90 Pounds of Cocaine discovered on a boat owned by the family of Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate

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Mitch McConnell is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. McConnell fast-tracked the PROMESA bill through the Senate. He made sure that a minimum wage cut to $4.25, and the installation of a powerful Financial Control Board, went through quickly – with virtually no debate and no amendment.

It is therefore ironic, that Mitch McConnell has been linked to the distribution and sale of 90 pounds of cocaine.


A boat was recently detained before leaving from Colombia.

During the search, the Colombian Coast Guard discovered 90 pounds of cocaine, in forty neat packets.

The vessel’s is named Ping May – one of sixteen ships operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation (FMC).

FMC is owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

But the Chaos are more than family: they also make huge donations to McConnell’s political campaigns.


For almost 30 years, since the late ‘80s, the Chao family has bankrolled Senator Mitch McConnell. When McConnell married Elaine Chao, in 1993, the Chao family lavished him with enormous gifts.

In 2008, a gift from the Chao family of between 5 and 25 million dollars made McConnell one of the richest politicians in the nation (congressional financial disclosure reports only require dollar ranges…McConnell reported a gift of “between 5 and 25 million dollars on his 2008 report).

Shockingly, McConnell is an alleged “anti-drug warrior.” He sponsored the 1996 “Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act,” which would increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana. He also firmly opposes any form of legalized marijuana.


In other words, McConnell’s family have been financing his Senate campaigns with their cocaine drug profits…so that McConnell can go to Washington, to wage a “war on drugs.”


Mitch McConnell, the “anti-drug” U.S. Senator


This same hypocrisy exists in the Puerto Rico shipping industry. Just like Washington, D.C., it is also teeming with corruption.

Between 2008 and 2013, six shipping executives with major responsibilities in the Puerto Rico shipping industry were sentenced to federal prison. They committed multiple felonies: conspiring to fix shipping rates, and allocating cargoes amongst the three companies which employed them.


Also, the largest shipping companies – Crowley, Sea Star, and Horizon Lines – were all found as co-conspirators who “conspired to fix and maintain rates for Puerto Rico freight services, to share freight customers between and amongst themselves, and to rig bids submitted to customers of Puerto Rico freight services.” 

In addition to these jailed executives, the three carriers – Sea Star, Crowley, and Horizon – all pleaded guilty to violating the Sherman Antitrust Act in numerous other areas during 2011 and 2012, and were fined a total of 46.2 million dollars. 

The Jones Act protects these companies – even though they are breaking the law, and strangling the economy of Puerto Rico.


Every Puerto Rican pays higher prices for the goods that these “Jones Act criminals” ship into the island. Then, after paying an artificially rigged price, the people of Puerto Rico now pay an additional 11.5% sales tax, on the already inflated consumer goods! For this reason the cost of living is higher in Puerto Rico, than in any state in the U.S.

The Jones Act is a corrupt law.

The Jones Act shipping companies are also corrupt.

The New York Times called for terminating the Jones Act. Even the International Monetary Fund economists, who drafted the infamous Krueger Report agreed. It is immoral, illegal, and fatal for Puerto Rico to be denied the right to its own shipping industry.

The Jones Act is the new Vieques.  We must end it RIGHT AWAY.


Meanwhile Mitch McConnell continues in Washington…

The most powerful man in the U.S. Senate is fighting a “war on drugs,” while his family sells cocaine to keep him in office.

He sends a Financial Control Board down to Puerto Rico, which is authorized to receive “gifts” of any kind: money, real estate, jewelry, yachts, lavish vacations. They can accept these “gifts” from anybody – including from the people who have business before the Board.

In other words, the PROMESA bill that was fast-tracked by Mitch McConnell, contains an open invitation to bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering.

This is the “fiscal integrity” that we get from a Cocaine Senator.

This is the “law and order” that Puerto Rico is supposed to respect.


Book - 12-10

58 Comments on “90 Pounds of Cocaine discovered on a boat owned by the family of Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate

  1. What a greedy, sneaky hypocrite😡😡
    You know what you call a man that “says one
    thing (about a negative) and then condones that
    (Negative) ! You call him a “SNAKE WITH POISONOUS FANGS”😡😡 He benefits from that which he knows is wrong and then uses it for his selfish gain!! HYPOCRITICAL SNAKE🐉🐉
    Now I see why he blocked President Obama’s
    every move to get legislature passed through the Senate, because a Senator “MItch”who has a EVIL HATEFUL, RACIST, SNEAKY, GREEDY disposition
    is holding the deck of cards; he says who is allowed and who is not allowed😡🐉😡DISGUSTING!!


  2. Old old news. Since when if your family owns a business and someone gets caught working for you with drugs does that make you guilty


  3. I Wonder, did Mister Senator Mitchey McConnell Start Doing a Little Bit of that Cocaine Himself?
    You Say that Mitch McConnell Married His Present Wife and Member of Donny’s Cesspool Cabinet in 1993? I Wonder How Long Mister Mitch Has Been “Profiting” From His Wife’s Family’s Shipping Business?


  4. Disgusting criminals all in the GOP gang of pedophiles!


  5. He’s as guilty as the captains driving the boat.
    He knows what goes on the boat….rich jackass
    Profits from it.


  6. I was suggested tһis web site ƅy meɑns of
    my cousin. I ɑm not positive whether ⲟr not thіs put up
    is written bʏ ѡay ߋf him aѕ no one elѕe realize ѕuch
    pɑrticular about my problem. You’re wonderful!


  7. Mitch McConnell is an evil, corrupt politician that must be voted out of office. He is shameful, and will go straight to hell for his atrocities to America!


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  9. Change the laws now to protect PR and throw the bums in jail Republicans and Democrats alike. Party does not matter.


  10. So he is really a criminal. He knows this and takes money made from this so why is he still a senator? Why has nothing been done about this? Seems all the people we have in. Government are crooks! Some need charged and jail time!


  11. Jail McConnell and his in-laws. Nullify the last election and undo all the harm this abomination government has produced. Revolution must happen.


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  13. I’m totally disgusted and appalled that Mitch McConnell is able to get away (legally) with this behavior. As an Air Force Veteran, willing to die for my country, to read such information doesn’t surprise me, it stirs my spirit ever reminding me of the corruption at the highest levels of government, and the lowest.
    How in the hell is Mitch McConnell still in office? Why is the United States government allowing him to hold office?

    I’m ready to relocate to the UK!!


  14. Well… around 100 – 150 people are caught with Coke at the airports in my country each year… Does that make all airline owners coke dealers? Any evidence the people You accuse even knew what kind of legal fright was on that ship, let alone what was smuggled with it? Although I must admit that it wouldnt surprise me if further investigation would proof this right…

    Liked by 2 people

  15. MitchMc Connolly needs to retire-too old to be playing Goverment any more put his old ass in jail-

    Liked by 1 person

  16. So talk is cheep now what is
    Owe government leaders going
    That was not a gift look your
    Letting trump get away with
    The same thing we all no it’s
    Brakeman the law i say opera has
    Trump put mcconal his wife
    In jail and get the country back
    On track ok


  17. I heard that McConnell is a billionaire I bet if you looked at his taxes you would not see the money. He is another one that will do anything for money, that includes throwing anybody and I do mean anybody, anyone, or anything under the bus.


  18. So now he’s guilty, without a trial or anything. The crew of the ship might have been the smugglers. The chao’s might have been the smugglers, Hillary Clinton might have been the smugglers. Oh wait how about Putin.. Right the accusatory finger is being pointed with out proof…. SMH

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  19. Please support accusations, left and right, with actual facts. Charges filed and conviction/acquittal. We all have opinions but accusations should be fact-based.


  20. GASP OH NOES!!!

    We need to imprison McConnell IMMEDIATELY for the crime of having relatives who own a boat that had drugs on it.

    It’s a felony! Apparently.


  21. This is a travesty, McConnell should be relieved of his duties in the senate an face charges of racketeering from the Senate floor. How can you wage a War on drugs and Sell them at the same time,yet more proof that our Government supports Corruption.


  22. I knew there was a reason why I don’t like..actually despise this ancient relic…wouldn’t be surprised how many other politicians have illegal dealings going on…when you can control the justice system as well as the judicial system…why not take advantage of it…how else are most of them millionaires…not to mention the millions they make from people trying to influence them..ever hear of the term..Money.. Power.. Politics…



    Your final words reminded me of something.

    Decades ago, during the Eisenhower administration, a man named C. Wright Mills wrote a book called THE POWER ELITE.

    Check it out on Amazon, if you have a moment!

    Happy Labor Day,

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  23. Now; we got idea idea how Washington Politicans get rich, since all the big laws are passed. By them to protect their own asses!
    No wonder they assassinated President Kennedy in 1963!


  24. I am sick and tired of people who are in influential positions being shown to be on the other side of the law!! Can’t anyone be straight forward and honest anymore? If this is true, why is he remaining in office!!!


  25. Didn’t the Clinton’s do the drug runs in Arkansas? Makes perfect sense to pretend to fight it. He’s the mole. Honestly, the whole Dems & Republican establishment makes me vomit. Know Trump may have faults but can’t compare to this.

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  26. I’m shocked it wasn’t in kilos! And of course let’s keep trying to ban a genius medication like cannabis, but illegally try to get a shit addictive substance like cocaine into the USA.Some drug warrior is he—NOT! He should rot in a prison cell very south of the border!!!

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  27. To quote the Republicans, “LOCK HIM UP!!! LOCK HIM UP!!! LOCK HIM UP!!! BTW, Karma is here to visit you!!!


  28. A despicable person, despicable family, despicable practices, pure evil. I loathe their hypocrisy, greed, venal way of life. All of them. Disgusting. Makes me outraged & sick.

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  29. Como decia la cancion de la gran orquesta de mi tiempo Ray Barreto “la hipocrecia y la falsedad algun dia se descubrira…..


  30. Accountability Should Start from the top DOWN! All three (3) Branches of the Government are Broken. From Fast and Ferocious, Though Affordable Care Act (“You must Pass the law to find out what’s in it”), Through Benghazi; To the Cliton Emails; and Planned Parenthood. Just to name a few, and the list goes on… and on. In the mean time the president pisses all over the Constitution; While Congress and the Senate hold his picker and zip up his paints. However, No one!, – “I REPEAT” “No one!”- is Ever, held Accountable! America has lost it’s Moral compass.
    Politicians, these days, remind me of my Dad – “Who use to “tell” me at a very young age, “Do as I SAY! Not as I DO” –
    I Call ““B.S.” – “Fire Them All and Start From Scratch! -””
    Then Start with the LAWS that (“Like” some immigrants) are
    “ -illegal -” and get rid of them!
    I only have One Lamp by which to light my feet and that is the Lamp of experience. I know no way of judging the future but by the past; And right Now….. I am reminded of the year 1938
    (IF you don’t know what was going on in 1938 “LOOK IT UP“. Because Face Book Police don’t like it when I Point Shit Out. (For these are dangerous Times in which we live)). So, Why Do Americans Stand Idly by?
    Patrick Henry once asked “is Life so sweet and peace so dear as to be purchased at the price of the chains of Slavery?”
    The Constitution is a law for rulers (“It is Time to Enforce those LAWS“) and for people equally in war and in peace and covers with it a shield of protection all classes of men at all times and under all conditions. The Constitution was like the Arch of the Covenant of God. the expression of the fixed habits of thought of the people; the same in war as in peace; which could not be hastily changed, nor be violated with impunity it was thought to be the perfect Keystone to the Temple of Liberty. Like the covenant of God it was sacred which non could touch and live. My – How Times have changed, or Have they? It is Vain, sir, to extenuate the matter any further!
    Gentleman may Cry “Peace, peace” – but there is no peace. The War is actually begun! The Giant is no Longer sleeping!
    President Obama Is A Traitor……. “I Call On Paul D. Irving
    , The Sargent At Arms; To Arrest! Not impeach President Obama” For Treason, For giving Aid and comfort to the Enemy. God Bless America!


  31. Now Guahan GQPUBLIC understands why the Jones Act benefits and protects those shipping companies that come to Guam. Guam suffers similar inequities like Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, Guahan serious choked by its Sin-Actors and Executive branch. Guahan can’t win for losing!


  32. I do not trust any polítician in this world. The reality is that corruption is their way of life through history.


  33. The worst republican is better than the best liberal…keep up the good work Mitch after you we gonna get a real coservative to fight the brainwashed libtards


  34. Love you Mitch..you are far to liberal but you will do until we can get a real conservative that will fix this broken nation until then keep up the good work


  35. He’s a total slime ball and a disgrace to our state and the country he should be in prison


  36. Do you really believe the senator is moonlighting smuggling cocaine? Agree or disagree with the politics and policies of the man is one thing but you can’t be naive enough to believe that he was involved in a conspiracy to transport and distribute contraband. If he was it would be way more than 90 lbs. Think about it.

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  37. Somebody in his staff or family wants people to make lots of money in order for them to afford cocaine.
    He on the other hand does not – he wants people to make very little in cash.


  38. Mitch McConnell was also behind the incident at the Bundy ranch. A total piece of work this guy. I think he would sell his own mother to make a buck.


  39. DisgustinG news but good reporting. Call your representative in Congress to have him impeached. He deserves the axe, not the Acts of the Apostles.


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