The Governor of Puerto Rico is ready to make BIG money…with the Financial Control Board

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Gov. Garcia-Padilla sent 100 private letters to every US Senator, urging them to support the PROMESA bill. He also visited dozens of them personally, in Washington D.C.

And now, through his brother Antonio Garcia Padilla, the governor will make millions of dollars in a “partnership” with the Financial Control Board.

Antonio Garcia Padilla is the Executive Director of a very strange “charitable organization” named Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País. This Sociedad Económica has only one employee: Antonio Garcia Padilla. He gets paid $70,000 per year – but no one can figure out what he or the Sociedad actually do.

But we will tell you right now…

Alejandro and Antonio Garcia Padilla: buy one, get one free


Every year, the former SEIU union leader Dennis Rivera funnels $70,000 to the governor’s brother, Antonio Garcia Padilla (AGP) to support the “mission” of Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País. Specifically, this $70,000 is the annual salary of AGP.

According to the Sociedad Económica web site, AGP’s job is to “support economic development in Puerto Rico.” He will do this by “attracting investment from outside the island.”

The web site does not list any economic project – either actual or planned – that the governor’s brother has “supported” or “attracted” to Puerto Rico.  

When asked to explain this, one of the board members stated: “It doesn’t operate programs. It’s an economic development initiative…it reaches out to businesses and potential business investors around the world.”

Nicholas Prouty’s Puerta del Rey Marina

The members of the Sociedad board include Dennis Rivera and U.S. billionaire Nicholas Prouty…who owns Puerta del Rey, the largest marina in the Caribbean, and a $108 million luxury development in Santurce.

Other board members include the president of Banco Popular, the Chairman of UBS Puerto Rico, the CEO of Bacardi Rum, the CEO of St. James Security, and the head of “Infrastructure Investment” at Goldman Sachs.

All of these gentlemen are providing “support services” to the governor’s brother.

Nicholas Prouty (the U.S. billionaire) and St. James Security each donated $50,000. Banco Popular donated $100,000 and a completely rent-free office complex.

Despite this rent-free office, the Sociedad listed $33,000 in additional “2014 rent payments” to an unidentified “someone.”

In addition to the double-rent payment to an anonymous recipient (presumably AGP, the only “recipient” in sight), it is unclear where the entire $275,000 Sociedad budget was spent in 2014.

What is clear, is that this entire $275,000 budget is for just one employee…AGP, the governor’s brother. And all the money comes from U.S. billionaires and prominent companies, with business interests in Puerto Rico.


Clearly, through the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, a group of U.S. businessmen are buying government influence in Puerto Rico, by openly and nakedly buying the governor’s brother.

The Sociedad web site boldly proclaims this whole scheme…

Buy the brother…get the governor for free.


The benefits of this “buy one, get one free” became evident last week…when the entire legislature of Puerto Rico almost “privatized” the public beaches of Puerto Rico.

Gov. Garcia Padilla’s fingerprints were all over the attempted sale of Puerto Rico’s beaches. It sent a clear signal to Wall Street that this governor is “open for business.”

Let’s add it all up:

The governor sends letters to every US Senator and visits dozens of them personally, to plead on behalf of a Financial Control Board.

During that same week, the governor’s PPD political party introduces a bill to privatize the beaches of Puerto Rico: with so much political muscle behind it, that only one legislator votes against it…a legislator who is not running for re-election.

And now it turns out, that the governor’s brother has a “non-profit organization” all set up…to create “strategic partnerships with U.S. billionaires like Nicholas Prouty, and hedge fund giants such as Goldman Sachs.

In fact, both Prouty and Goldman Sachs are on the “non-profit” Board of Directors, and paying the “non-profit’s” rent.

As they say in the old country, mas claro no canta el gallo.


Book - 12-10

10 Comments on “The Governor of Puerto Rico is ready to make BIG money…with the Financial Control Board

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  2. Pues Claro que el gobernador Es un vende patria ese pillo


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  6. When are Puerto Ricans going to dismantle these two political parties LA PAVA Y LA PALMA / PPD AND PNP that have been robbing them blind for decades


  7. The corrupts are “legally”the administrators of the :outside” USA break the chains since 1898,we must continue our struggle against colonialism.Lets undust the CAL,MIRA,MACHETEROS,lets buiil the Salvation Front…en la isla, en new York…don’t worry about FBI,CIA,CONGRESS, or any UAS repressive aggression against our struggle.We have the right to defend our selves from aggression and persecution and be a free country.There’s absolutely nothing lagal about our present political,social and economic system.Everything is dictated from Washington


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Buy the brother … get the governor for free!!” …. Puerto Rico is under attack from two sides: within (corrupt “vende patrias”) and from outside (the USA & it’s vultures). How can the Islansd EVER get ahead and brake the chains it’s had since 1898!! There’s no “winning” here at all, ever!


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