waiting for you and you know how angry she gets when her “man of color” is late with his credit cards.

    And as for “us Puerto Ricans and Hispanics” taking responsibility for our “actions”…I think the NYC police blotters, welfare rosters, foster-care ledgers and drug rehab center enrollment lists tell a different story with their abundance of surnames ending in “ez”.

    And yes, Puerto Rico has its share of thieves, but I am certain that they will get their due rewards and intelligent, insightful and inspired governance will prevail…their con-jobs and political fan-dancing are now very public and if the Puerto Rican “electorate” allows them to continue to rob the Island, then they are getting the “leadership” they deserve and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

    Hitler was backed by MOST of Germany in committing some of the atrocious acts against humanity ever recorded, even though they were (and still are) among the most intellectually, culturally and technologically advanced societies on the earth.
    He WAS what his “nation” wanted!

    So today…Puerto Rico will survive its current plague of political whores…eventually even the prettiest whore has to call it a day and wash her face and private parts…that day is coming very soon in Puerto Rico.

    And I for one will not be handing ANYONE a “Handi-Wipe”…believe it!


  25. Greg, you’re either in la-la land or your an apologist for Europeans. Again, where ever they have set foot, death, devastation, and destruction has followed. That’s a fact. It’s not a racist point of view.


  26. your basically predicting the Attacki will do what the Puerto Ricans already did to the Island…


  27. Ruben…be sure you share your racist sentiments about “whites” with the whites of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica and the 2 or 3 others that live in the rest of Central and South America.

    I am certain they will be equally entertained…de vera’ que aqui se encuentran 4 payasos buscando su circo “La Tino”.

    I think you have been drinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much of the US Mainland diversity-multi-culti-mumbo-jumbo-we-all-be’s-duh-same Kewl-Aid. I hope there’s an anti-dote for it.


  28. america is done and will be punished for inslaving humans period.and the white man is responsible for it. if your not puerto rican stay out of our island go back to evil america.


  29. p.rico has to stop depending on evil ameica and the evil white man.Jesus is our Lord and savior not the dirty white man. the 12tribes of israel will not be negros who built this country all latinos who sweat for peanuts and to my native american indian who are the true owners of this country. ann coulter said it best adios america!! Jesus lives.


  30. the white race are not the people of God we are .the 12tribes of israel period .im not a racist i am a man and son of Jesus.america has failed Jesus as humans and will pay dearly just look around you.ive said it once and il said it again you cannot erase 400yrs of slavery. america is the most evil and racist country on earth .God doesnt like ugly .america is in big trouble with Jesus for inslaving humans and when they marked in God we trust on dollar bill.america must free p.r now. Amen. God bless you all and let the Lord lead not the white man. Que viva p.rico y la rasa negra en el nobre the mi padre Jesu Cristo !! Amen.times up white america.pue


  31. All whites may not be evil, but damn it, they have been a scourge on us people of color. Where ever they show up, usually death, destruction, and devastation follows. They always want to lead others and seek their well being, but their propensity for greed and advantage make them suspect. If in Puerto Rico, there are corrupt politicians, they’re so because they are slaves and prone to being seduced by the United States’ wealth and power. Principled Puerto Ricans, who have been both men AND women, have paid a dear price for refusing to be lured by The United States’ wealth and instead struggle for Puerto Rico’s freedom. We Puerto Ricans and Hispanics don’t make a habit of running around making excuses for our failings nor are we quick to point the finger at others, who fuck up with us to mitigate our own failings. What white people of good conscience should do is condemn strongly that evil white power structure that strangles Puerto Rico and want to to completely dispossess them of their land and make of them a homeless people. Those whites of conscience need to sacrifice that comfort of privilege that they enjoy so much and don’t have the courage to give up. That’s the least they can do being that the Puerto Rican of conscience exposes him or herself of so much more.


  32. To Puerto Rican Frankie: Please do not make rash comments like “the white race is evil” I am white but I share the burden of living and loving Puerto Rico. I am desperately seeking ways to better life for all of us suffering under the atrocities committed by the few corrupt individuals both white and Puerto Rican that have placed this burden upon us. One of their games is divide and conqueror. While we are set against each other they gain more control over our lives. We must unite by belief in fairness and equality to overcome them. Place the “hate, if you must” on the true culprits and strengthen your numbers and clout with like minded individuals. Jesus only preached and lived LOVE so if you truly believe in him, then follow his teachings. We can and will rise above this. Thank you for your consideration.


  33. That great elder, Don Pedro, has got to be rolling in his grave. SMH. Don Pedro, whose brilliance included knowledge of military science, understood the enemies technique of waging war. Puerto Ricans have wasted far too much time on those useless plebiscites. The USA has used the practice of plebiscites to divide and conquer and as a measure to distract our people. Moreover, Don Pedro didn’t believe in plebiscites and had exhorted PRicans not to submit to the indignity of participating in plebiscites by entering a casket fashioned as a voting booth to be counted by the USA, so many of them want to remain slaves and so many don’t want to be slaves. Don Pedro was a proud Puerto Rican. He knew the deal. One does not ask for freedom. One has to demand it. Freedom is a natural right. The average PRican can’t begin to understand how deep Don Pedro was. All the while PRicans have been engaged in the useless debate of political status, the US’ financial sector and the treasonous Puerto Rican politicians were steering PR into bankruptcy. They knew full well that PR has no economic options to avoid the inevitable because of the slave status. They knew it would come down to this. With this “junta” or financial control board now being put in place, the veneer of Puerto Rican democracy is finally being exposed for the sham that it and has always been. It’s exposed for everyone to see. It exposes the United States as an imperial power that has and continues to exploit her little colony, Puerto Rico. The puppeteers, now, will openly govern the “plantation” replacing their puppets.


  34. Puerto Rican Frankie…when did “Puerto Rican” become a race?

    I think it’s time to re-visit Anthropology 101, Sociology 101 and Ethnography 101.

    You can skip generic “La Tino” Studies 101…even the Taco Bell dancing Chihuahua wouldn’t lift it’s little “patita” to pee on that pile of noo-age faux(fo) identity caca.

    De vera’ chico ya debemos de elevar el “discurso” mas alto que el nivel de los tobillos de una cucaracha muerta, no?


  35. Another incompetent political crook. Watch out Puerto Rico! These tsunami crooks are nothing but bad news. Their life’s work is to steal as much money as they can, before they die. Open your eyes, ears, and your minds to understand they are not here to help you, they are there to fill their pockets with your blood sweat and tears. ” Despierta Boricua “.


  36. Do you have this article in spanish, you been feeding those who speak English and Spanish with good news but if you want those people on the island to pay attention to what your article are saying then you should write them also in spanish, if you have them already in Spanish send me the link I want to read them

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  37. Puerto ricans just dont get it . The white race is evil and wont do for no one but their people. We have to do for self and ask Jesus to free puerto rico because we are still slaves.


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