PNP (Puerto Rico Statehood Party) adopts a flag with 51 stars on it

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As part of their July 4th activities, the PNP Party unveiled a new flag at its national headquarters. It is the flag of the United States…with 51 stars on it.

The PNP Secretary General, William Villafañe, declared that “this must be the flag of the American nation.”

Today, July 5, the PNP is issuing a general resolution that this new 51-state flag will wave at every municipal office of the PNP, all throughout the island of Puerto Rico.

If Luis Fortuño and Pedro Pierluisi were not profiting off the misery of Puerto Rico, by making millions of dollars with the vulture funds that are feeding off the island…

If high-ranking members of the PNP were not advocating and lobbying for the imposition of a Financial Control Board over Puerto Rico…

If the PNP had not stolen billions of dollars from Puerto Rico during the Fortuño administration, and left the Puerto Rican people to pay for it…

If the PNP had not voted on June 24, 2016, to “privatize” the beaches of Puerto Rico…

Then I might give a damn, what flag they raised in front of their offices.


Book - 12-10

16 Comments on “PNP (Puerto Rico Statehood Party) adopts a flag with 51 stars on it

  1. How do the people of Houston and Tampa differ from the people of Puerto Rico when all three communities were devastated by hurricanes is a short period of time? The answer is two simple words: “Jones Act”. The President waived the Jones Act for Houston and Tampa but not for Puerto Rico. Why? The answer is found in one word: “Congress” – Texas and Florida have votes in Congress, Puerto Rico does not. The solution therefore, is found in three words: “Puerto Rican Statehood”. Get votes in Congress and you will get the help that you need, deserve and have a right to as American citizens. I am proud that one of my State’s Senators, John McCain, is trying to repeal the Jones Act, but the people of Puerto Rico have to join in the fight. Otherwise, when the next major hurricane comes your way, and it will, just remember – “Jones Act” is what is preventing help from coming.


  2. When is the PNP going to stop making the people fools of Falls Dreams of State of Statehood, That Flag of the 51 States has not been giving the OK from Congress. So I say take does Flags down, The only Flag that should be Flying is the one and only the “The Flag of Boriqua” I say this again don’t let those Fouls tell you any Different. They are the once that you to forget about Our Flag, “It’s only a dream.


  3. musicologyweb…

    I chuckled when I read your post (thanks)…because while you make perfect academic sense, I can tell you that there is MOST certainly an undeniable and lingering sense of “nationality” in the geo-political vortices you cited.

    1. Re. Texas….Having lived for a couple of VERRRRRY long and painful years in Texas (for professional reasons), there is most definitely a “Texan/Tejano” national sentiment that is palpable and practical if not politically-bonafide. Take a airplane to San Antonio or El Paso and if the crotch-bursting blue-jeans, magenta-colored-reptile-skinned boots and mushroom-shaped cowboy hats don’t say “Texan” to you, then the plane you arrived on might have time-traveled into a permanent Halloween time-warp. OMG…I never got used to the whole “I’m fixin’ to…(fill-in the blank)” lexicon that even “educated” Texans indulged in, that only made them sound like they hadn’t finished any of their 3rd grade grammar lessons. And other parts of the Southwest (CO, NM, AZ) are not anymore “Americanizado” than the local K-Mart blinking blue-lights announcing the latest papier mache, MADE-IN-KOREA “authentic” quincenera pinata sale.

    2. Re. California…Californians take a whole lot of pride in their vapid, cancer-inducing sun-tan, you-guyzz, hair-streaked, hipster “culture” of nothingness. It is no accident that chronic media maggots like the Kardashians and their posse of high-5-in’, fist-bumpin’, gold-chain-swingin’, knuckle-draggin’ homeys bask in the California sun of their own damning mediocrity while they rake in the dollars for being oh-so-kewl (eye-roll) for doing absolutely nothing of any merit beyond checking-in and out of rehab or detox or shopping on Rodeo Drive for $1000 thongs.

    3. Re. NYC…Having lived in NYC for many years, I can verify (through very painful anecdotal experience) that there is most certainly a “neo-rican/nuyorican” sense of identity, albeit valid only in NYC zip-codes, on the subways or in shabby academic gulags like “Diaspora Studies” or “Generic La Tino Studies” at 3rd-rate institutions of less-than-higher “learning”. It was more than on one occasion that I encountered Pseudo-Ricans who embraced the absurdity that the Bronx was the capitol of Puerto Rico and J-Low’s ass was the governor if not on a legal plane, definitely on a cosmic one. And if that observation is lost on anyone here, read some of the comments from Nuyoricans here for that reality check.

    4. Re. Louisiana…Louisiana too has its share of undeniable “national” pride and very pronounced identity co-ordinates. They may have US zip-codes, but their gumbo-fied, Cajun-fried, Gator-rasslin’, Big-Wheelin’ Monster-Truck Cotton-Candy sensibilities are very real and they do pride themselves in the steamy, sticky identity textures they wrap themselves in everyday. I did a lot of research on the Canary Islander immigration tracing back to the Louisiana Territory when it was part of the Spanish colonial empire (check YouTube videos on “Canary Islanders in Louisiana” if you’re interested) and I got to know their “national identity” up-close and personal and it is VERRRRRRRY real. “Cajun” and “Bayou” are absolutely undeniable “national identity” tenets EVEN after all these centuries. “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” (“Let the good times roll”) is much more than a bumper-sticker to them.

    So, even if Puerto Rico ever becomes an American state…51st? or 52nd? or 53rd? or 54th?…that is…. after Canada, Mexico, Bangladesh or China, FOUR centuries of IRREFUTABLE European cultural imprint (language, Napoleonic legal tradition, marriage/inheritance culture-code, city-planning ala Mediterranean “plaza” design, Judeo-Christian religious tenets (not too many voo-doo chicken sacrifices in Condado these days)…AND….100 MORE years of Wall Street impact via MacDonalds, MasterCards and Macy’s will not be undone by any generic Yankee-Doodle-Dandy notions of even the most joroba’o “Americanlsmo” puto’s notion of banderita-waving identity.

    But, I would agree with you though about the Stockholm Syndrome analogy. History is replete with captives, victims and prisoners assuming the values, views and even vices of their captors. It’s a well-documented sub-conscious defense mechanism of survival that kicks-in automatically when the shackled and chained come to realize that they will never be free from their be-jeweled bracelets, gold-plated chains and MADE-IN-KOREA “authentic” polyester taparrabos.


  4. The 3 major parties in PR are to blame for the heist of the PR economy. The “integrationist party” and the “I want to remain a slave party” have been working in tandem, as a “Lucha – libre” tag team alternating as a illusionary government selling out Puerto Rico to the predatory economic hit-men of Wall Street. The “so called” Independence Party, understanding the implications of what was occurring, knowingly stood by while the heist was occurring. These people are all lawyers and understand legalese language. They knew what was going down. Puerto Rico, very much like a deer, is being disemboweled by greedy hyenas masquerading as politicians and their masters in Wall Street. 🇵🇷


  5. These PNP/integrations list are clowns. If they’re so anxious to integrate with the U.S. why just not pack up your bags and move into one of the 50 states of your choice. Leave Puerto Rico to those who are true patriots, to those who value their distinct and beautiful history, to those who have the courage and talent to move foward and bestow the honor and respect to true self-respecting Puerto Ricans. As small as Puerto Rico is, her history puts The US’ to shame. The African-American’s long and noble Civil- Right struggle against U.S. aggression has exposed the U.S. as morally deficient. The Civil-Rights struggle is what has civilized the U.S. Again, the PNP/integrationist are clowns.


  6. When the behavior of its “leaders” is little more than that of children behaving badly…
    …the world has no choice but to continue to relegate to you and your affairs, the attention you deserve.
    None or that of yet ANOTHER laughable Banana Republic!

    Foolishness at this level speaks so badly of Puerto Rico and its “leadership” pantomime.
    Even the unicorns of Atlantis are steering clear of our “Isla de mi e’panto”.

    Dio’ mio que bochorno!


  7. to understand this psychiatric behavior we must go back to the lectured of Frank Fanon, an specially his book Los Condenados De la Tierra( The Courses Of Earth) basic reading to comprehend the denigrate behavior of entreguistas.


  8. Proof that arrogance, stupidity and bad taste is not the sole province of the USMainland government.

    Clueless acts of inappropriateness like this only underscore the appalling clown-quotient that is running loose in La Fortaleza.

    Did anyone stop to think about the response of the OTHER 50 states to such an act of presumptuousness?

    Just when you think the provincialism and naivete can’t drop to a level even LOWER than the one the Insular government lives on, an act like this occurs.

    You clowns really need to be slapped around even more. You have absolutely no idea how to make friends but you surely know how to make enemies.

    Dio’ mio que chorro de payasos tuertos buscando su circo! OMG!


  9. Don’t know where this came from or how it started but what is most important, never mind the differences, Is to work together to get ourselves back on our feet. Because Puerto Rico is family. And this is what make Puerto Rico so strong.


  10. Since it is impossible to be a US state and a nation simultaneously,(no hay tal cosa como NACIONALIDAD tejana, californiana, neoyorquina, Louisiana, etc, etc) the concept of PR nationality would cease to exist if statehood were a reality. Since the current majority party is pnp…the majority of the island is in essence declaring that in terms of nationality it does not want to be Puerto Rican. Given the choice between being puerto rican vs american(estadounidense) you rather be an american.This is an example of the Stockholm Syndrome on steroids. The 51 star flag is another manifestation of of this sad reality.


  11. Yet, another reason why no one ( outside PR ) takes PR’s political question ( or its political leaders ) seriously….. It not only “defaces” the U.S. flag ( Although I don’t think that’ll get him 10yrs in the brig.. in comparison to displaying the real PR flag in one’s home 60+ yrs ago. ); it’s a defac(ation) of PR’s lone star upon a flag ( a sovereign colonialists’ nation ) that has never wanted it on there. Ever. And, it looks like it never will. Howard: Yes. Presumptuous and stupid. And, it doesn’t help. Eres un sangano, Villafane, si fuiste tu; If this was your brainchild..




  13. For God sake ! Have they no pride ????!!!! Do they not consider themselves Puertorican but Americans ? If that is the case they should not have anything to do with the the governing of Puerto Rico ! I am disgusted with these ” Vende Patria” idiots !


  14. The PNP party should also offer the people forty acres and a mule, maybe that will help the party with a few more votes.


  15. I guess that there will be people losing property’s because they won’t Beasley pay the taxes. That a bad move. Puerto Rico is becoming a sellout .


  16. Many US citizens would consider this a presumptuous and offensive flag since Puerto Rico has not been accepted into the union. It defaces the American flag that mostAmericans see as holy.

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