Puerto Rican singer wins La Voz Kids

Book - 12-10


A 14-year old singing sensation, Christopher Rivera, won La Voz Kids last night.

Christopher was chosen by millions of voters from dozens of countries. His talent and charisma are undeniable. And he is Puerto Rican…

La Voz Kids first aired in 2013 and is currently the top-rated entertainment show on Spanish-language television.

The show is so influential that one of the 2016 contestants who did not win, 8-year old Carmen Sanchez, was signed as a lead performer in a Broadway musical.


From the beginning, Christopher Rivera showed enormous poise and singing ability. His audition turned all three chairs around and left all three judges speechless…and then they started fighting over him.

Later on, his version of Frank Sinatra’s My Way became an internet sensation.

Christopher Rivera demonstrates the talent and promise that exist on our island.



We are proud of Christopher, a son of Puerto Rico, and join the millions of fans who will be following his career…and celebrating his voice.


Book - 12-10

4 Comments on “Puerto Rican singer wins La Voz Kids

  1. Here you have it!! Puerto Rico has talent … and so man other incredible things. Proud Puerto Rican … #PuertoRicoTalent …. ❤


  2. I’m really happy for Chris, he’s got a great future a head of him.


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