FBI preparing for “Islamic terrorist” attacks in Puerto Rico

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The FBI Director of Puerto Rico, Douglas Leff, is preparing his agents for an attack from ISIS terrorists. “The Islamic terrorists can attack here, and they will,” said Leff during a radio interview with NotiUno 630.

This is the latest in a series of FBI alerts, regarding potential violence on the island of Puerto Rico…




Director Leff expressed concern that ISIS terrorists could “enter the US through Puerto Rico,” and then “have access to the rest of the United States.”

That does not make any sense.

The US-Mexico border is 1,989 miles long, and the US-Canada border is 1,538 miles long. Together, they amount to over 3,500 miles of permeable border.

An ISIS terrorist can simply walk into the U.S. from either border…whereas in Puerto Rico, the terrorist would still have to get on a plane, show a passport and pass through TSA airport security, in order to enter the U.S.

Director Leff also claimed that Puerto Rico represents a “soft target” for ISIS terrorists who want to hurt the U.S. This also makes no sense, for at least three reasons.

#1. If a terrorist wants to “enter the rest of the US,” he would do so quietly. The last thing he would do is explode bombs in Puerto Rico, and trigger an island-wide manhunt, before boarding the plane to New York.

#2. If a terrorist wants to frighten the US, he will not accomplish this by bombing Puerto Rico 1,500 miles away. He will do it in the US.

#3. Puerto Ricans have themselves been victimized by the US…for the past 118 years. Why would ISIS bomb the victims, and ignore the villains? 


The FBI is clearly pursuing another agenda with this “Puerto Rico ISIS alert.”

Given the mounting resentment of an economic takeover of Puerto Rico by a U.S. Financial Control Board, and a looming minimum wage cut to $4.25 while the rest of the U.S. moves towards $15.00, this “ISIS alarm” seems more like a prelude to martial law in Puerto Rico.

The FBI is preparing to clamp down on any dissent or civil disobedience in Puerto Rico…and they are using ISIS as an excuse.


This FBI warning is just like the one issued during the 1950s, when Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalists were branded as “Communist agents” by the FBI, and by Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín.

Now in 2016, any public demonstration – against the Financial Control Board; NALED fumigation; or the privatization of beaches, schools, electricity and water – may now be branded as “domestic terrorism.” In this way, the First Amendment rights of the demonstrators could be superseded by the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the USA Freedom Act.

Any similarities to Public Law 53 (aka the Gag Law, La Ley de la Mordaza) are, of course, purely coincidental.


Book - 12-10

15 Comments on “FBI preparing for “Islamic terrorist” attacks in Puerto Rico

  1. I dont believe terrorist have any ineterst in harming Puerto Ricans. Most people with half a brain including ISIS and the like, understand that the people of Puerto Rico are opressed. (Social oppression is a concept that describes a relationship of dominance and subordination between categories of people in which one benefits from the systematic abuse, exploitation, and injustice directed toward the other.a repressed) I am certain that terrorist do not see the Puerto Rican people as the United States, they and the world see Puerto Rico as a Colony, not free and associated. It is one of the reasons I moved to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an Island away from all of the madness in the rest of the world.


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  4. @ gullen san…

    And another 750K in NYC who arrived as “tourists” or “students” and stayed illegally as fake-Puerto Ricans (using the social security numbers and forged driver’s licenses of dead Puerto Ricans) and today have become generic “La Tinos”.

    “Secure borders”? Perhaps on Uranus?

    I lived in NYC for DECADES and I never met one Dominican who “immigrated” legally or had ever filed an application in Santo Domingo to enter the US legally or to become a legal US citizen by applying for American citizenship…NEVER!

    Many others use Puerto Rico as a “jumping-off” point to the US Mainland because they know that Puerto Ricans can spot them a mile away do not want them there making the very depressed Insular economy even worse. And I won’t even mention their “contribution” to the drug infestation in the San Juan metro area….”pa’ que ni hablar”.

    This is all a very well-known “secret” in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, Newark and Miami. Even the dead in Quisqueya Heights know it…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    When I would ask…”y de donde en Puerto Rico vienen?” The answer was always the same…”Pue’, de Sang Juang” or “ay mi’jo no joda'”…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Yeah, borders as “secure” as the virtue of flea-bitten donkeys in Tijuana sex-bars. American sovereignty is a fiction of politicians the naive and gullible and federal agencies like the FBI and CIA exist only to perpetuate the lie of “national security”. The thousands of dead on 9/11 know better about American “national security”.

    A nation that does not control its borders or the flow of immigrants DOES NOT control its future. History has told us that for millennia, no matter what that dancing minstrel in the White House or “El Trumpo” or “Hillaria” tell us.


  5. 250,000 or so Dominicans in Puerto Rico and you pretend like the border is secure


  6. Seems to me the only goal of the FBI and U.S Government is to be the harbingers of martial law to the Island, which under the current drug related homicidal chaos and rampant uncontrolled crime wave is a real possibility. There are no accidents in government absolutely, none. Puerto Rico has been destroyed from the inside out by acts of official government, political, judicial and police corruption. It’s a cancer that is slowly killing Puerto Rico. Many good & hard working people like my family and I (who were PR tax payers) have been forced off the island by out of control crime & violence. Much as on the mainland too, Puerto Rico has been sold out and is being played like a fiddle. I’ve always said, when all the good people have fled the island, who does that actually leave behind on the island? I should not be living in here in MA today but I am and not by choice.. My family and I were forced off the island by its rampant crime and corruption 5 years ago. Our home, life’s possession, livestock and land in Puerto Rico has been destroyed (burned to the ground) by ruthless criminals with the aid of official well documented corruption. No one in the U.S. Government, Puerto Rican Government or the mainstream media wanted to know the whole truth about what’s happening to Puerto Rico. In my own case, the FBI & USDOJ knew the whole time my family and I were being deliberately targeted and criminally repeatedly attacked over a six month period…. federal officials never lifted a finger to stop any of it even as we were state’s witness in a criminal case. Soon after we fled the island (in 2011) I discovered an official U.S Government document in which federal officials were directly aiding and collaborating with my would be assassinos! You see, I was a federal police officer who dared question corruption on the island! What’s happening in Puerto Rico today is not an accident.. there are no accidents in government..absolutely none. Wake Up Puerto Rico!


  7. The FBI started their intimidation by taking DNA samples from Independentistas several months ago.
    Letting our people know they where coming.
    But that will not stop us.
    When our people realized the full implications of what this Financial control board is coming to do, there is going to be full blown outrage in Puerto Rico.
    The US has never understood our history, our culture, our temperament, our nature.
    US approach is still off the wild wild west. This beautiful island, that I love, of deep green blue mountains and coral reefs, whose history and soil runs through my veins. Will come once again face to face with history, two cultures will head on, one powerfull the other trapped within, to soak soil with blood.


  8. Really, Islamic, I wish I could say what i want but at this time i will keep it.

    New Image Remodeling and Paint, L.L.C.

    On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 8:01 AM, WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS wrote:

    > Remy posted: ” The FBI Director of Puerto Rico, Douglas Leff, is > preparing his agents for an attack from ISIS terrorists. “The Islamic > terrorists can attack here, and they will,” said Leff during a radio > interview with NotiUno 630. This is the latest in a s” >


  9. A leopard can’t change his spots. They pounced on the island 118 years ago and they still haven’t stopped ravaging the island. F.B.I. Won’t lift a finger to arrest Hillary Clinton, Luis Fortuño, or Mitch McConnell, or any of those thieves in congress, but their ready to pounce on any Boricua that refuses to let his island be stolen and their people annihilated. Keep it up F.B.I. You still can’t hide your spots. The truth will always prevail no matter how much corrupt money you have. As the Jews once stated ” NEVER AGAIN “.

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