FBI and US Attorney warn Puerto Rico about “terrorist activity”

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The FBI and US Attorney are warning that “terrorist activity” in Puerto Rico will be prosecuted “to the fullest extent.”

The FBI also encouraged Puerto Ricans to report any “suspicious activity” on the island to the federal authorities…

This warning to Puerto Ricans was issued after the FBI arrested an environmental activist who threw Molotov cocktails at a Monsanto subsidiary in Salinas, PR.

The activist, Noel Cruz Torres, carried a hand-lettered bed sheet which read: “Rise up, Boricua. The moment to defend our country has arrived. Viva P.R. Libre.”


In a prison interview, Mr. Cruz Torres said he did it because “large corporations are contaminating our land.” Specifically, he charged that Monsanto and Dupont Pioneer are spreading cancerous seed products throught the island.

The Director of FBI operations in Puerto Rico, Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Douglas Leff, dismissed the motivations of Cruz Torres as irrelevant. “The use of violence for political aims is always terrorism…no matter what the reasons are.”

Following SAC Leff’s warning to Puerto Ricans, US Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez Vélez admonished Puerto Ricans to “remain calm during these difficult times.”



We share the US Attorney’s concern for the public safety of Puerto Rico. Given this concern, we ask the following questions:

For nearly 30 years, corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats pocketed millions of dollars in bribes, in Exchange for using toxic sludge oil at PREPA. One laboratory alone, named Caleb Brett, falsified over 600 lab reports in order to cover up the toxic oil conspiracy.

This illegal scheme spewed cancerous air all over Puerto Rico.

Has the FBI arrested anyone for this?

Has the US Attorney prosecuted anyone?


As of 2006, and continuing for nine years, both PREPA and PRASA issued billions of dollars in municipal bond financing. Instead of using this for operating costs or infrastructure repair, they used it to pay interest to the bondholders and fees to the bond traders, law firms and placement agents.

This was an illegal Ponzi scheme…and the electrical grid and water supply of Puerto Rico, are now both in danger.

Has the FBI arrested anyone for this?

Has the US Attorney prosecuted anyone?





As of 1987, Monsanto has poured glyphosate into the topsoil of Puerto Rico, and distributed toxic “Roundup Ready” herbicides and seeds throughout the island.

These products are injecting “genetically modified” substances, and cancerous chemicals, directly into the land and the food supply of Puerto Rico.

Has the FBI arrested anyone for this?

Has the US Attorney prosecuted anyone?






The answer to all the above questions is NO.

The air over Puerto Rico has been poisoned. The water supply is in danger. The soil and food supply are laced with cancerous chemicals.

Senior citizens and children are losing their safety net, in every corner of the island..

NOBODY has been arrested for these crimes, that hurt everyone in Puerto Rico.

The politicians…the courts…the FBI…the US media…NOBODY does anything about it, except send a Financial Control Board to ensure that Puerto Ricans pay their “debt” to the US.

But when one man – Noel Cruz Torres – takes a page out of Henry David Thoreau, and practices a bit of civil disobedience, the entire arsenal of law enforcement turns out…

And Puerto Ricans all receive warnings from the FBI and US Attorney to “stay calm… …behave…and report any suspicious activity.”




We’ve all heard the phrase that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” This phrase applies to Moses, Nelson Mandela, Simón Bolívar, and George Washington.

Perhaps the phrase also applies to Puerto Rico.

Perhaps “behaving” is not the only option for its people.

Perhaps the FBI, and everyone else in Borinquen, should study the following cartoon.

Because this is what Noel Cruz Torres represents.

This is what the FBI and US Attorney are afraid of.

THIS is what needs to happen in Puerto Rico.


Book - 12-10

13 Comments on “FBI and US Attorney warn Puerto Rico about “terrorist activity”

  1. Cuando vea a Rosa Emilia, acusar a su amiguito del alma (Fortuñito),entonce quizas pueda creerle un poquito a los federicos.


  2. The people of Puerto Rico are under attack by the USA, period. The US’ financial sector is “heisting” the island’s wealth by utilizing an economically rigged and undemoctratic system. Many of PR’s men have been held captive by the drug problem created on the island by the USA. She facilitates its entry into the island, poisoning the young people and rendering them useless zombies, and wrecking mayhem among the young people for control of those drugs. Now these US multinationals are poisoning the environment in an effort to either kill off the population or put them to flight so they can abandon their homes, seize the land, and gentrify it. They’re engaging in a pogrom against the Puerto Rican. The US is attacking PR on all fronts. Non of this is anything new. The US has been guilty of these atrocities in the past. It’s part of her DNA. They’re sociopaths. Puerto Ricans better get hip to these assaults. The party that advocates for “I want to be a slave” is done. That ideology is what has PR in this current crisis. Forget about statehood/integration. The USA doesn’t want that merger. Why would they want to buy the cow when they can drink the milk for free. Case in point, the integrationist got the majority in the last referendum and the USA has not responded to it. The integrationist need to show some pride. If they want statehood so bad, why not just use your citizenship and move to any of the 50 states of your choice on the mainland. Leave Puerto Rico to those who are proud of their distinct Spanish speaking Caribbean ethnicity. Leave Puerto Rico to those that are willing and talented enough to bring glory and honor to her name. Leave Puerto Rico to the brave men AND women who have nobly and courageously struggled for her independences, so they can freely chose her best course. It’s a free man’s right. I believe in my people. I believe in my people. I believe in their talent and courage.Inspite of her size, Puerto Rico has produced enormous talent. Her children’s names are affixed to infrastructures in other countries, because of their nobleness. Puerto Ricans don’t need to be ashamed of who they are and don’t need to shrink in the presence of anyone, particularly the arrogant North American. Here in the USA, the African American’s struggle for equality has exposed the USA’s ideals as fraudelent, arrogant , and hypocritical. In fact, the African American’s Civil Rights struggle in the United States is what has civilized this morally corrupt country.


  3. MLK Jr. exercised passive resistance, but it was still resistance. When your enemy is bigger, much bigger than you love them to death. Kill them with kindness. They really won’t know what to do.


  4. Throwing Molotov cocktails is civil disobedience? I don’t think so.


  5. From the subjective point of view of Nelson Cruz, Monsanto is harming the environment. In my point of view, you are dispersing a few falsehoods, but spreading others. I find your actions to be harmful. Would you like I were to turn to violence against you for dissenting from your behavior?


  6. For the Feds, business as usual.
    We are screwing you Puerto Rico…just bend over, grab your ankles, and don’t you dare yell at me.


  7. New post on WAR AGAINS

    T ALL PUERTO RICANS FBI and US Attorney warn Puerto Rico about “terrorist activity” by Remy The FBI and US Attorney are warning that “terrorist activity” in Puerto Rico will be prosecuted “to the fullest extent.” The FBI also encouraged Puerto Ricans to report any “suspicious activity” on the island to the federal authorities… This warning to Puerto Ricans was issued after the FBI arrested an environmental activist who threw […] Read more of this post

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  8. The real terrorist is USA and its imposed colonialism persecuting and obliterating any Puerto Rican expressing or executing activities toward independence.




  10. When we talk terrorist we got to think about all that has happened in North America..How many Indian masacres happened to take thier territory!! ..The Asasination of Their Various own Presidents By American citizens In Mexico Wars y killing took most land from Mexico,,… When U.S.entered Puerto Rico U.S. entered Bombing INOCENT CITIZENS!!…. US passed a law That no Puerto Rican Could Not Poses A Flag of Puerto Rico.. for 8 years citizen and Children Were incarcerated for posesing a FLAG The sentence was 10 Years!!!,Now days Against International Rules US ACCEPTS that Puerto Rico IS a COLONY !! AND ALLWAYS HAVE BEEN!!, The DEMOCRACY wich they DEFEND CONDEMNS COLONYS!!! Coming Back to terror in America The Florida Mass Shooter bought his guns and ammo LEGALLY in US,And he was American citizen,The Boston Marathon Bombing .. Another american Citizen..Yes they are Decendants of different cultures But lived legally In US.THe Columbine School Shooter AND All The Other School Shooting Has Been AMERICAN CITIZENS, THe 911 Atack Was Proven That US MILITARY GRADE NANO THERMITE a military DEMOLITION explosiveFound in Large Amounts, And The Steel columns were Sheard in angle Just like Professional Demolition And Many More FACTS ABOUT IT Lets go to Syria where US supply weapons y ammo to the rebel groups to break the regime Keep Adding You get to a GRIM conclusion…READ!!


  11. 118 years of U.S. Oppression and they still demand that the people of Puerto Rico be passive. Be passive mi gente so they can continue to cheat, lie, kill, and steal your country while you submit to their threatening demands. Otherwise you will be subject to 24/7 of harrassment, intimidation, incarceration, torture and maybe a little bit of cancer cell thrown at your body and soul…the devil has no mercy. Sit back and let the vultures eat you up alive, sit back and let John Paulson and dozens of U.S. Billionaires scoop up distressed properties all over the island without paying any interest ,dividend or capital gains taxes, sit back while Hillary Clinton, Jeb bush, Andrew Cuomo, and congress keeps getting paid by the vulture funds to keep Puerto Rico in despair…sit back while they close schools, hospitals clinics,sit back so when they declare war against any country they will send your sons and daughters off to fight to be killed and maimed for the freedom of the U.S. Not Puerto Rico . Sit back so they can continue with the disasterous Jone’s Act, sit back so you can wave your puertorican flag. If you don’t sit back then maybe they will resort to the big rabbit in the hat, THE GAG ACT of 1948. Last but not least sit back while we keep your PATRIOTA Oscar Lopez Rivera the longest held political prisoner on this planet incarcerated for seditious acts…35 years and counting. ( in other words stay ignorant ). All this and you will be paid $4.25 an hour in the 21s century. Be passive mi gente.


  12. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THE POWER OF ONE PERSON STANDING UP …. Puerto Rico needs people to stand up for their rights!! Maybe this is the beginning … that is, if the “Master” doesn’t squash it again!!


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