The Puerto Rican people are to blame, for the spread of Zika virus

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According to Dana Miró, the residents of Puerto Rico – in particular the women – are responsible for contracting the Zika virus and endangering their own children. 

Ordinarily this wouldn’t mean much…except that Miró is the Director of the federal WIC program in Puerto Rico. She is responsible for the welfare and nutrition program for the entire island.

In a July 11 press conference, Miró stated that “all over Puerto Rico, women are not paying attention to Zika. They’re doing nothing to prevent it. If they did try to prevent it, we wouldn’t have to spray the island with NALED.”

Since Dana Miró is blaming Puerto Rican women for the NALED fumigation program, it is appropriate to see what “prevention” measures these women are neglecting to take.

According to the CDC, the four best ways to avoid contracting the Zika virus are:

  • Don’t travel to places that have it 
  • Cover your body whenever you are outdoors 
  • Fumigate your living spaces 
  • Air condition your home, since mosquitoes hate air conditioning

We therefore asked Juan Bobo to create a program of “Zika compliance” for the women of Puerto Rico, which will meet with the approval of the federal WIC director, Ms. Dana Miró. 


Juan Bobo does not recommend moving away from Puerto Rico.

According to Bobo, “We have lived on this island too long, to be scared away by an ignorant WIC director who has lost her own self-esteem…or traded it for a federal job.”

Juan Bobo recommends the other three options.


The women of Puerto Rico can cover themselves from head to foot, with the space suit which Dustin Hoffman wore in the movie Outbreak.

Juan Bobo like Dustin HoffmanJust like Dustin Hoffman

This will double as a weight-loss outfit, and a deterrent to unwanted sexual advances.


The fumigation option will also work…but only if pursued aggressively throughout the entire house.

This especially includes the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms…anywhere the mosquitoes are likely to encounter warm food or stagnant water.

Fumigator Juan BoboFumigating for Dana Miró, the federal WIC Director


Air conditioning will also work…but again, it must be done aggressively.

Juan Bobo recommends a 200,000 BTU industrial refrigeration unit, enough to “freeze the ‘skito the moment he walks in the door.”

200000 BTU200,000 BTUs should do the trick

This will raise the average electricity bill to $900 per month throughout the island…which will please the hedge funds that will soon own PREPA.

When asked if his Zika prevention program is a tad excessive, Juan Bobo responded:

“Maybe, just a little bit…but we don’t want Doña Dana to think that Puerto Rican women are not serious about Zika. Otherwise, she might cut off their food stamps.”


Book - 12-10

9 Comments on “The Puerto Rican people are to blame, for the spread of Zika virus

  1. Zika virus is endemic from Africa. Transported to Haiti and Dominican Republic by infected humans with the virus from Africa. Now from infected humans from Dom. Rep. to PR. No one is talking about not letting people with the virus to travel. Like they do with other viruses.


  2. Well, this is an excellent time for the feds to chemically sterilize the Island’s men and women. They already used our mothers and grandmothers to test the contraceptive pill, one of their best and most famous products!

    Well, here’s hoping the citizens of this Island remember something very important: THE FEDS ARE FEW IN NUMBER. They want to hold the Island’s “money” hostage? There are ways around that (especially remembering that EXCHANGE is the best way to go).

    Citizens of Puerto Rico: Please remember you can choose. Together, you can make a difference. Leave the handouts to those who truly need charity. Get off your knees; stand together and rise, or stand alone and die with dignity. Groveling does not become you.


  3. MRS. DANA MIRO; ARE YOU SERIOUS ? I really thought that an intelligent person like you , should have more common sense. How dare you, blame the women of Puerto Rico for f the —ZIKA– plague in the Island ? If that is the case , WHO THE HELL SPREAD THE VIRUS IN OTHER COUNTRIES, THAT ARE AFFECTED BY THE SAME VIRUS? THAT GOES TO SHOW THAT YOU, MAM , ARE NOTHING BUT A CONSTIPATED , NARROW MIND, STUPID IGNORANT PERSON.


  4. There HAS to be something in the water in Puerto Rico.

    Nothing else can explain the interminable, incessant and INCREDIBLE “chorro de estupideces y babosidades” that come out of the mouths (or other orifices) of the Island’s fumbling “spokes-payasos”.

    Seriously, this level of ignorance is a colossal embarrassment on the world plane for the hard-working, struggling Island residents who are just trying to make ends meet and move forward with their lives DESPITE the treachery of the Island’s “leadership” that has betrayed them for a century at this point.

    Somebody PLEASE make this “caca” stop already!!!

    Y aun siguen bailando en seda los monos en Fortaleza…dio’ mio, que bochorno!

    If this nonsense doesn’t stop soon, there will be MILLIONS of us trading-in our “Puerto Rican” card. OMG!


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